Australian Idol Wednesday Semis

Does the "G" in Andrew G stand for GREASE? Because that? Was the most horrid hair I've seen on him in a long time. Gack.

Yay for weirdo Bobby! I was right, heh. He's still so damn strange. I think I shall now call him the Talking Mullet; he had no eyes today. And little Joseph! Those eyelashes, ohemgee! Good picks. That means I'm predicting Ricky for the Wildcard show.

Is it just me, or is this year's top 24 not that brilliant overall? The first group of boys were the best, and now I'm having trouble listening to some of these other semi-finalists. Tonight was kind of weird like that too.

1. The Girl Who Looks Like Sally From Home and Away (Rachel).
I've Done All The Dumb Things - Paul Kelly

The whole Aussie slang thing sort of irks me, I think Missy Higgins is the only one that can pull it off (oh, and little Lisa, but more on her later). So she bugged me today. Love that song but for Idol? She's such a gorgeous girl, her outfit was just horrid - tell me, who really wears cropped black shiny tights with Docs these days?

Not my cup of tea.

2. Sister Lavina (Teehee, She Fell Over!)
Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin.

Is it bad that I sort of dislike this chick already, because I disliked Emily? And why am I bothering to be a critic of her because EVERYONE knows that she'll get in the damn Top 12 because they've shown so much freaking footage of her already? Blech. Aside from my whinging, I actually liked her singing tonight. Can someone please tell me though, was she wearing parachute pants?

She'll get through.

3. Dumbass Who Should've Stuck With Topless Dancing (aka Rebecca).
Show Me Heaven - Maria Pearce

I've never had quite so many "cringe moments" before in a performance. You know the notes that just make you go "ohh" (and not in a good voice, think "ohh - my ears will explode".) She looked like an over-excited dog, everytime they showed back to her audition tapes, spinning around like a terrier everytime she got excited. Irky. Her singing sucked ass. Does she think she is Jessica Simpson? Because she aint. No. Jessica Simpson.


4. That Girl's a Weirdo! (Jess)
Fighter - Christina Aguilera

That's all.
Just no.

She looked like a crack whore, must have definately been on something before that show. Yeah man, seriously, man, it was the lights, yeah, whoa, hee. What the fuck? I couldn't even understand what the hell she was singing. Complete wacko.

5. The First Gal Tonight Who Doesn't Make Me Want To Throw The TV Out The Window (aka Baby Girl Lisa).
Diamonds on the Inside - Ben Harper

Love this song. Suited her voice. She's so cute and innocent, I love her I love her I love her. She is one of the few "Aussie-slang" voices I can even bear to listen to! Really liked it. She's definately a keeper!

I kept thinking she was only sitting on the stool because otherwise she would have just run away terrified. Hee. Vote for Lisa!

6. Lydia - Who Has Left Me Confused And Not Quite Sure What to Say.
A Moment In Time - Whitney Houston

I can't decide if I love her or hate her. That song was dead boring, what in the world possessed her to choose it? I don't know. I just don't know. She has a good voice but that song was as interesting as watching grass grow. Except for the high note at the end, that was killer. Hmm. Still confused and not sure.

The verdict?

I've decided that Lavina and Lisa were my favourites who should go through -- possibly Lydia as a wildcard? I'm still not sure though. All too much. So much singing (haha, and that's not even including mum and I on the Playstation, think yourselves lucky!) and not enough time (or sleep).

Tonight's tool points were generously sponsored by mum, who gives 10,000 points to the idiots in the McDonalds ads. The stupid cowboy talking to yoghurt? And the complete dipshit being chased by a lettuce? What the hell? If those ads are supposed to make me want to eat their Deli Choices shit, their marketing directors should be shot. Hell, no! (Oh, and I'm also supposed to tell you that Channel 10 are all tools for actually having a show where MeerKats are the main characters. I think that's it now.)

Australian Idol Tuesday Semis

Back by not-so-popular demand..

And wow! I think I picked it again - Jessica and Reagan. Ha! Maybe Amanda will be a WildCard later this week..

Let's just jump straight into tonight's rundown, shall we?

I had already decided who I wanted to go through - cute little Joseph and the fuzzy haired dude with the soothing voice; Bobby. Anyway, they were my picks before tonight.

After their singing? Let's find out!

1. Ricky Who is a Bit of a Pretty Boy.
So Sick - Neyo

I love this song. The girls will love this song. The girls will vote for him. Therefore he will probably get through. He actually did a good job of it, I liked it. But it wasn't THAT eventful, because I have nothing more to say about him.

The end.

2. The Dude Who is So Up Himself That I May Just Puke (aka James).
Kryptonite - Three Doors Down

Everytime someone sings one of the songs I have on my playlist, I'm usually a horrible critic because they spoil it. This was another one of those moments. He makes me cringe. How the hell they let this loser into the Top 24 is beyond me. Ruined that song. He's not very tv-genic, and I could not STAND the way he was singing in an American accent. Bugged the crap out of me.

Intense, my ass.

3. Chris the Goony Mover.
I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin DeGraw

See? Another song that I loved. Sort of spoiled. I had small seizures just watching this guy prance around on stage. What the hell was up with his moving? It's just too much! He kind of wobbles around while he sings. Didn't really like it. Seems a bit full of himself, as well.


4. Sideshow Bobby Who Has a Voice Like An Angel.
Under the Milky Way - The Church

Can I just say that I had written down my oh-so-witty title (the Sideshow Bobby part) BEFORE Kyle came out with that comment? I swear! Mum says I'm channeling the judges. Anyway.

I LOVE THIS GUY! He's off the planet, so insanely weird but I love weird! Fabulous. Ever since his first audition, I've been hoping he'd get through, and he did an awesome job. I hope he gets through, I want to see him and his hair make the finals. It's funny how I could never stand Guy Sebastian's haircut, but I think Bobby is endearing? I'm weird. Only thing is about tonight that I don't know that the kids will even know that song, so he might not get votes. Wildcard maybe?

I'd vote for him.

5. Joseph The Nice Young Schoolboy Cutiepie.
Let Me Love You - Mario

I feel like I know this kid, even though I don't - one of the girls at work knows him (sort of) so maybe that's where it comes from. He's just so shy and quiet and cute. And very sweet, that song about mothers he sang? Awww! He was so damn nervous, I felt a bit sorry for him, you could tell the judges were going easy on him. He'll probably get the girly vote, I hope he gets through.

He's better off with his guitar, I think.

6. Mutto With The Boil and Mouldy Haircut.
Meant To Live - Switchfoot

Do I dare mention that this is another of the songs on my Itunes? And I hated him singing it too. Get off the floor, moron! I was counting how many times he did a little squat in his 2 whole minutes; it was about 7 times. No-one cares. That's not a song to serenade the audience too!? Bleh! He looked stupid. Don't like him. He's actually a teacher? Wow!

But still no.


Ricky and Joseph will get through - and Bobby as a Wildcard? I thought the others weren't even in the same league as these guys. If it were my choice I'd go number 1 with kooky Bobby. I'm still intrigued by his weirdness.


I forgot to give out my tool points for this evening. I've decided to award them to the producers of David Tench. What the fuck were they thinking? That cartoon thing haunts me in my dreams, blech. And the latest ad? I swear Claudia Karvan looks like she just woke up from a very long night out, if you know what I mean. Watch it and see!

Australian Idol Monday Semis

I really, really need to stop using SingStar.

Mum busted me this afternoon belting out Delta Goodrem (insert the groans here) when she got home. Guilty as charged! And I am officially a Material Girl diva.

Can I just say, damn I'm good? Yay for Mr-Sex-On-Legs Dean and Cute-Leprechaun Damien. Hoorah! Now we just need Brother-Chris to get on the Wildcard show, and I'll have the hat trick.

On to the girls.

1. That LynDELLE (not LynDAL) Chick Who Needs to Put Some Clothes On.
Would I Lie To You? - Eurythmics

Er. I like the Eurythmics, but her version wasn't anything too flash. I could listen without scratching my eyes out, but I hated that stupid thing she kept doing with her hand. I can't even describe it but it sucked.


2. Klancie Of The Saggy Boobage.
I'm Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks

This girl is gorgeous but needs to invest in a decent bra. (Maybe she should buy one of those stupid pink bras from the annoying ad that keeps showing in the Australian Idol time spot; the one with the annoying naked lady twirling around on the floor? Yeah. That one. ANNOYING.) Don't tell mum I said this, but I really like that Dixie Chicks song. She did a pretty good job. I think I like her!

A little less lame.

3. Little Whitn--- Jessica.
I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston

I should be a judge on Australian Idol. I said what Mark said. Deary me.  A 40 year old voice in a 17 year olds body. That said, I think she's gorgeous and I love her hair, didn't like what she was wearing though. I don't know. (Random SingStar moment; Yes, we covered this song yesterday.. and we rocked.)


4. I Am NOT a Transvestite (Also Known as Atlanta) (wtf?)
My Immortal - Evanescence

What sort of a name is Atlanta? Anyway. Two words. Fuck No. Why do people bother trying to sing to Evanescence? No-one can sing like Amy Lee. Trust me people, I've seen her live TWICE! Ew. She's weird looking. And was her dress leather? Like, all leather?


5. The Rocker Momma.
Trouble - Pink

I am all out of witty titles. Damnit. I hated the first part, but her raspy shouting was good! Made me a bit dizzy the way she was twirling around that circle though. I like Amanda! She's cool, if not a bit full of herself. Go the mommy!

6. What the Hell is She Wearing? (aka Reagan).
I Wish I was a Punk Rocker? - No idea.

I think Reagan is absolutely gorgeous, her hair and her smile - she's beautiful! But that outfit, noooo. The boots? What is with those boots? Nope. Didn't like it. And I'm apparently going to get yelled at for saying this (Sorry Belinda, mum did warn me) but I HATE THAT SONG. With a PASSION. It did nothing for her voice, and she irritated me every time she touched her hair. We KNOW you have nice hair, bitch, you don't have to rub it in.

The verdict?

Hmmm. I think Amanda will get through, and Reagan too? Either that or Jessica. But I sort of liked Klancie. (Hee, I almost typed Klarice.... mwahaha.) I don't know with this one. No hat tricks tonight.

Extra tool points tonight go to Axel Whitehead. (That annoying loser that didn't get anywhere a couple of years ago because, well, he sucked ass, and is now promoting that stupid Telstra commercial piece of crap.)

I meant to give him the tool points last night but I got sidetracked, because he was just SO DAMN IRRITATING; the way he took over the couch and made even Andrew G look less of a tool, and let's face it, Andrew G is also a bit of a tool. Hmm. How many times can one say tool in a sentence and still have people reading? His stubble irritates me. His voice irritates me. The way he sits on that lounge irritates me. HE JUST IRRITATES ME. Tool.

The Right to Brag

I am a VERY proud teacher today.

The school where I am teaching uses a levels system for teaching the kids to read. Starts at 1, and ends up in novels.

That's all the background you need.

J. was reading really well in my literacy group this morning; at a level 18. This is pretty good for a Year 1 student, but he was reading with ease and looked really bored. I took him aside and did some individual reading, and he could read a level 20 (!) book with ease as well.

I was pretty impressed, needless to say. I went and checked with my supervisor (who is also the reading recovery teacher, specialises in working with kids and their reading) and asked if she could read with him just to get his level sorted out, because he would need to be placed in a higher literacy group where the work is more at his level. She agreed.

J is reading at a level 26. This puts him as nearly the top student in both 1/2 classes, equal to and better than the brightest Year 2 students.

I am the proudest teacher ever. Heeeeeeeee! He's going to be reading novels IN YEAR 1. Oh my gosh! This is why I love teaching.

Australian Idol Sunday Semis

Because I am a dork, who is addicted to Australian Idol. Yep.

Mum and I spent the afternoon in preparation for Idol tonight (ha!) by playing with our new SingStar games, we've got Anthems, Pop and 80s so far. We were just going to sample a few of them - and mum was going to show me how to use it, since she's had a couple of drunken rampages with the game in the last few weeks. ;) MLC, you know?

Anyway. We were there for over two hours. I am now croaky. But oh man, I have not had so much fun in a looooong time! Good times. Must get the rest!

So, Idol. Lots of good boys in tonights round. Let me name them.

1. The Brother of That Other Guy who was in Idol Last Year.

I'm a bit love-hate with this guy, Chris I think? He's better than his brother Courtney, but he's also older. And scruffy looking. I like his voice, don't like the fact that we already KNOW he'll be in the Top 12 just because of who he is. Yep.

2. Curly Haired Dude with Nice Teeth (aka Stool Boy).

Nope. I was bored. Mum liked him though.

3. The Tool That Spoiled one of my Favourite Lifehouse Songs.

I thought he was arrogant. And he completely slaughtered Hanging By A Moment and NOBODY MESSES WITH THE LIFEHOUSE. Nobody! He looked like a tool, he sang like a tool, and that is all.

4. Cute Leprechaun Damien Whom I Adore.

I would buy a CD of his right now. His folky voice is brilliant, so mellow. Love him! And he's so cute! And short! And Irish! And Leprechauny! What's not to love? (P.S. Vote for him.)

5. Boner Boy Whom I Dislike.

I was so glad to see him stuff up. I love Stevie Wonder but he sucked at that song; couldn't even hear him over the band. Byebye Boner!

6. Hot Dean Who Is So Hot and Makes Me Have Hot Flushes because the Hotness is Just Too Much.

If this boy does not win Idol, there is something wrong with this country. I fell in love with him from the first auditions show. That song he wrote himself with just his acoustic guitar, phew. Think Brandon Boyd aka Sexy Incubus lead singer with beautiful voice? Dean is like that. And he sang Tonic tonight. And didn't fuck it up aka The Tool with Lifehouse.

So after that very fulfilling rundown, my verdict?

Dean and Damien to go through; although Chris (aka the Brother) will go through because the show is somewhat rigged. That is all. More tomorrow night.

My Weakness

I am officially addicted to buying DVDS.

EzyDVD is a place I check all the time, to see what new specials they have - I've never really been a big fan of online shopping before (with the exception of concert tickets and the like) but I think I've found my weakness.

Those who know me well, know I like my boxsets. At the moment I'm getting my way through ER Season 3 (nearly there!) and then I still have Charmed Season 7 to get through as well; I'm rather tempted to buy this really neat Buffy bag, with the complete series included except I would feel bad splurging $250 all at once.

Why is it that it seems so much more reasonable to spend the same amount of money, but spread across a few weeks/purchases? Is it because I'm being tricked into thinking I'm receiving more for my money? I don't know.

But I'm not going to buy it. I have a car loan to pay off.

Although I DID purchase City of Angels last week. I found it rather sad that my all-time favourite movie (that and Braveheart, anyway) was the one I didn't actually own on DVD. I own it now. And I still cry. Sucker.

I also pre-purchased the Firefly series, because I'd heard it was good. And it was on special. Man, you could stick a SPECIAL sign on anything and I think I'd buy it. If it were cheap enough. I am sort of cheap. A primary teacher on a budget.

Now I'm off to bum away my Sunday with the box.

The Dental Blog (Part 2)

What better way to spend ones Saturday than sitting in an uncomfortable chair hearing the serenading whir of a dental drill?


I may have been brave and conquered the dentist as you can read about here to refresh your memory. But that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it!

My brain had decided that today would be even scarier than last fortnight - because THIS time, there would be fillings involved. And drills. And weird UV light things. And needles. And did I mention drills? Therefore, as per usual Aly-style, I had worked myself up into a minor panic this morning.

(I would like to point out here that Jason sucks, for having the empathy of a fly during this whole process. That is all.)

My worst fears were confirmed after having a seat in the chair, rinsing with yummy minty water stuff (don't ask me what that actually does, hah, but it tastes pretty good though!) and opening my mouth; My Dentist uttered seven dreadful words.

"You won't be needing any needles today!"

Pause right there.

No needles? I nearly turned into a quivering mess right there in the chair.

Not that I'm real keen on needles either, but when it comes to dentistry? I'll be brave, jab me with a couple of those babies and I'm all calm. Relatively, anyway. But NO NEEDLES? Panic. Panic. Panic.

"Are you sure?" I mumbled, trying to talk without my tongue licking his fingers which were still probing my teeth. "Because I am, er, a bit paranoid?"
"Nope. They're only small. Won't feel a thing." He replied, then starting talking in dentist-language to the assistant.

Great. I felt completely reassured. Ha.

He got the drill ready, and I started having worst case pain scenarios running through my mind. I'd convinced myself it was going to be terrible. Why the hell wouldn't Jason come with me? Bastard! I needed him! Too old for hand-holding, my ass...

"Ok, I'll just drill a bit and we'll see if it hurts." Said Mr Dentist.
"Wait - so it's going to hurt?"
"Well, no. But just in case, I'll stop if it does and give you the needle."
"So I do need a needle?"
"No. You shouldn't need one." He started drilling here.

After a few seconds he stopped and looked at me strangely, and asked if it was hurting. I stammered something along the lines of "Yes, No, Maybe, Should it, I don't know?" and he told me that everytime he drilled, I was pulling squinty faces and moving away from him. I didn't even realise I was doing it.

Feeling rather shamed, I told him that no, it wasn't hurting, I'm just a wimp, please continue. Yes, I really said that. And he actually laughed! A dentist with a sense of humour. I like!

End of story? I have two teeny fillings, one of which does not feel filed down properly seeing as I keep grinding my teeth together and it feels funny. I also have an appointment next Saturday (DENTISTRY ON SATURDAY SUCKS) for the mother of all fillings. Well no, not exactly - but I will definitely be needing a needle for this one. I'm going to suggest that he gives me the "supposed two needles" from today as well. Just in case, you know?

Sunday Scribblings: The Monster...

It's been a long week; so I figured my take on this weeks prompt would be a light hearted one, inspired by my stressful-yet-funny class.

The Monster Chronicles by 1/2S

These are all excerpts derived from the workbooks of my students. My class is a Year 1/2 composite, so the kids range from 6-7-8 years of age, mostly 6 or 7 though. For anonymity (as per usual) I will just include the kids initials, but the words are always more important than their names, anyway!

This weeks Sunday Scribblings fit right in with our creative writing; we've been using the topic of M O N S T E R S to get our thinking caps on. These are just a smidgen of the stories I jotted down to share with you.

The Strongest Monster (by C. & J.)
Once there was a monster. He was the strongest monster on Earth. All his monster friends were strong too. They eat people for dinner when they are hungry. They drink people for dinner too. The monster is going to the church.

The Monster and the Bear (by P. & A.)
There was a monster that lived in a cage. The bear was friends with the monster. The monster was friendly. The bear was playing with the monster. He liked playing with the monster. The next day the bear was hungry so it went to find them food in the water.

The Strange Monster (by D. and E.)
There once was a very strange monster that lived under D. and E.'s bed. He had blue fur and he had purple eyes. And it had a pink tail.

The Hairy Monster (by K. and S.)
The hairy monster went into a cave and found another monster. He got scared in the cave because he looked so ugly.

The Scary Monsters (by S. & S.)
Once there were 5 monsters who loved to play with other monster friends. They liked to be scary. They went to go find food for everyone to eat. They played with balls.

So there you have it! I am rearing literary geniuses, no? Maybe if you check back here tomorrow, I will take a photo of the Purple People Eater Monster Mask my class used for their now famous assembly item. Heeee.

For more Sunday Scribblings visit here, and enjoy!


Warning: This post may contain poor attempts of speaking a language other than my native tongue (and possibly also incorrect spellings) so please bear with me.

I spent my afternoon having a talk with the lady who cleans my classroom at the school. I realised that after all of our little chats of an afternoon, I actually didn't know her name and I doubted she knew mine either. So, I thought I'd get that courtesy out of the way because I hate not knowing who I'm actually talking to. And because she's a really nice woman, too.

Her name is Naisa, by the way. She's from Bolivia, and English is her second language. She does really well though, just struggles for the occasional one. She has a daughter who is 12, and is multi-lingual, and also really nice - she comes to help her mum clean some afternoons.


I was telling her that I'd love to learn Spanish, because I haven't really ever had the chance to do any languages (other than the mandatory crappy chinese in high school - Jess may remember Mr Wang?). I took Italian for a term, but I don't remember any of it, which is a shame because I'd really love to learn that too.

So she sat down with me and started telling me some random sayings that I should take home and learn. It was so fun, I can't believe I wasted an hour of her time (ack!) but she seemed to enjoy teaching me as well, which was awesome. I came home and was able to greet my dad in Spanish, to which he just laughed. I typed in Spanish to Jase on MSN, and he just gave me a blank face. Well, a blank smiley emoticon, anyway. I'm going to spring it all on mum after she finishes work, teehee.

Hola! -- Hello (Ha! I knew this one already, I am clever!)
Buenos Dias -- Good morning (I knew this too!)
Buenas Tardes/Noches -- Good afternoon/good night.
Como Estas -- How are you? (I sort of knew this one as well.)
Me Llamo Aly -- My name is Aly. Heeee. This is fun.
Hola Mi Amor -- Hello my love.
Te Quiero Mucho -- I love you so much.
Que tengas un lindo sueno -- Have a good (beautiful) dream.
Dame un Beso, Mi Amor -- Give me a kiss, my love.
Muchas Gracias -- Thank You! (Yep, knew this too!)

I had a ball today. And I've decided I'd like to learn Spanish. I need one of those cds that I can listen to, to teach me the words. Yep. Spanish. And after that, French and Italian. Yep Yep.


Workplace Bitchings

This post will end with a question; yes, it's important so please click on the "Comment" box and give me your say. I'm interested to know what you think!

I've been in the education system for over half the year so far. Yes, it's my first job in the actual real-life full-time workforce since I finished uni. Yes, I'm new to all of the relationships that go on between staff and what not. But I did NOT realise it was quite so intricate.

I think these are the main ones that I have uncovered in the school so far;

Be nice to the office ladies. They may snap at any second. And they will make things very, very hard for you. Yep.

Also the canteen ladies. Because they'll totally only half-fill your garlic rice container if your kids are late picking up the lunch orders.

Don't tell anything to another teacher that you don't want repeated to the rest of the staffroom. Basically, invest in a dog to vent to, or make sure you have an understanding family. Or a blog. Whatever works.

Oh. And staffroom walls? Are made out of paper. Be very careful.

Do not let other teachers whinges about you get you down. It happens to everyone, so what goes around comes around. Karma. -mutters under breath-

Tears will always get you sympathy. Even when a teacher is horrible and mean to their colleagues, if THEY are the one to shed a tear first, everything will be forgiven. Except for the underlying grudges that will be held, forever and ever.


So. I'm about done for now. I'm tired and grouchy and have had enough writing; so my question.

What are some of the things that YOU find annoyingly bitchy in your workplace? I welcome everyone's feedback. I'm nosy.

Everybody loves Jelly

Fundraising is fun.

Yes, it is! Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 are going on a sports and fitness excursion next week by bus, into Olympic Park (at Homebush, yes, where the Olympics were held, funny that!) Because the school is not in a very well-to-do area, we decided to do some fundraising to subsidise the costs.

What does that mean, exactly?

Fundraising !!!

We decided to make lite jelly, and air popped popcorn - hey, we're trying to teach them healthy eating here! Better than the spider drinks (with soft drink -groan-) that the other teachers used for fundraising. Plus, we're having a disco on Thursday, sure to be a hit. Nothing like a little Hi-5 to perk anyone up.

So last night, a few of the teachers on our wing stayed back late, mixing jelly cups and playing with those little popcorn machines (so cool!) so we were all ready for today. And they were great! 50c for a bag of popcorn, and 50c for a jelly cup. Good times! Plus, the food didn't make the kids go hyper, so it was a good day.

We made over $100, which was cool.

I've decided to do my own fundraiser. For the Aly Still Owes Over Ten Thousand Dollars On A Car Loan fund. That's ASOOTTDOACL for short.

I'll be making jelly cups. And popcorn. Get your coins ready, people.

Sure looks strange to me!

Proud Teacher Alert !!

My kidlets are so clever !! We performed our song and dance today for our assembly item, and they were so awesome. Remembered all the words, remembered *most* of the actions, bopped along - other kids in the school were singing along too, which was cool.

We did the Purple People Eater song. We have been doing our creative writing lately about monsters, so it fit right in - plus, I've always loved that song. I remember singing to it when I was in primary school all those years ago!

I was so proud when they had fun. It's a long song, lots of words and they had it down! Another teacher today told me that it was one of the best (and simplest) items she'd seen this year. Hoorah!

Highlight would have to have been little K. dressed up as the Purple People Eater monster. I borrowed this huge dinosaur tail thing from the preschool - you velcro it around the child's waist, and it's this neat (and ginormous) tail. K. and I were practicing shaking his booty side to side, so that the tail would swish. It was hilarious! Plus, he was holding a purple mask that I had made with him (one eyed, one horned, of course!) so he was a star.

I love good days. And my little terror child (no, not D. Another one, J.) was away, so it was amazing just how calm the class was without him there. Deary me!

Well bless my soul, rock and roll, flying purple people eater,
Pigeon toed, under-growed, flying purple people eater,
He wears short shorts, friendly little people eater,
What a sight to see!

Where for art thou, Weekend?

Why do weekends go so fast?

A cookie will go to anyone who can explain that to me. Preferably using completely illogical reasoning.

That is all.

Not in a Writing Mood

Not in an anything-mood, really. I'm all cleaned out.

Spent the morning cleaning. And washing. And cleaning. Those animals I mentioned in my last Sunday Scribblings? All needed cleaning. And washing. And feeding. And playing with. That's what weekends are for, right?

My mice are now residing in a freshly scrubbed tank, with yummy smelly sawdust all crisp. They're also driving us bonkers; the metal wheel always seems to spin better after a wash (I know, metal+water=squeaking) but at least they're having fun. The bunnies are all papered, cleaned, fed. They would have had a nice squishy cuddle, except they are very antisocial little dears, who prefer to snuggle with each other, thankyouverymuch.

I even washed the dogs again - although I really ended up wetter than they did. Next time, I'm leaving him for dad to do. We even brushed Max's teeth (his poor chompers are old and not so good, meaning stinky breath) - don't think he muched like the minty toothpaste taste. But he's happy enough now.

Plus, I've been cleaning the house. Mum is having people stay over, so dad and I (being the only ones home, damnit) are on cleanup duty. Surely it's bed time?

And in randomness, I love Jase; it's amazing how much. I find it amusing that we always have things to say to each other, to crack each other up. He puts up with my crap, and I deal with his. Must be love. Haha.

I'm off to sneeze the day away. How can I still have the dregs of this cold, it's been weeks now!

Sunday Scribblings: The Inner Life of Pets

The day starts off just like any other day.

The damn cockatoo, Gage alarm clock goes off promptly at around 7am, when the morning sparrows decide to try and steal some seeds from the backyard aviary. I try to ignore it, but it just keeps on screeching beeping at me. I toss and turn in my bed, and try to ignore it. Finally, it ceases. I roll over, groan, and flop back down under the quilts. My partner prods me in the ribs, but I ignore him and try to go back to sleep. Sleep is precious.

After a while, the air grows hot. I kick the covers off and wearily emerge to face the new day. Taking a peek next to me, I let out a snort of amusement - my goodness! Rusty's hair is just all over the place today; talk about bed-head! I do love him though, and they do say that loving someone's scruffy hair and morning breath shows your true feelings, right?

I grab a quick breakfast, no time for nothing more than a snack. Time is of the essence. Gulping some water, I scurry off to work - I get halfway around the corner when I realise that I left Rusty behind. Drat! As per usual, he is still asleep when I get back home. I push him out of bed and nudge him out the door. Work work work! He looks grouchy which is to be expected, but he'll cheer up in no time. He always does.

Rusty and I are both in the security business.

It's a tough job. A big perimeter, not enough hands on deck, you know the drill. I'll complain, sure, but I don't mind it really. And it comes with some perks too. Good food, good accomodation, and company visits to the big-house all the time! Those folks sure are good to us. But, back to the job.

We scale the perimeter several times, checking for security breaches. Something seems not quite right. It's too still; too quiet. I give the signal to Rusty and he nods, understanding my instructions. We have both seen something which needs attending. Urgently.

Bounding into position, we work in silence. In the distance, I can hear the chattering of my co-workers going about their days, but for the most part my attention lies in the north west corner of the perimeter. Without speaking, I know that Rusty can see it too. He's a good partner, very intuitive, if not a little reckless. I hope he'll act by the book this time around. Sometimes, he drives me bonkers.

Living up to his nature, Rusty suddenly springs into action - weapons drawn, on the attack. He startles the intruder; but it stands its ground, gazing mildly down at us. After a heated argument, time consuming and rather noisy, all is sorted. The intruder relents, the perimeter is secure - for now. All in a day's work. The company is happy; we are invited to the big-house for supper tonight.

We head for home. My stomach rumbles, I can't wait for dinner tonight. Rusty feels the same; he always gets this look in his eyes when he's hungry. After dinner, we were warmly invited into the big-house. It's so lovely there, I never want to leave afterwards. But duty calls, and everyone there has a big day ahead of them tomorrow - so we bid our farewells and retire for the evening.

Just before I close my eyes to sleep, I give Rusty a hug, and sigh happily. How could there be anything nicer than resting besides the one you love?

This was a fictional story but it's funny how many "true" things I tried to use. We do have a very screechy cockatoo. My dogs do sleep on a bed outside, with quilts to snuggle in. The intruder really IS just like that - an evil cat, who likes to tease and torment! And I think that they lead a pretty darned happy life. I would like to REALLY know what they are thinking one day though...

Dedicated to Max, Rusty, Gage, Bella, Lucy, Sally, Katie and Penny. What can I say? We love the animals!

Holiday Cheer

What holiday drives you nuts?  Think of a holiday people fuss over.  Write about either loving or hating that holiday.

It seems a bit weird to think about holidays in August, haha, but who am I to argue with neat-o Random Prompter Thingymabob?

I guess I would have to go with the obvious and say Christmas.

The nuts part?

Parking lots. Shopping centres. Lines at check-outs. Impatient people. Screaming children. Expensive prices. It's why I always do my shopping in advance, except for the usual last minute bits that I've forgotten.


The family part. Seeing family who are only seeing you because they feel that they have to at holiday time - and it's to please OTHER family members. I go too, so obviously I'm a part of that, but really, it's so ridiculous. I'm not one for small talk though so..


I live in Australia. Christmas is in December. December is not cold or snowy. December is hot. Usually scorching hot. Christmas Day is always disgustingly humid and stinky and sticky. I dislike heat. Blech. Bah Humbug.

But what's not to love about Christmas?

I love Christmas carols (Even after the bazillionth song repeat)

I love decorations. Putting them up, packing them up, fun fun fun.

I love roast dinners and crackers! I love the way that the table still has decorations on it that I remember colouring in as a kid. I love having my nanna at the dinner table. I always feel like a five year old, but I love it.

I love seeing Jase at Christmas-time. He comes after his church stuff, and I just love him walking through the door. One day I'll go along to church too, I think. I'd like to - it's been a while.

This year is going to be so cute. I have a WHOLE CLASS to do decorations with. We're going to do Christmas craft until our hands fall off! We're going to use every damn craft supply I have in my storeroom. Cards! Streamers! Santa masks! Christmas trees! Pine cone thingos! You name it, I'm game! I cannot wait! Yes!

Oh yeah. And I love presents. Making, giving and definitely getting! So I'm a present-whore, I admit it. But I also love finding things for others too, so I'm not all bad.

Nothing like some Christmas-talk in August - although, the year is flying by.. scarily, it won't be long before the decorations start appearing in the store windows.. Mark my words!

Prompt care of Writing Fix.

Losing My Mind

.. Well, whatever part of my mind is left, that is ..

I wish I could write an in-depth blog about the shit that happened today at school, but instead I'll sort of gloss over it and get to another issue that's been bothering me instead.

Today there was an incident at school that resulted in physical restraints, police, violence, bodily fluids and threats. Left me feeling a bit yuck - even though I wasn't involved in any way. It just disgusts me that this is allowed to go on in schools. Violent behaviours should not be mainstreamed.

Today also had me and another colleague out walking the streets (in a not so wonderful neighbourhood) looking for one of my students, who decided to amble home herself - leaving her older brother and me panicking - worrying about cars, child snatchers and all of those other worst-case scenarios. We found out after we walked the little boy home, that my dear L. had been picked up by her mother in a car. She had also told her mother that her brother was going to be walking home with friends, so he didn't need a ride. A nice fabricated story. Gah.

So, onto the issue. It's a classroom/student one.

Lately I've been stressing myself out a bit over D. in my class. Not publicly, I've been trying to keep it to myself - possibly because I'm feeling a bit useless and not happy with how things are going, how I'm doing as a teacher and how he's doing as a student. Maybe getting it all out there will help.

Without spending ages getting into it, D. was tested last year and found to have a  behavioural (possibly developmental) disability, which presents itself in sporadic tantrum throwing. He is a naturally bright little boy, but his schoolwork is strongly affected by his behaviour - meaning it only gets done when he wants it to be done. For the most part, he just does things at a different rate than the other students. His writing is at Kindergarten level, with early Year 1 maths and reading.

D. is defiant, to the point of stomping and saying NO! outright. He shakes his head, looks away, scratches his arms and head, stomps and kicks off his shoes and socks. He also screams. And cries. And screams some more. He'll back away from you into a corner, but run after you screaming the minute you turn away to ignore the problem behaviour.

I really do think of D. as a little dormant volcano. Usually quiet, sometimes rumbly, but when they go off, they really go off.

I can't even tell you exactly what it is that sets D. off. Some days it can be a child looking at him, some days it can be him not wanting to do work, some days it can be a routine change. It doesn't take much; he is very, very temperamental.

These are the ways I deal with D's behaviours; (as well as the normal classroom discipline procedures that all my students understand and follow as a class)

# Try and catch it before it escalates. If he's starting to show signs of erupting (so to speak) using distractions can help. It can also hinder, depending on his mood. Win-lose situation.

# Give him 2 choices - The good choice and the not-so-good choice. He is not silly; he knows exactly what he is doing, and what he wants to achieve out of having a tantrum (his own way). When I give him choices, it can take a while for him to decide, but it usually sways him in the right direction.

# Ignore the problem behaviour (which can be really hard, when he's kicking shoes towards your face) - plus, this can be hard on the rest of the class too.

# Praising his good behaviours - when he puts his shoes back on, for example. (I know this isn't very teacher-ish of me, but I really can't stand basically having to give him praise even after the worlds biggest tantrum. I understand the reasoning behind it, but it just irritates me. See? Wouldn't a good teacher just be happy to use the reinforcements without thinking about it too much? Bleh.)

# Praising the other students and their good behaviour - everytime they ignore one of D's tantrums, they are inadvertantly acting like good role models. Thank goodness my class are used to D. and are able to keep working regardless. They're really a good group.


Yesterday, all my efforts failed. He was working with his aide and in the middle of some reading, sneezed into his hand (yes - boogers). His aide asked him to go wash his hands, he refused. That's all it took. It all went downhill from there.

First I let the aide use her strategies to deal with D. None of those worked. She then left the room to go to another student elsewhere, so it was my turn. I spent a good thirty minutes employing every strategy I know, and he outright refused to do anything. He sat on his chair, shoved it against the wall and wouldn't move. For thirty minutes.

I gave him choices - nothing.
I asked him to explain why he was feeling cranky - nothing.
I asked him to leave the chair and sit on the floor - nothing.
I praised the other students doing their work -  nothing.
I distracted him with talk about his work - nothing.
I ignored him, and left him there to play a game with the class - nothing.

In the end, I felt like leaving the damn room myself and stomping. Thankfully, my colleague friend came and had a go dealing with him, and after it had been nearly an hour all up, she convinced D. to go to the floor and sit with her.

I was grateful for it, but at the same time felt really useless - why would he respond to her and not for me? Why would he go off the chair and onto the floor with her, when she used the same strategies as I did? Should I have spent the whole hour continuously working with him, pushing him, gently guiding him?

But in all honesty, it also pissed me off. How much time do I need to spend on this one child when I have twenty five other kids in that classroom who DO follow instructions, who do the work that is set for them? Yes, he has a certain behavioural issue. I'm not insensitive, I realise this. D. is quite mild compared to some of the other behavioural cases I've seen in the school - but when he is tantrumming, both him AND the rest of the class are at a disadvantage because of it.

Blah. Basically, I need some opinions from the teachers and non-teachers out there. Am I a crappy teacher for feeling fed up with it all, and what should I try? What would you do in that situation?

Now I'm off to really lose my mind.

Listening to old 90's music that I have over-played on my Ipod for the last few days. 98 degrees, anyone? How about Five? Bring on the smooshy boybands, guaranteed to make you smile from at least one cheesy lyric per song.

"Cos I'm losing my mind when you're not around.. it's all, it's all because of you.."

See? CHEESE! Hoorah!

Maybe tomorrow I'll enlighten you with a typical day in my classroom. Stay tuned, folks.

An Important Lesson

"What was the most important lesson you learned OUTSIDE of school?"

I've sat here for about ten minutes staring at this prompt and have aboslutely no idea what to say. Me? At a loss for words? Crrr-aaazy.

I learned that never plucking my eyebrows like all the rest of the girls were doing at age 12+ was actually a smart thing - seeing as at age 22, I have never really had to touch them.

I learned that I would rather have friends who I don't see often that know me well, in preference to friends nearby who don't know me at all.

I learned that loving someone can sometimes be the most painful experience, ever.

I learned that the best cure for feeling sick involves hot tea, books, blankets, spa baths and lots of whining.

I learned that I am a very cynical person. And I remain a very cynical person. But I'm working on that.


Prompt thanks to Writing Fix.


"Did they keep to themselves?  Write about one of your neighbors (past or present).  Speculate on what type of people they are (or were)."


I had to have a bit of a laugh when I clicked the handy dandy random prompt generator and saw this.

The first neighbours I can remember were great ones.

D & P, who lived behind us and had twin little girls - I remember them from when I was just a little girl myself!
M & S, who lived next door and also had two cute little kids.
PH, who I always remember to be the nicest and cutest guy. And his girlfriends, too.

Then I remember my first real boyfriend - whose family moved next door to us after M & S moved. I had a crush on him since the moment I saw him; gorgeous, blonde, athletic, funny. He was a year younger than me, and I always used to crush from afar - we were friends for a while, as were my brother and his brother, and eventually we started going out. My first real kiss was with A, in the middle of Titanic at the movie theatres. -swoons- I still remember that moment!! That lasted three months, until New Years Eve when he broke my heart. I was 14.

As we moved to rental places (while the house was being built and some family drama going on) I don't really know anything about neighbours. You tend to keep to yourself when you're renting, seeing as you are usually in and out and don't take the time to get to know people.

Right now, we live in a quaint little cul-de-sac at the moment, since the house was finished in 2000. The street is filled with mainly young families, some with teenagers as well.

Our next door neighbours on one side have three girls (one my age, the others younger) and I don't know them from a bar of soap - all three are beautiful and constantly busy, and have made no effort to ever get to know me. Our neighbours on the other side have two primary school age kids, both insane. The boy is weird, the girl is annoying. She likes to sit over our back (six foot!) fence and taunt my dogs, and wonders why they're barking at her? Gah. I do like the parents though, although they have a large amount of screaming matches. Loud ones.

The rest of the street; don't know them really. They are friendly enough, as we are, but I don't actually KNOW them. For the most part, I'm not really interested.

The funniest moment I remember was on one occassion (I think Christmas?) where the neighbours had actually blocked off the whole street with witches hats. EXCUSE ME? Do they own the street? I think not! What about the people who want to drive in and out? The reason for this: They had set up a barbeque on the street itself, put out chairs and the like, and so thought they could just cordon off the whole street. Arrogant. We all went walking to look at Christmas lights around the area, and Jase kicked the witches hats away. Good times!

We haven't ever been invited to any of their street parties, not since we moved in. Not that I'd go anyway, but it's really quite irritating they way that they think they own the street. And people who park on our lawn when there are parties going on really irritate me. Arrogant!

I dislike our enture street being blocked off, just because the neighbours think they can.

I dislike kids running on our front lawn. OURS. Just because their front lawn is tiered, doesn't mean they can use ours because it is flat.

I dislike cars. Parking in front of our house. In my parking space. Not so bad now that I've started parking the new car in the driveway, but still. They have driveways too - use them!

I dislike balls. Being kicked and thrown around parked cars. Especially mine. The day those little bastards dent my car, they'll be saving their pocket money and paying for the damage. Damnit.

I swear, I do love kids. I teach them and think they're great, most of them. But the ones that live near me? Turned me off having kids for the longest time..

I think I've rambled long enough -- so for now, I shall turn in and watch some Comedy Inc, taped from last night. I'm a tired Aly today, must be Mondayitis.

Prompt care of Writing Fix.

Writing Prompts

Seeing as I enjoy Sunday Scribblings so much, I thought I'd try and do some more free writing - for days when I have nothing to really blog about. Like today. Yep.

So I googled.

And I came up with several good sites, but I think I'll be using this one. It's called Writing Fix and basically just comes up with random writing topics every day. At least, every other day. I won't use them daily, just when I'm feeling particularly boring.

I'm loving the random prompt generator! Fun! And you can also just keep clicking if you don't like the prompt you're given -- not that anyone would cheat like that, of course.

((crickets chirp))

So. Here's my first shot at this one, for today.

"What goes in your message for a bottle?  Write a letter to the world (or to whoever finds it) that you might place in a bottle and throw into the ocean.  Ask yourself what you might have to say to a total stranger..."

Dear Person-Who-Finds-This-Bottle,

Instead of writing a letter, I could ask you many questions. I could ask you where you are right now. I could ask you where you found this bottle. I could ask you what it was that came into your head to pick up this dirty old bottle (for surely after months at sea, it has had some wear and tear). I could ask you why you thought to look inside it, because really, does ANYONE actually look for letters in bottles these days? I could ask you who are you, what do you do, are you male or female, are you a dreamer?

I could even ask you to write back -- although I'm not too sure that I'd receive your reply, seeing as I am not enclosing a postal address. Perhaps you could just will your reply to the seas, or however you choose to send your message in a bottle, and if it's meant to be I will somehow find it.

Well. Now that I look back, I can see I already have asked you many questions. And told you quite little (well, nothing in all honesty) about myself. Here's another question for you; why am I writing this letter?

I am feeling lonely. Suffice it to say that out of the people I know, the people I love, at this moment in time I do not wish to write a letter to any of them. Perhaps it is because they know me too well, perhaps because they know me too little. Perhaps they would judge me when they read my words on paper. Perhaps you will do the same.

It is much easier to share your secrets with people who cannot respond, who cannot pass their condescending looks your way. People who cannot pretend to understand, pretend to give their sympathy when in reality, they just don't care. Maybe that's why parents mutter secrets to their children when they are mere babies - in their newborns they have an unconditional confidante.

What a long-winded letter. I do apologise. Even in words, I tend to ramble. Why is being honest always so hard? Why is it that even now, I cannot seem to find the words to share my innermost thoughts, my biggest fears with you? Why is it that even though I can not will myself to put pen to paper when it comes to my secrets, my thoughts and desires, that I ultimately feel better already? How powerful communication is, even when it is not returned.

So now I will hasten to finish this letter so that I can roll it up, place it in a sealed old bottle, and discard into the ocean. Dear reader, here is another secret for you; I don't even live near the ocean. How this letter reaches the sea, I do not yet know. Only time will tell.

I must thankyou before I cease writing. Thankyou for being my confidante. Thankyou for reading this far. Thankyou for caring, or not caring, whatever the outcome may be. Thankyou for fishing my thoughts out of the swirling mass that is my consciousness, and for giving me peace, if only for a few minutes. I will always appreciate it.



The Dental Blog (Part 1)

Well of course I was going to blog about this. Did you doubt that for a second?

I had my dental visit.

I woke up to a lovely comment from Rob (aka Brilliant Donkey) which led me back to his wildly amusing (yet strangely calming) post about the dentist. I read that, had a chuckle (felt much better, thanks for that!) and ventured out to find this new dental surgery.

I don't remember if I wrote this? My old dental surgery had a wait-list and was not open on weekends, and I was concerned my teeth would have all fallen out by then had I waited for that appointment. So instead, I consulted the Pink Pages and found one just down the road. In the next suburb, but still marginally close. And down a road. So yeah..

I arrived there, and was greeted with a nice empty waiting room, bar one lady. A good sign.. or a bad sign? The receptionist was a young, gorgeous girl with absolutely beautiful teeth (sickening, really.) I sat myself down in the 80's style lounges (I say IN because I sunk right between the cushions) and pretended to read my Ian McEwan book. I think I was also surreptitiously looking at the other patient's teeth, trying to judge if they were better or worse than my own.

The dentist was a lovely man. He was Asian, had barely any accent and actually removed his mask to talk to me; that was nice! He had me open my mouth, and then proceeded to tell me how my teeth were the worst he'd seen in 25 years of dentistry, how could I have possibly left my teeth so foul for SO LONG?

... or not.

Okay, so perhaps I exaggerated a wee bit? My teeth weren't too bad. Needed a cleaning (well, I could have told you that!) and only two small fillings! Hoorah! I also have a previous filling that is starting to wear down, so that's going to just need touching up. Talk about a relief.

He was lovely - he explained everything he was doing, as he was doing it. He got rid of the icky tartar, polished my toofers, and put some foul tasting paste stuff on them that nearly (nearly!) had me gagging. Turns out it was fluoride paste, good for making teeth stronger or something. My teeth look a little whiter now! Or I could just be imagining it, but hey - I paid $180 for today, I'm allowed to see differences, right?

And the phantom pain in my teeth from the other day?


They were just phantom pains.

There is nothing wrong with those teeth. He even took x-rays (ha! $30 each, damnit!) and they're great. Just dandy. I may have sensitive teeth. Or my teeth might just be fucking with me. Well, he didn't actually say that. But I could tell that's what he meant.

I have an appointment Saturday fortnight to get my fillings done. I will be bankrupt by that time. Perhaps I chose the wrong career - I should have gone into dentistry.. even the thought of looking into (and touching!) people's mouths all day didn't leave me cringing.

Now, who's got one of those t-shirts?

I survived my first trip to the dentist in a few years BY MYSELF (lordy, you'd think I was 12 or something) and all I got was this lousy t-shirt! Score!

Sunday Scribblings: Who Else Can I Still Be?

Instead of going off into fiction-land, this time it's all about me. You've been warned!

I'd love to say that I could still be anyone.

I write love to, because in reality I know that isn't possible. I'm not being negative, possibly just pragmatic? Let me explain.

I could never be a ballerina, for example. Call me crazy, but I don't quite think that Aly in a tutu is anyone's cup of tea. As well as the fact that the only dancing I can do, is the form that looks alright after many a few er, 18+ beverages.

Realistically, though? There are lots of things I could still become.

# I could be a mother/ aunty/wife.
# I could be a better teacher.
# I could be a writer.
# I could be a great traveller.
# I could be a road tripper.
# I could be a proud pet momma. (I sort of am already, but .. on my own.)

There are also lots of things about myself that could change, that I could become. They could be for better or for worse (heck, all of the future is unpredictable) but they are definitely worth pondering.

# I could become someone's confidante.
# I could become more patient.
# I could become a fitness fanatic.
# I could become a party animal.
# I could become a person who is not terrified of going to the dentist. (Think that's random? I have a dental appointment tomorrow and I am still. freaking. out.)

But ..

When I think about what I actually want to be some day? I think (with all of its cheese factor) the main answer is this;

To be happy.

And you know? I'm getting closer to that every day. I like the road I've taken, even if it has had some hard turns. I'm comfortable where I am right now, even if there are things in my life that I need to tweak and untangle.

Some days I just want to speed up everything -- I want to be ME in five years, in ten years. I want to be out of this phase of life, and into the next. But lately, I've been happy just living for one day at a time. I wonder if that will change eventually, too? I suppose these are just even more of my ramblings..

For more writing, click this neat-o little link, right here..

Nothing like a little mess..

Mess; (English adj.) Aly's classroom.

Broken chip packet? Mess.

Lesson on volume using water? Mess.

Desk buried in papers? Mess.

Bleeding nose? Mess.

Let's just say, I'd hate to be the cleaner this afternoon. It was one heck of a messy day. But a good one too. Friday Friday tomorrow is Friday, and I have absolutely nothing more to say about today.

Tomorrow, I think shall leave the cleaner a nice note. Or flower or something. Yep. She does such a good job - and she's a really lovely lady.

Whack a wig on this guy, and you could pretend it's me at my desk. Oh, and take the tie off too. And add a couple dozen kids. And get rid of the pizza tray. And the banana peel too. Bananas are too expensive to eat now, after the QLD hurricane. Okay. Whatever. It's not me but it was the only damn messy cartoon I could find.

Skating on thin ice.

Ever had those days where it seems as though you JUST manage to scrape through them by your fingertips?

Today was one of those days.

It wasn't a bad day. It wasn't a great day. It wasn't even an average day. It was just sort of somewhere around the middle. And left me longing for three o'clock so I could just up and run out of there!

I had no aide for D. today, because everyone was involved in the seniors athletics. The morning went smoothly, the middle session went a bit haywire, but turned out okay. I narrowly avoided a meltdown by stopping in the middle of a conversation and deciding to take the kids outside in the sunshine to watch the teacher-kids relay races. That was a smart move, if I do say so myself.

Maybe it's still having the left-overs of the evil cold, but I'm feeling like my patience is a bit off at the moment.

Most of my kids are amazing, and so clever - but sometimes, I let the silliest things annoy me. Makes me feel bad, but I can't help it. A little boy snapped my ruler in half today and the look on my face freaked him out. Ack. I'm not a mean teacher, at least I hope not, but I think I'll have to watch myself until this "not quite myself" feeling disappears.

I hope it's soon.

And I hope that D. has his aide back tomorrow!

300! Hoorah!

Because it's cold and I'm running late for school.

I swear everytime I write that, I feel like I'm back in high school.

But it IS cold.

And I AM running late for school.

I'm just teaching, not attending it.



Nothing like sudden pain to bring about that much needed (and avoided) trip to the dentist.

I've had a strangely uncomfortable feeling in my mouth for a few days now. Not a hurting pain, just something that didn't feel quite right.

Today, that weird feeling turned into an ouchy. A big ouchy. An ouchy so big that I feel pain when I walk. An ouchy in one of my top back teeth, one of those ones you can't see properly, even if you hold your head back, open up your mouth and peer into the mirror until your nose gets smooshed.

I think Mr Filling(s) will be paying me a visit. A nasty, expensive visit.

I don't have great teeth; I've had a LOT of fillings and cavities in my years. So many in fact, that I now have a markedly big fear of dentists. And drills. And people wearing face masks. And drills. And of those spit sucking devices they shove in your mouth. And drills. And also needles. In your mouth.

Oh man, I've just freaked myself out again.

I've managed to avoid going to the dentist for about two years. The last time I visited saw a hole so big, that (no joke) half of my top back molar was drilled away and replaced with a filling. So instead of sharp tooth, it's like a shiny smooth plastic. I haven't been back since that episode. And the drilling. Ack. The drilling!

I should also mention (and this has little bearing on anything else other than my irrational fear of dentists) that I have dragged my mother along to every single dentist visit, up to the time I turned 20. And yes. I asked if my mother would come along with me this next time, because I'm still terrified. She told me no. I am now even more terrified. She used to be there to translate for me, as our dentists were Chinese and wore face masks, which was a very scary thing for a child - I used to just smile and nod and could have been allowing them to yank every tooth out of my mouth without anaesthetic for all I knew. Then it was just a moral support thing. I want moral support now! NOW!

I am all booked in for this Saturday. I am terrified of going and being yelled at. I can see it now. ("Plaque! Look at that plaque! You can SEE the plaque!") ("Why the heck haven't you been to a dentist in two years. Your teeth are so yellow and disgusting!") ("Good news? Only 12 fillings on the top set of teeth. 14 on the bottom.") ("Okay, we're going to need to book some visits in for you over 2 weeks; we can only give you numbing anaesthetic for one part of your mouth at a time.") ("Anaesthetic? Sorry, we just ran out.")

I know this is so trivial in the scheme of things, but please spare me some wishes this Saturday at 10.30am. And for the rest of this week, with my achy-breaky teeth.






*edits* Erm. No, it apparently did NOT eat my entry. It just likes to mess with my head.


I always enjoy the walk from the playground into the classroom.

It always initiatives good conversation between D. and myself. Today was no exception. We had this little number as we were hurrying out of the light rain that had just started up after recess.

D: "Miss S?"
Me: "Yes D?"
D: "Is it sprinkling?"
Me: "It sure is."
D: "Ohh. But J. said it was raining."
Me: "Well, it is raining, yes."
D: "So it's not sprinkling then?"
Me: "When it rains lightly like this, we sometimes say it is sprinkling."
D: "Okay."


D: "So it's not raining?"

Heee. That boy is so darned cute. He also went home halfway through the day feeling sick though, so I'm not sure that he'll be in tomorrow. He is NEVER off school, even when he had a horrible cold his mother sent him in every day.

Er. Half the staff were off sick today -- with colds. Ack! I wonder if that was all my fault. Even the poor teacher next door to me is sick. Me? I'm feeling better, but I still have a voice that scared a couple of kindy kids in the playground.

And why today of all days, did the SRC choose me to lead the school singing the national anthem? Not a good choice, guys!


I recieved an address book as part of my parents birthday present this year.

I adore stationary, I do.

Especially stationary with cute Forever Friends bears on it.

This address book is gorgeous. And in all honesty, I haven't had a proper address book since I was younger - you know, those sets you get as presents that you get and then promptly forget about.

So I was excited to get this one. I also love christening new stationary, by writing in them and making them 'used'.

The excitement sort of died, after I realised that I can fill a whopping five address squares in the entire book.

Elissa. (Uni friend)
My cousins, Cathy & Paul.

That's it.

I know so few people that I can't even fill in my address book. That makes me feel a bit sad. Why is it that I know so few people? Am I such a social failure (!) that I simply don't know that many people?

I've never really been into having large groups of friends. Actually as far as I can remember, I've always only had "one" close friend and the rest acquaintances. That hasn't bothered me before, I prefer it that way. Though there are some days that I wish for a group; a group that would go out together for a night on the town and be content with just being together. Maybe that time will come, one day.

I know it's my own fault. I prefer not to go out, I actually prefer to stay in. What 22 year old prefers staying in with a book, than going out to a party? I sort of meant it when I said that I sometimes felt 22 going on 40. Not implying that 40 year olds don't get out their and party (heck, my mother has more of a life than I do!) but, I just feel like an old soul sometimes.

I wonder if the days ahead will be content ones. I wonder if after all this, I'll end up alone one day. I wonder if I'll ever be able to fill up that address book and not just with names. With friends. Friends that mean the world to me, not just page fillers.

Now to get away from the bland self-pitying talk, take a look at the darned cute bear that is on my address book. Enjoy.


Keeping up with the Joneses.

Because what good blogger doesn't post a to-do list every once in a while?

Well, it's August. Half way through the year. What better way to start off the new month than a handy little list. Maybe in a couple of weeks I can look back on it and see just how much (or how little) I accomplished. Here goes;

  1. Back on track. As of Monday. Yes.

  2. Finish my school programme and get my day planner ready for the rest of the term.

  3. Pay another $1000 off my car loan.

  4. Do a proper clean out of my room. Goodbye junk.

  5. Finish Dawson's Creek Season 5.

  6. Start making an anniversary present. Ideas?

  7. Clean out my handbag. Possibly buy a new handbag.

  8. Appreciate every taste and smell. Having a cold sucks.

  9. Not miss a single day of school.

  10. Bug my parents about getting their tax returns done, so I can have mine done too.

Right. Lots to do, and what will I start with? Going and getting some lunch, I'm starving. By the way, I wonder if by the 8th of September (WHEN JEN AND I ARE GOING TO THE FRAY CONCERT BECAUSE I DID MANAGE TO GET TICKETS, HOORAH HOORAH HOORAH) the bags under my eyes will have faded? I haven't been able to sleep for three days, properly anyway, and I managed to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies in two days. Sleep. x_X


Alright, so my Fray excitement has now turned into Fray stress. Not good.

I wake up at 9am, ready to purchase tickets. My credit card has only got around $50 on it (as I rarely use it, and use my debit card instead) - SO I was going to be purchasing tickets with my mother's card. With her permission, o'course!

Finally the tickets go on sale -- and then a Terms and Conditions page flashes up -- Turns out that tickets aren't mailed to you, and instead you swipe the card you used at the door, sign for tickets and are then admitted.

Therefore. I can't use mum's Credit Card because it's not mine, and I can't sign for it. Therefore, I am screwed. Therefore, I have hastily transferred money between bank accounts and am now waiting for the funds to turn up. Because banks suck, I'll probably be waiting a long time.


I even emailed the Ticket sellers, and they confirmed that they can't hold tickets. Damnit. Please, please, please let NO Australians be interested in going to a Fray concert. Gack.


And my nose and head is still all a-splodey.

Sunday Scribblings: Who else might I have been?

Apologies for always being so darned early (more like Friday Scribblings..)

BUT being a day ahead in Australia as well as being off sick with a flu cold, leaves me no choice BUT to be early! Random words today. No promises for creativity and the like - I blame the snot-monster living inside my head.

She woke up that morning with an abrupt start.

It was not as though the air around her was full of sounds, rudely interrupting her slumber. In fact, it was the complete opposite. The air was still. There were no sounds at all, save for the ticking of the watch that lay on the bedside table on yonder side of the room. Her very own breath did not even make a sound, as she half-rose into a sitting position and took in her surroundings.

Why did she always have that eerie feeling of not knowing where she was? One would think after ten years of doing this, she would have become accustomed. Accustomed to the change, to the movement, to it all. No, this was not so for her. That same feeling greeted her in each new hotel room she visited, in each city that bustled around her, in each character.

She was alone for now.

The peace would not last long, this she knew. For the world of calmness and stillness would be shattered, the illusion ruined, the moment she stepped from that room.

She envisioned the future as she shimmied into her suit. The day that lay ahead. The next day. And the next. In her field of work, it was hard to do this. Who knows what may lay ahead. Even her superiors could not tell her that. The future remained a mystery.

Staring into the mirror, she adjusted her barrettes. Her hair was a mass of auburn strands today, neatly clipped back from her face. She liked this look; what a shame it would not last long.

After brewing herself a mug of steaming coffee from the kitchenette, she reached into the small leather case that rested on the floor. Right on cue, a shrill beep emitted from its depths. Fishing one-handed for the cell phone, she pulled it out and read the flashing message.

-T. Lobby. 1100. Munez, Thomas. Rpt @ 1300. 555-8824. -C.

Automatically, she added the information to her memory and wiped the message clear. Her motions were so habitual that they did not require thought. They simply occurred.

A barrage of familiar thoughts flashed through her mind; Was this what she wanted? What made her choose to accept that first fateful mission all those years ago? Was this path the right one? Was she fated to live out her days in the company of so many strangers, yet ultimately end up alone in a random hotel room? Did she still want this life?

Shaking her head as if to clear her mind, she reached for the doorknob to begin her day. She could ponder all she liked, but she still had a day to start. Still alone. Always alone.

The life of an agent is a solitary one.

We interrupt the sickness..

To bring you some random concert-related news.

This just in! Jen and I are totally going to ROCK ON at the Fray concert next month. I haven't been this excited for a concert in a very, very long time. And JENNIFER! I get to see my darling Jennifer! Oh how I have missed thee, Jennifer!

THE FRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! In concert. Next month!

Tickets are on sale tomorrow and I'm so psyched. Anyone else want to join us? Hoorah! Fray Fray Fray Fray.

Riiight. And back to sickness. I have a bacterial infection. Caused by my "snot monsters" as the doctor so bluntly put it. I'm off for today and for tomorrow and on meds. Ack. I still feel like death. Speaking of which...

(Please be advised that the above is actually a note I left for my momma this morning before she left for work -- and as yet, I have recieved no sympathy, except from my brother, who found the note amusing.)

A Letter of Complaint.

To the makers of the Flu-Shot which I recieved earlier this year,

This is just a short note which I am hoping you will recieve promptly, in regards to the around $50 Flu Vaccination which I recieved in May of this year.

After experiencing several horrid colds and flus this year, I was hit with the grandmother of all illnesses - the nasty flu which left me feeling like death off work for five whole days.

This made me finally made the trek to the doctors surgery, where I then forked out the cash, and recieved a painful jab in the left arm for my trouble. Oh, yes. I also paid for a Booster Shot, which was said to work well with the Flu Shot. That one went into the right arm. That one REALLY hurt like a bitch. But I digress.

Three months later, all was well! No sniffles, no coughs, no sore throats. Your wonderful product worked although sadly not for PMS. I was a happy camper. I even recommended that some of my peers get the shot, it was so worth it. All was well. Until yesterday, that is.

I awoke in the middle of the night having trouble breathing because of a very sore throat. This reoccurred every hour, on the hour, where I would wake up and painfully swallow, and then eventually fall back asleep.

The sore throat lasted all day. All. Day. Long. No relief after drinking hot tea. No relief drinking bottles of water. No relief after avoiding dairy. Nada. Zilch.

I even went so far as to buy a bottle of Betadine throat gargle, which left me retching in the sink. I tried hot salty water, which left me retching in the sink. As a last resort, I have also downloaded a "Russian Tea" recipe, provided kindly by Google. I am going to make this now. I have a feeling it will leave me retching in the sink.

There is a point to this letter.

Your Flu Shot sucks.

Yours insincerely,


P.S. For scientific reasons I have coughed and sneezed all over this letter. I truly wish hope that this does not get you, or your peers sick.

What makes him tick?

Have you ever looked at a child, or even a person, and wondered just what is going through their mind at a particular time?

I have. Constantly.

I know that I've thought that about family members, after certain events happen. I certainly have thought about it with Jase, after some things have been said and done. I've thought it with friends, wondering why they were thinking the way they were. But the central thing for me right now, is doing it with my kids.

I have such a different group of kids. It's amazing that in one class, I can have so many different people. It's this factor that makes it darned-near impossible to get a decent seating arrangement in place, because this clashes with that, he dislikes her, she can't bear him, she can't bear HER and the like.

The personality of a child is a mysterious thing. Why is it that (most) kids can forgive and forget in such a short time? I say most, because I have known some kids that can hold a grudge for the longest time. I'd say I fall into that category too, actually! Why is it that they can show just compassion for each other, being sweet and helpful to the kids that are hurt in the playground, or upset, yet in the same instant start shouting hurtful things at another student across the playground.

Why can I have little boys in my class that are the most polite, beautiful little people - who turn into rascals the second they get into the playground? I don't even mean rascals in a scoundrally-innocent way, I mean the type of rascals who would hold a kindergarten child's hands behind his back while another student starts hitting them. It's really, really disturbing.

It's not only the boys. Little girls can be quite mean. Girls that are the best of friends inside the room, that sit together, play together, want to do everything together turn nasty. So nasty that they exclude people from their little "group" just because they can. And the others? Just sheep, who follow along with no idea.

Some days, it is just so frustrating. I know kids are kids, and hey - in all honesty, what would I know? I'm not a parent. I don't even have any school-aged children in my family to relate to. But as a teacher, sometimes I just want to scream! What are you thinking!? What is going on inside that head of yours!? Aarrrgh!?

But most of all?

If I could peep into any child's mind to see just how they tick, and what is going on in there, I would choose D. He of the shoe-kicking-off, screamy tantrums. He who has settled down a lot lately, but is still the most defiant and stubborn little man I know. He who can be so darned adorable, and who makes me laugh so much - but can also be downright arrogant and bratty. I'd LOVE to see what goes on in there.

Why does he think he can say no, and do his own thing?
What causes his tantrums?
What does he really think about school?
What is life like at home that makes him act this way?
What is he scared of?

And what does he think of his teacher, who sometimes simply just doesn't know what the heck to do about him?

It's the little things..

That make life so wonderful.

Now you know me. I'm hardly the worlds most cheerful person, although I can be on the rare occassion. But it really is all about the little things that people do to make you feel good. Today was a really, really awesome birthday.

Earrings you adore, but would never buy yourself? Amazing.
Stationary that you completely adore? Amazing.
Window-tinting for your new car? Amazing.
Having kindergarten serenade you for your birthday? Amazing.
Having the WHOLE SCHOOL sing to you at assembly? Amazing.
Having a friend at school buy you a card herself? Amazing.
People spoiling you rotten on Neopets. Amazing.
The random emails I got from birthday remember-ers. Amazing.
The random texts I got from birthday remember-ers. Amazing.

This birthday has been awesome. And I'm truly blessed to have such an amazing family, some beautiful friends (on and offline) and a job that is so darned gorgeous. Love and warm fuzzies to all.

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