Is This Thing On?

Well, hasn't the time flown! It's 2018 - my girls are growing like weeds, Georgia is 5 and Claire is 19 months old now. I swear, I blinked and my babies disappeared.

It's bittersweet, this growing up business. On one hand, I love seeing their personalities emerge as they learn new things. On the other hand, babyhood is fleeting, and I am so sad to put that behind me.

We have been working with some amazing small businesses on Instagram, which is why the blog has fallen quiet as of late. But what better way to bring it back to life, than by sharing the love here too?

Without further ado, here are my two beauties, modelling some stunning handmade pieces.

 Georgia wears:
Dress: Me and E (Mama10)
Claire wears:
Top: Lullaby Riot (Claire10)
Bow: Doubletroublebows2 (Claire10)

Chalk and cheese, these two. I still don't know how I got so lucky! :)

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