Prepping for a FET

My fluke cycle ended in AF last night, so today is CD1 - starting fresh! I'm upset about the negative, even though I've known for several days that it wasn't going to miraculously change; but I'm focusing on the positive. My cycle was 30 days long, with a 14 day luteal phase. That's pretty darned impressive for a non-ovulator. I suppose I should thank the Clomid for doing what it was supposed to do for the first time ever. :)

It's a new cycle - hello to my lovely ICLW friends. Our plan this month is to use Letrozole {aka Femara} from days 2-6, hopefully bring on ovulation - and then delve head first into our first ever frozen IVF cycle. We've never done a FET before; our first two rounds of IVF were full stim rounds. We have two little frosties on ice from Georgia's cycle, and I really hope we get as lucky with one of those. I have an appointment at my clinic on Monday to have a blood test, and chat with the nurses. I'm excited to have a plan of action.

My little lady and I have been on our own the last few weeks, and will be for another week or so. She's pretty good company, but has had some rough nights - I blame teething, these blasted molars need to get on with it already. It's those moments where I really miss {and appreciate} how good hubby is with her when he's home. When she's fed, bathed & in bed, I can relax.. and I am so, so tired. All in all, we're doing okay. She's a great kid!

What's on the cards for you, this current cycle? :)

It's a Bust

I know, I said I wouldn't get my hopes up - but I did, of course I did.

My chart went up, and up, and up! And so did those hopes. Unfortunately, the pee sticks have been negative - even today at 12dpo. Here's where it is currently.

It's so silly to be so completely gutted - but I really thought we would get lucky. I ovulated, we timed it perfectly, the temps & CM all looked fantastic, and yet here we are again.

Thank goodness we have a plan to do more IVF next month, or I would have been completely devastated. I mean, it's no bed of roses or anything, but it's something in place to move forward, you know?

Now to wait for AF - and hope she doesn't keep me waiting too long. :(

In a TWW!

Here's where we're at right now: I'M IN A TWO WEEK WAIT!
The Clomid that I took this cycle? Well, it looks like it made these stubborn ovaries wake up! I was stressing out as day 14 came and went with no signs at all, but a few days later I got a positive ovulation test! The following day, I got a peak on the Clearblue Fertility Monitor - and crosshairs appeared a few days later. Here's my chart:
Hubby left to go overseas the day after I 'ovulated' - so the timing was JUST right. It probably means nothing, and our chances of a natural conception are slim to none {me ovulating is just part of the package deal of our infertility} but it feels so lovely to have at least a normal looking chart. It'll be interesting to see what day my period shows up, as I don't know what's normal for me, not having periods naturally very often.

Even though I'm mentally preparing for a negative and for AF to arrive, I'm secretly still hopeful. It's a big old tease, the hope: it just dangles the idea of a miracle pregnancy in front of your nose and waves it slightly every time you decide to give up. A good friend of mine, who has recently become pregnant with her own long-awaited miracle baby, told me that 'hope is what keeps our insides churning' - and she's right. It's there, and it's making the days go by faster; especially when hubby is away and I'm on solo parenting duties.

And you know, even if it's a negative - I'll be sad, but I'll be okay. It's a little like the pregnancy announcements that I've been drowning in for the past few months - it hurts, but it calms down. Either way, hopefully in a few short weeks, I'll be able to start my frozen cycle & get the ball rolling.*

*Even still - oh man, please please please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

Another Mother's Day

Last Mother's Day, I was learning the ropes with a happy 6-week old Georgia. We finger painted, we got VERY messy, and we had a lovely day together, and with my Mum/her Nanna.

Twelve months on, and I still can't believe that this girl is mine - 13 month old gorgeous girl. How quickly this past year has gone. How much she, and I, have grown! I'm still learning the ropes, I think I always will be - but I'm a lot more confident that we can get through it together, now.

And if you were wondering, we still finger painted. And TOE painted! ;) When is this mama ever going to learn? Nothing like getting a little messy - all in the name of handmade gifts.Thank goodness for the bath!

I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day, whether you are a mum, want to be a mum, are a mum of a bub in your heart, have a mum with you, or in your memory. I know how tough it can be, and am sending loads of hugs. 

Thirteen Months

I am so, so glad that I decided to take monthly onesie photos of Georgia. I love how they turned out, I love watching her grow and seeing how she changed from month to month. Even though I always figured I'd stop by the time she turned one, I saw that the stickers continued in her theme up until 24 months, and, well, I couldn't resist!

We're doing this AGAIN, mum? :)
This month Georgia has:
  • Been on all solids & cows milk - nice and simple, but oy, so much food!
  • Started slowly gaining again. At last count, she weighed around 9.4kg. 
  • Kept right on zombie crawling. She'll occasionally do the hands & knees thing, but ends up belly flopping and shimmying her way across the room. She's also mighty fast at roly polying.
  • Pulled up onto her knees non-stop! She'll stand for short periods if you hold her up or place her against something, but she's not a fan of it at all - she definitely prefers seeing the world at knee high for now. We'll have a late walker with this one, I can tell.
  • Been saying a whole lot of new words lately; in her vocabulary at the moment are Dad, Mum, Cat, Ta, Bub, Pa & on the odd occasion we're sure we've heard Wa-Ta {water} and Os-Ca {Oscar}.
  • Discovered her new favourite toy; the Fisher Price play house that we bought her second hand for Christmas. She'll crawl over to it, push the doorbell, open the door & throw balls all over the place.
  • Moved up a size into 'Toddler' nappies, even though she's far from toddling! ;)
  • Been spending time outside with Spencer every day, much to his delight. She loves ripping grass up in her hands & being kissed on the feet by the dog. As for Spencer, he loves the company!
  • Been back to sleeping through the night, and taking two naps a day. They may be short, but they're mostly consistent.
  • Learned to blow kisses, wiggle-dance & clap her hands together. She also starts making actions to 'Incy Wincy Spider' when she hears the song/me singing. Can't wait to introduce her to more musical actions!
  • Blown my mind, every day. From watching her feed herself yoghurt with a spoon, albeit messily, to mimic us reading her books, to placing blocks into a basket; she's like a sponge, learning so much.
You can see all of Georgia's monthly pictures by clicking here.

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