Fresh Flowers for Mother's Day: a giveaway

Mother's Day is coming up, which can be a difficult day for lots of people. I've posted about it before, and I'm very aware of just how overwhelming the day itself can be - but also how the simplest of actions can make all the difference in the world.

We don't often have flowers in our house. Not because I don't love them {secret fact: I DO love them} but because the cats tend to try and eat them, and I've always told people not to worry. My Nanna passed away a few years ago, and she's one of the few people who liked to sneak little bouquets of flowers into my life. I still remember coming home to a gorgeous bunch of flowers not long after we found out we were pregnant & shared the news with her - it's something I'll never forget.

The lovely folks at are giving away a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day this year - for yourself, for your mum, for your MIL, or just for that someone special in your life who would cherish them. The lucky winner will receive a bouquet that will be sent to their desired address. Be sure to stop by and visit to observe the selection of Mother's Day Flowers at

All you need to do is enter by answering a simple question by COMMENTING ON THE BLOG - but please make sure you click the buttons in the image below too. :)

The question is: "What is the most memorable moment you have had with your mum?"

Win a bouquet of Mother's Day Flowers
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Jane said...

I love spending time with my Mum with my own daughter - three generations of awesome!

Sarah Loomes said...

My Mum was driving when I first got my L-plates and I was badgering her the whole way home to be able to drive over the Harbour Bridge! She finally gave up and pulled over in the emergency bay to let me drive over, I squealed as I was putting my L-plates on and the road workers laughed at me!

Julie Heywood said...

My most memorable moment with my Mum was visiting the NSW country town of Young where she was born in 1933. Together we visited: the house she was born in, her primary school, the graves of her parents and grandparents and the church she married my father in. So special

Lorraine Nicoli said...

Most memorable moment with my mum was when we went into labour and everything was such a blur and we were in a rush to get to the hospital that we forgot to take the camera out of the charger. As we arrived at the hospital and inbetween contractions it's all I could think of. So my husband calls my mum, tells her exactly where it is and to bring it and as she walks into the delivery room...her eyes lit up thinking she would see me still in labour and that she made it on time but instead I'm holding our sweet baby girl just 3 minutes old. The look of surprise/joy will stay with me always! The fact that she got to see her so soon after was what made us decide to give her the middle name Lily after my mum :)

Rebecca said...

My most memorable moment with my Mum was passing my road test. She took me out for lunch and bought me flowers to celebrate after the road test.

~Kathryn~ said...

The thing that makes me smile most when i remember my Mum - is her "christmas concerts" with you guys - I'd come home and you would have been practicing all day to show to Dad and Me <3

Caty said...

When we went on our first mom and daughter trip together. Sharing my love for paris with my mom and having her eyes light up just like mine was amazing. We've tried to take a trip together every other year since then and it's something I cherish.

Jennie said...

I have a lot of memorable moments with my mum, some good, some bad... but most favourite moment recently is when my daughter was watching a wiggles DVD and fell asleep, we realised about 10 minutes later that she and i were still sitting there watching and singing along to the wiggles. Oh dear.

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