28 weeks + 3 days



Even though getting pregnant was painful, apparently my body is doing something right for a change. I'm finally, albeit with the help of Metformin, processing insulin better. Who knew? I've been lucky with this pregnancy, yes, but I really do feel like it agrees with me. I'm going to be so sad when this pregnancy is over - thrilled to hopefully have our wee baby in our lives, but upset that the actual experience will have come to an end. {I know, I know, talk to me in a few weeks time when I'm huge and miserable and uncomfortable, and my tune may change!} ;)

I don't know the exact numbers from the GD test, but at least I know that I'm in the clear. I'll ask the OB for more details, out of curiosity, next week at our regular appointment.

Oh, and have I discovered a lovely new third trimester pregnancy symptom to share with you!? I hope it's not just me who's experiencing this one; but at the same time, I also HOPE it's just me because it's totally weird.

If I sit for too long or stand up suddenly, I get this weird pressure in the lady parts. Sometimes it's a shooting pain {hello, lightning crotch!} but other times it's just a dull ache. I was trying to describe it to Jase the other day, and the best way I could think of was that it felt like all my insides were going to fall out of me and drop straight down to the floor. Either that, or somebody has given me a swift kick to the vag.

I wish I knew how baby girl was sitting in there. I get a lot of flurries down in the nether regions, which I'm assuming are still miniature kicks - so I'm thinking she's still lying sideways or breech at this point. I wish there was some way I could find out for myself, but I definitely can't feel anything through my belly yet.

The Weekly Run-Down: 28

How Far Along: 28 weeks pregnant - third trimester, baby! 

Size of baby: We're an eggplant this week. The fruits/veggies are finally starting to look a bit bigger. :)

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

Until now, your baby's eyelids have been fused shut, but this week she'll begin to open and close her eyes. What's more, her irises are now filled with pigment. Even if you could peek at the colour of her peepers now, though, they might not stay that colour, as a baby's eyes can change up until she's 6 months to 1 year old (especially if your little one is born with baby blues).

Total Weight Gain: I had a look at my total gain.. in 28 weeks, I'm up 9kg (19lbs). 

Sleep: The night-time humidity has been making it really hard to sleep, but having the fan blowing on me helps.

Symptoms: The backaches have continued. I'm also now getting a strange, burning feeling under my ribcage when I sit down for too long - I suppose everything is starting to become noticeably squashed? 

Cravings: Bananas - again. :) Grilled banana sandwich w/ brown sugar, omgosh.

Gender: Girl, Girl, Girl!

Movement: She's been freaking me out this week by being SUPER quiet. Not much movement at all, except for the odd wiggles here and there. I've found myself whipping out the doppler for some reassurance.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly dresses, again. So much more comfortable than actual pants. 

Milestones: We are DEFINITELY in the third trimester now. Huzzah! 
What I'm looking forward to: School goes back this week.. but without me going back with it! Yes, my very early time spent off work begins officially this Tuesday. I'm also starting to count down to the 30-week mark; it sounds so much closer to the end than the 20's!

The belly: Baby seems to be hiding way back this week and as a result, my bump has been all sorts of shapes and sizes! It's less 'out there' than last week, and is back to being a bit more jiggly. Very weird.
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27.5 weeks & ANOTHER Glucose Tolerance Test

As I write this, baby girl is jumping around in my belly - it's as if she is remembering the sugary liquid breakfast we had the other day, and is squirming with me in sympathy!

I had my second Glucose Tolerance Test {the long one} this week, as per the OB's orders. You might remember I had an earlier GTT at 22 weeks, since I was at a higher risk for gestational diabetes due to my PCOS, Metformin use, borderline insulin resistance & as I was overweight to begin with. I passed that one, but was told that it would still be useful to do a repeat test at the usual time, just in case it developed later along in the pregnancy.

I still get nervous before all things pregnancy/test related, so I found myself chewing my fingernails off the night before and worrying about failing this time around. On the morning of the test, my stomach was churning and I didn't get the best pathologist - she was one of those 'dig in and root around for a vein' girls, my least favourite kind.

During the first hour, I felt really nauseous. I felt nothing but bored during the first test, yet this time I was worried about being able to keep the drink down. It calmed down after that hour was over, but I still felt a bit 'off' during the whole test. Getting food into my belly afterwards helped and I felt much better. {You should see the bruises on my arms though, after all the blood draws. Ouch!}

Now, typically, I'm paranoid that I've failed because my body reacted so differently between the 22-week and 27-week test, even with the exact same flavour drink & fasting diet. I'm still partially resigned to the fact that I won't pass, but I'll admit, I'll be disappointed if that happens. Passing the earlier one was such a relief; my body was actually doing something right for a change! I suppose we'll have a few more weeks now to wait and see what the results say, as I have an OB's appointment in a fortnight. If the results are bad, they'll ring me to let me know.

Has anyone else had to do the test twice {or even in separate pregnancies} and felt different both times?

What If?

If our first IVF had worked, we would be expecting {or would already be snuggling} a baby right about now.

Our beginner's attempt at getting pregnant through IVF was one heck of an experience. Going through all of the pre-procedure meetings, appointments, blood tests, HSG dye tests. Meeting the staff at the fertility clinic and building a relationship with our specialist. Spending hours researching the procedures, the side effects, the complications. Coming to terms with the statistics and facing the odds of whether it would work for us or not.
When we started the journey, it was alongside lots of bloggers - bloggers who I still follow. Some are holding their newborn babies in their arms right now. Some have babies in the NICU, fighting away and almost ready to come home. Some sadly lost their babies in the early days, and have struggled to keep going. Some, like me, didn't experience success at all that first time - and have continued along the infertility journey.
I will never forget how heartbroken I was when our first IVF failed. It was terrifying to know that even the highest form of assisted conception wasn't able to get us pregnant. They tell you that things very rarely work the first time, but I didn't hear all that. I wanted to believe that the first time would be our time; that our one, lucky surviving 3-day embryo would take & become our baby. Coming to terms with the failed cycle was a reality check. Yes, I'm a believer that things happen for a reason - but that doesn't make the losses or the disappointments any less painful.
Sometimes I wonder about the baby that might have been here now, if things had worked out differently. Would it have been a girl or a boy? Would it be tall and skinny like its daddy, or chubby cheeked like me? Would it have been born yowling at the world, or taking it all in quietly? We'll never know, as it was never meant to be.
For those stopping by from ICLW, we tried another full IVF cycle a few months later - and despite a rocky start, managed to fall pregnant. Not a day goes by that I don't count my blessings that we were able to conceive after two attempts of IVF - especially knowing that there are others still out there who haven't been as lucky as we have. It took us nearly two years to achieve this much-wanted pregnancy, but that's nothing in the grand scheme of things.
This baby, our wee girl, is due to arrive {albeit roughly} in April, just a few months from now. She will have no shortage of love and support and excitement surrounding her birth, and whether she remains an only child or, fates willing, becomes a sibling in the future, she'll complete our little family. She was meant for us. :)

The Weekly Run-Down: 27

How Far Along: 27 weeks today! :)

Size of baby: I've been wondering this for weeks - seriously, what on Earth is a rutabaga? 

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

Your baby has been hiccuping every once in a while for several weeks, and now you might actually feel these baby hiccups, which are triggered by the involuntary movements of her diaphragm. (In adults, this is followed by the quick closure of our vocal cords, which is what makes that familiar "hic" sound.) Because your baby's trachea is filled with fluid instead of air, her fetal hiccups don't make a sound. They will make your belly jump, which is fun to see and feel!

Total Weight Gain: Up AGAIN! Yargh. Another 1.5kg this week. And feeling it, too.

Sleep: I haven't had a daytime nap for a while, so I'm sleeping better at night. Still up to use the bathroom quite a few times, though. Luckily I'm finding myself able to fall asleep again eventually.

Symptoms: Still with the back ache, no surprises here. I've also noticed a huge increase in, er, dampness of the lady parts - enough to give me a bit of a panic and think I had managed to somehow break my waters early. I was, of course, being ridiculous - things are just fine, and it's likely just a combination of heat, discharge & overdoing it a few days in a row. Otherwise, I'm just feeling.. large. And pregnant, yes. 

Cravings: All I want to eat is Christmas trifle. Go figure.

Gender: Girl, Girl, Girl!

Movement: Still wiggling around like a worm. To find her now, I have to put the doppler back down looooow.

Maternity Clothes: Trying to fit into my current wardrobe is suddenly becoming tricky - see this week's pic.

Milestones: 27 weeks - that 'almost in' or 'already there' period of the third trimester. That's exciting!

What I'm looking forward to: Getting the second Glucose Tolerance Test out of the way this Wednesday. Well, I'm not particularly looking forward to it, but I'll be glad for it to be over & hoping all is okay. 

The belly: I'll say it - I'm feeling HUGE. I bought this dress to wear to my baby shower {didn't try it on before purchasing} and while it fits nicely now, I seriously don't think we'll make it a few more weeks.
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26 weeks + 4 days

I think I'm FINALLY happy with how the nursery is panning out. After a little more construction, some curse words while sticking up the tree decal & a whole lot of shuffling things around, here's how it's looking at the moment.

I'd originally wanted to lay the Ikea shelves under the window - but hubby didn't like the idea, as he thought it would be too crowded with the rocking chair. Since you guys suggested it too, I overruled him, and we gave it a shot - thankfully, it's a pretty good fit! I'm on the look out for some baskets for it now. :)

There's still plenty of room to move things around on the far wall, so I may end up adjusting the change table and drawers eventually - but for now I'm not fussed. The main part for me was getting everything to fit comfortably, keeping the room neutral and making sure that the crib would be the feature of the wall. I love how the cherry blossoms turned out - even if they were a pain in the butt to put together in the right way.

Now that the basics are done.... I have NO idea what to do next! I started doing a few soapy loads of laundry, starting with baby's linen and sheets - so I made the cot up yesterday. Other than that, I just have to decide where I'm going to FIT all of the baby stuff we've already accumulated. It won't stay this empty for long!

The Weekly Run-Down: 26

How Far Along: 26 weeks + 2 days pregnant.

Size of baby: The baby is as big as a ball of lettuce this week, or as long as a cucumber - psh, longer, I'd say.

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

Your baby has settled into a distinct sleep-wake pattern. You may notice that sometimes she's very active and kicking or punching, and other times she sleeps. If you're lucky, these patterns will mimic yours.

Total Weight Gain: I'm up a total of around 6-7kg, depending on which scales I'm on.
Sleep: Getting a little better, dare I admit? I'm still up to pee at least once a night, but I get back to sleep okay.

Symptoms: The back pain has stuck around, and I've had a LOT more tightening-style contractions or ligament stretches. I seriously think baby is sitting on top of my bladder {she was way down low at the scan} because I literally cannot stop peeing. Even when I've just used the loo, I feel like I need to visit it again. Crazy!

Cravings: Ice-cream with white chocolate ice-magic. Oh yes. And bananas. I'm back to the bananas.

Gender: This week's ultrasound says she is STILL a girl!!!! Can I start believing it yet?! :)

Movement: Baby girl is getting stronger and stronger. She still prefers night-time activity, and I love it.

Maternity Clothes: Stretchy skirts and singlet tops - hot, hot, hot Aussie weather this week.

Milestones: Having a 'perfectly boring' pregnancy, seeing baby girl on the 3D ultrasound, feeling good!

What I'm looking forward to: Things are quiet on the baby front for a little while now - no more scans or appointments until February. I'm hoping to spend some more time organising her nursery, and maybe starting to do some laundry for her newborn and 0-3 month size clothing piles. 

The belly: When I see it in pictures, it doesn't look any different - seriously, I feel like it's been this big since week 18!! But in person, I feel a LOT more out in front this week. I don't know; you tell me!
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Our Girl in 3D

We had an elective 26-week scan today. Since hubby has been working or overseas during every medical scan so far in this pregnancy, I bought him a private scan as part of his Christmas present. I booked it this week on purpose, to let baby girl plump up a bit; they say the best time to capture their faces are between 25-32 weeks.

As predicted {and like at every other scan I've had in this pregnancy} baby girl was NOT going to make it easy for us. She had her face smooshed right up into the placenta, and was hiding from the doppler. The sonographer tried to get her to move for us, but she was wedged right in there & wasn't playing ball. Like last time, we headed outside to go for a walk & grab some sugary refreshments, to try and encourage her to move a little bit.

Oh, we got movement alright - just in the other direction! She flipped sides, giving us just a peek of her pretty face.

She had her hands & her feet (!!) up and around her face for the entire time we were scanning. That meant we didn't get the picture perfect full-frontal face shot, but we got some really sweet stills of her all the same. BABY FEET!

We also got to see her opening & closing her mouth AND open her eyes for the first time - totally adorable. She had her fingers in her mouth a few times {and was trying to reach her toes} and even spent time licking her hands. 

I think this girl is going to be a tall one, like her daddy. She has gorgeous long legs and sweet little feet. :)

We had a few bonus gawkers with us at the scan today. My mum came along again, and brought along my nan {who has breast cancer & hasn't been well lately - so this was a treat for her} and MIL. Seeing this baby being so stubborn and with SO much personality already, had all of us laughing. It was a fun morning.

She also flipped us the bird as we were finishing up, which I'm assuming means we're done with scans now. ;)

I am SO excited for April to hurry up and get here, because I can't wait to snuggle our cheeky little lady in person!

25 weeks + 6 days

It's been a busy few days around here. It started with a routine OB visit on Friday, where I was told that I was having a perfectly 'boring' pregnancy. That news was quite honestly music to my ears. The baby is measuring at a good average, my blood pressure hasn't raised any (yay!) and the heartbeat was beautiful. He also told me that I passed my GTT with flying colours, but that I do still need to have a follow-up 3 hour test in a few weeks time, just to be on the safe side. I'm not particularly pleased with having to do the test again, but I'd rather know in advance.
You might remember that I've been having some terrible back pain for the last few weeks? It was quite bad on Saturday night, so I turned the puppy dog eyes on hubby & asked if he'd give me a back rub. He obliged, and as I rolled away from him, I had the most awful pains start up. They went from my back, round my right side and locked my stomach up completely. It felt like my uterus was not only tightening, but actually squeezing - everything seized up and it was agony. 
I'm not sure who was more frightened, me or hubby. I was scared I was going into pre-term labour; he was scared because he didn't have a clue what to do or say to help. It lasted a few minutes before the pain eased and I was able to lie down and relax. The consensus is that it was a back spasm & a particularly nasty braxton hicks contraction, but since it was a one-off, I'm not too worried. Crazy pain though, man. Crazy! (It wasn't that it was unbearable, it's just that I wasn't expecting things to hurt quite like that at 26-weeks.)
We also started playing around with the nursery a little this weekend, too. We have a lovely wall-wide window along one side of the room, which lets in stacks of light - but looks silly with things in front of it. Another wall is totally taken up by the built-in wardrobe. That leaves us two empty spaces. We've decorated the first one with just the crib and the rocking chair {as you can see in the picture} - but the blank wall is where it's a little trickier. I can't seem to get the furniture to work! We have a chest of drawers, a change table & an Ikea 2x4 expedit bookshelf - which we can turn either longways or standing tall. They're all slightly different heights, which is making this type-A planner a little bit twitchy. What would you do?

25 weeks + 3 days

When you're trying to get pregnant, it feels like every woman on the planet {and their dogs} are already there, or manage to get there with little to no effort. It can be heartbreaking, I'll admit it.

When you're actually pregnant yourself, that doesn't change - you're still surrounded by pregnant women, by pregnancy/birth announcements, and by newborn babies & chatty toddlers. Life moves on around you.

It's amazing how hyper-aware you become, the minute your mind & your heart switch from 'some day' to 'when'.

A friend of mine is having her baby in March, about five weeks ahead of me. Another friend is due about five weeks after me. And good friends on the internet are due all around me. There are babies and belly bumps everywhere.

Lately, I've found myself going to bed at night & waking up in the morning in the same way - pj's tucked out of the way, hands holding my belly. I've been a little sad lately, since my shape has moulded back into a 'B' belly. It's not perky or pointy or obvious when compared to others at similar stages of pregnancy. But when I'm lying like that, cradling my belly, it doesn't matter. What matters is that she's growing, she's kicking. She's HERE.

I hope all of my pregnant friends embrace those moments, and realise how lucky they are to be somebody's mama. And I hope with all of my heart that my friends still trying will get to experience that moment for themselves too.

The Weekly Run-Down: 25

How Far Along: This morning saw me hit the big 2-5 weeks. :)

Size of baby: Yick. As big as a cauliflower this week. Sorry baby; your mama doesn't like too many veggies.

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

Your baby's first bowel movement has been forming in the large intestine. The thick, dark poop is called meconium and it's typically excreted shortly after she's born. Occasionally babies pass this stool before they're born, which means it must be suctioned after birth to clear it from the lungs.

Total Weight Gain: And again with the weight gain. I'm scared to weigh in this week at the OB.
Sleep: It's been humid and sticky at night, and I've been peeing constantly. Not good for sleeping.

Symptoms: Really, really bad back pain. It's still either one side or the other, but it's gotten worse over the past week. I'm wondering if it's from my posture, or from baby growing - all I know is that it builds up during the day and makes it harder to sleep at night. I'm also having some tightening; I'm wary to call them Braxton Hicks contractions {since I STILL don't really know what they're supposed to feel like} but whatever they are, they're noticeable. This week has seen my bladder take a hit - literally at times - and I feel like I have to use the loo constantly. And have I mentioned that my wedding rings are getting a wee bit tight? Oh no!

Cravings: Milo. Ice-cold milk with Milo. {Please tell me that you guys have Milo up in North America?} It's like a meal in itself, especially if I can't decide what else I want to eat/feel like eating.


Movement: I'm starting to notice more patterns of movement. Baby girl is most active during the late afternoons & evenings, but occasionally I'll get morning movement too. The quickest way for me to feel her is to flip over onto my back and tickle my stomach - just feeling the pressure on my belly usually helps move things along. This past week she has been kicking WAY down low in my pelvis/cervix area {ouch!} and it's making me think she's either still lying transverse or is breech.

Maternity Clothes: I haven't gone out much this week, so I'm not ashamed to admit that I've worn pj's constantly!

Milestones: Another week ticked off the countdown - this is always a good thing. I'm happy to be heading into my 25th week of pregnancy; 15 more to go! Passing my Gestational Diabetes test was also a highlight!

What I'm looking forward to: We have a 25+4 OB appointment this week, followed by a 26 week ultrasound. I am absolutely ITCHING to see the baby again {and yes, to make sure she's still a lady!} and I'm hoping all is progressing well with her growth. 

The belly: I keep thinking that the belly has shrunk this week & instead of being out in front, the baby is sitting right on my butt - it makes sense, considering how much THAT has grown this past week! :)

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24 weeks + 5 days

I am in major nesting mode right now... and I can't do anything about it!!

We ordered our nursery furniture in the form of a package from an eBay company - not second hand, but brand new, in flat-packs ready to assemble. Other than a few days of back & forth emails with the freight company, we received the items quickly and were happy with the quality - lovely dark brown timber & sturdy once assembled.
This is what the set is supposed to look like... you know, if we could actually assemble it the proper way.
The first thing we assembled was the change table, which I snapped a picture of in a collage from a few posts ago - and it's gorgeous. The drawers were next, and apart from adjusting some of the drawers to get a smoother slide, they also turned out really well. The crib looks amazing {I'm in love with the curved sleigh arms}, but when we went to assemble it, the screw holes in the back piece & the two arms don't measure up - there was a good inch's worth of discrepancy between them. 
I was a bit annoyed, but not too worried - we've had similar things happen before when assembling flat-pack furniture - bits missing, or not measuring up. I contacted the seller & asked him for a replacement crib/parts. This was before Christmas, so that meant sitting on our hands over the holiday period. The seller wrote back and said he would arrange delivery of new parts, and it would occur as soon as his freight company was open in the new year. We received a consignment notice earlier this week, telling us that it would be dispatched on January 3rd, and delivered January 4th - perfect. Hubby worked from home so that he could be here to accept the delivery.
Well.... it never came.
I was so cranky. Like, ridiculously cranky. All I want to do is start setting up this nursery {especially while I'm feeling perky and well and ready to go} & the most important piece is still missing in action. I originally let loose on the freight company - but they then let us know that the parts were never delivered to them in the first place. It's a bit hard to deliver the goods when the goods aren't there! So guess who the fault lies with... again? That darned eBay furniture store. 
So now, we wait. More furious correspondence has been sent, another weekend will go by without touching the nursery, and I have to sit on my hands & twiddle my thumbs while I wait to see what response this guy will come back with. It's a shame too, because the actual furniture itself is lovely - it's the hassles we've gone through to get it replaced, that have caused so much grief. Wish me luck that it's resolved speedily, won't you?
Oh, and to make myself feel better, I bought a rocking chair for the nursery today - which will no doubt arrive here before the bloody crib does! With the way my back has been paining lately, it can't get here soon enough!

24 weeks + 3 days

I'm pretty sure that my pets are trying to prepare me for motherhood.

I've always said that my fur-babies are technically my 'first' babies. I've raised all of them from when they were wee ones, and I've loved them from the moment I laid eyes on them. Yes, that love might see trivial to people who have kids already {& yes, I'm sure my own heart will explode when our little human-bub arrives} but my animals will always be my loves. I have room in my warm and fuzzy places for ALL of my babies.

Today was our annual vet visit for the kitties. Oscar and Evie are only indoor cats, so people think I'm weird for getting their vaccinations each year.. but it makes me feel better knowing they're at least getting a good once-over from our vet at that time, too. This morning, Oscar yowled the entire way to the vet, and even Evie {who's usually completely silent - mute kitty} was squawking away with him.

Of course the second we arrived at the vet, both stopped their wailing & put on their best smug kitty faces, with the nurses making a big fuss about them both. Oscar still weighs a hefty 5kg, but Evie surprised us all - she's so tiny and fragile, but she's up to 4.2kg! Little sneak! :)

After the check-up and the vaccinations were complete, I noticed that Evie's carry case was a little, er, on the wafty side. I assumed she just wasn't happy after having her butt violated from that nasty thermometer, so set them both down on the waiting room chairs to pay up. As I lifted them, Evie had left a lovely little pee puddle on the seat - whoops! Thank goodness she's cute. The nurses fixed it up, and I had a spare towel in the car, so all was ok... until we were on the way home and the cat-crescendo started up again.

Not soon enough, I drove back home - only to find that not only had she peed all over her blanket, she'd also left me another surprise present.. which she then rolled over into during transit. What does that mean? SPONGE BATHS FOR EVERYONE... including this kitty-mama right here. Joy!

See? They're totally getting me ready for public outings with a newborn. Screaming, tears, charming the pants off everyone in sight, then potty disasters, outfit changes & oh so many baths. I think I can do this.

And on another side-note? I rang today to chase up my Glucose Tolerance Test results - and I passed!!!! Apparently for the 3-hour test here, they do a rating of up to 8. Anything >8 is considered high risk for Gestational Diabetes, and I was down in the 5-6 range. So ridiculously pleased. I'm fairly sure I'll have to do another test later on in the pregnancy to double check, but we'll fight that battle when we come to it.

The Weekly Run-Down: 24

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 2013 {well, in Aussie future-time it is!} & I am SO excited to see what joys it will bring.

How Far Along: 24 weeks pregnant & VERY happy about that milestone.

Size of baby: Yummo - we're a rockmelon this week! (Do you guys call it a rockmelon?)

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

You might notice that your baby is very busy during the next few weeks. Right now she's small enough to have plenty of room to move and groove in your belly. She may even respond to your soothing voice or the rubbing of your belly by calming down, while loud sounds or a tap on your belly could cause her to become alert. Also, because the balance-controlling inner ear has developed, your baby can finally tell if she's upside down or right side up, so moving around takes on new meaning.

Total Weight Gain: Up another kilo this week. I stayed steady for so long, it's kind of disappointing.
Sleep: Some nights have been good, some nights have been complete and utter hell.

Symptoms: I've had a not-so-nice symptom flare up this week - sciatic nerve pain. I couldn't figure out why I kept getting this shooting pain on my left side; it was awful. It'd start in my lower back, hit my butt & zoom down my leg - got so bad that I couldn't even put pressure on that side at all. After a few days of agony, it settled down, but I'm not looking forward to it flaring up again, which apparently is quite common in second and third trimester.

Cravings: Popcorn! Thankfully I managed to satisfy that craving when hubby & I saw 'The Hobbit'.


Movement: I saw my belly move for the first time this week - something I wondered if I would ever witness, being that I had a plus sized pooch to begin with. I was taking a bath when baby girl decided to boot me a few times. It was such a cool thing to witness. I've been feeling her move around a lot more in the late afternoons and early evenings, so that's been nice.

Maternity Clothes: Dresses, once again. The weather is scorching!

Milestones: Babies born at 24 weeks have a 40% {or slightly higher, depending on which website you read} chance of surviving with medical help outside the womb. Hitting this milestone was an important one for me.

What I'm looking forward to: Resting up this week & hiding from the heat. 

The belly: Hubby told me today that I was looking very 'pregnant' this morning. Er, good to know! :)
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