Ramblings and Resolutions

Thanks to those of you who sent the lovely wishes and comments about my 2006 post. You made me smile. And as for those concerned? I have created a private blog, an offset to this one. To access it, you will need a username and a password. I'm the only person handing out those right now, so if you are wanting to read it or are plain nosey (I like you!) please email me.

If you're someone I know and love, I may decide not to give you access right now. Please don't be offended, it's just that I'm not really comfortable sharing this stuff right now. It's nothing to be worried about, just some things I needed to get off my chest. Honestly. Don't worry. I'll probably share it some day anyway.

Now that that's done, and there are thousands of people flocking to their emails to read "le private blog", I'll just continue babbling and try to distract you.

To be honest, I couldn't remember any real resolutions I made last year. Apart from the whole "Will turn into a Barbie and become skinny and gorgeous and have men flocking around me" resolution, which most girls have. This year, I want to try again - really try. In no particular order, here we go.

  • Absolutely STICK with the being healthy thing. I'm already the proud owner of a gym membership, so that hard part is done. If doing it on my own doesn't work, I'm considering joining Weight Watchers. Although mum has done the points programme before, so we know how it all works. It's just being fussier. I need to be fussier. I will be fussier. And New Zealand will start me off. I'll be much too busy jumping off cliffs and sailing (!) to be worrying about food.

  • Stop picking my skin. I do it sometimes and don't even realise I'm doing it - and have icky arms. Must cut that out. Barbie doesn't have spotty arms, that's for sure.

  • Moisturise more. I have a habit of being lazy, and that is silly. I have fifteen thousand different tubs of moisturiser sitting in my cupboard, that I don't use as much as I should. I'm sure in a month or so, my crusty elbows will thank me for it.

  • Travel at LEAST once in 2007. New Zealand doesn't count, because it was technically organised this year, but I need to go somewhere next year. If I don't get back to Europe this year to work, I must at least travel somewhere local. My 13 year old cousin Sam invited me to Dreamworld in June/July, so we can be ride whores. That sounds like a plan to me.

  • Do more things. I can't be specific yet because I don't even know what I'm talking about, but I want to experience more. If an opportunity arises, I want to take it. That doesn't mean turning myself into somebody that I'm not - just means I should take more chances. We'll see what happens in that regard.

I think that's about it. I figure if I have a list of more than one thing, I'll at least succeed in ONE thing out of them, right? I mean, positive thinking. I WILL SUCCEED AT THEM ALL.

My problem is not getting disheartened. I always lose motivation in sticking to things because they don't happen as fast as I want them too. It's interesting though - I got through NaBloPoMo and this Shoe Posting blog posting perfectly fine, without even the slightest hiccup, so surely sticking to my resolutions this year won't be too tricky? Ha! We'll see.

Here's to lots of blogging parties in '07'. I'll be spending my New Years Eve hours before ya'll (hee) - I'm trying to convince Jason, Mum and Dad to spend the night playing board games whilst drunk. I'll let you know how that goes.

31 days. 31 pairs of shoes. Absolutely crazy. Hey Lara, we made it! Too bad I'm going overseas next month, I could have done a 31 days of (insert something here).




2006: The Year That Was

Inside my brain is a stack of things I want to write about on here and get off my chest, but don't feel comfortable having just anyone read, which is frustrating. It's frustrating because I created this blog so that I could just write and not worry about the consequences; but I suppose I've been spooked by  so many stories about blogs lately, that it's made me paranoid.

Perhaps if I figure out how to make password protected posts, I'll type it up and share it with people that I know will offer their feedback.

The day's last one-way ticket train pulls in,
We smile for the casual closure
Here comes the downpour,
There goes my fare thee well.
really no way to reach me,
really no way to reach me,
really no way to reach me,
?Cause I'm already gone.
There's only so many
words that we could say,
Spoken upon long-distance melody.
This is my hello,
is my goodness.
There's really no way to reach me,
really no way to reach me,
really no way to reach me,
Am I already gone?

For now? I'm going to ignore all of that, and type up this wonderful end of year meme. Way to change the subject, eh?

1. What did you do in 2006 that you?d never done before?
I went out into the real world, started working (really working) for the first time and survived. Sadly, I cannot think of anything else that I did that was "new", which is sort of sad. Oh, wait. I got my car loan and brand spanking new baby.

2. Did you keep your new year?s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

I can't remember if I made any serious resolutions, aside from the whole "must get healthy" thing. I believe I made a start in that, joining up for my gym membership, but I have a long way to go.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

Belinda had Max in January, Rebecca had Katelyn in September and Dee had Sofia in October (and I still haven't seen her yet!) My cousin Cathy is pregnant again, as well.

4. Did anyone close to you die?

No, they did not.

5. What countries did you visit?
Le sigh. I did not visit any countries this year except my own.

6. What would you like to have in 2007 that you lacked in 2006?

Committment. But that's a story for another day. I'd also like to move out of home, and have something to call my own.

7. What dates from 2006 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

I have absolutely nothing of significance to write about.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Getting my kidlets through the year, Getting through NaBloPoMo, Finishing Anna Karenina (!) and also getting through my Teacher's Accreditation in one year.

9. What was your biggest failure?

I haven't experienced some things that I wanted to experience right now. And I continue to compare myself to other people, when I really shouldn't.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?

Fifteen thousand colds from my first year of teaching, but I'm pretty sure that was the only thing. Oh, except that mother of all sunburns. That was an injury and a half.

11. What was the best thing you bought?

My computer, tickets to New Zealand, bunnies. I love the bunnies. I will always love the bunnies.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?

My brother. As annoying as he is and as much as we argue, I think he's turning into a really cool guy.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
Sometimes, my own.

14. Where did most of your money go?

Paying off the car loan, organising my Contiki and flights to New Zealand.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?

Seeing the Fray in concert, meeting Julie.

16. What song will always remind you of 2006?

Over My Head - The Fray

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:??????????????????????????????????( a?)? ?h?a?p?p?i?e?r? ?o?r? ?s?a?d?d?e?r??? ?( b?)? ?t?h?i?n?n?e?r? ?o?r? ?f?a?t?t?e?r??? ?( c?)? ?r?i?c?h?e?r? ?o?r? ?p?o?o?r?e?r???<?/?s?t?r?o?n?g?>?<?b?r? ?/?>?a?)? ?S?a?d?d?e?r??? ?I? ?h?a?v?e?n?'?t? ?a?c?h?i?e?v?e?d? ?v?e?r?y? ?m?u?c?h?.? ?b?)? ?F?a?t?t?e?r??? ?S?t?i?l?l? ?w?o?r?k?i?n?g? ?o?n? ?t?h?a?t?.? ?c?)? ?P?o?o?r?e?r??? ?B?u?t? ?I? ?d?o? ?o?w?n? ?a? ?c?a?r? ?n?o?w?,? ?a?s? ?w?e?l?l? ?a?s? ?b?e?i?n?g? ?a?b?l?e? ?t?o? ?g?o? ?o?n? ?h?o?l?i?d?a?y?s?.? ?(?A?n?d? ?a? ?c?r?a?p?l?o?a?d? ?o?f? ?D?V?D?s?.)

18. What do you wish you?d done more of?

Things with Jason. Yes we are both working, but spending so much time apart can't be a good thing.

19. What do you wish you?d done less of?

Complaining. And whinging. Heck, opening my mouth in general!

20. How will you be spending Christmas?

I "spent" it the same as always, quiet and with family.

21. Did you fall in love in 2006?

I stayed in love.

22. How many one-night stands?

Only 12 this year.

23. What was your favorite TV program?

I fell in love with Gilmore Girls all over again, but all time favourite? Grey's Anatomy.

24. Do you hate anyone now that you didn?t hate this time last year?

Hate is a strong word..

25. What was the best book you read?

This is hard, because I've read so many and I've forgotten what books I actually read this year. I'll go with My Sister's Keeper, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, and The Guardian.

26. What was your greatest musical discovery?

The Fray. I know, I know, I'll get over it eventually.

27. What did you want and get?

I wanted an Ipod, I got one. I wanted to go overseas again, I got that.

28. What did you want and not get?

Cough. Lots of things. Like a puppy. And a kitty. And, other things.

29. What was your favorite film of this year?

Hrm. I didn't see too many movies, actually. Maybe.. erm.. No, I really have no idea.

30. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?

I was 22 this year, and I did nothing of significance other than go out for dinner.

31. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

One long word that starts with 'c'.

32. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2006?

I wouldn't even call it fashion? I had two wardrobes this year: My teacher wardrobe and my casual wardrobe. That's it. Colorados, jeans, 3/4 pants. That's about it.

33. What kept you sane?

This blog. Seriously, I kid you not.

34. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

No-one really. No-one at all.

35. What political issue stirred you the most?

Any politics stir me. I don't follow politics, and I don't agree with half the things this country supports.

36. Who did you miss?

I missed Jen, and spending time with Kirby.

37. Who was the best new person you met?

Stef at work has been really good to me, and all my blog stalker-ees. I'm lucky to have met such gorgeous people, that are always around.

38. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2006.

Expectations are bad. Do away with them. I think this year has disappointed me, looking back.

39. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.

Have a Dishwalla medley, if you will. Take your pick.

She waits for some-one.
Tonight she'll give herself away,
She'll break apart all by her, by herself,
It's so easy how we come undone.

I wish I could be every little thing you wanted,
All the time.
I wish I could be every little thing you wanted,
All the time - or sometimes.

And will you find out who you are, too late to change?

With December coming to a close, there aren't many shoe posts left.

I'll give a virtual cookie to whomever guesses which brand these babies are?

Thursday Thirteen #2

Blimey! I forgot my Thursday Thirteen post for last week, I suppose it was the last day of school and all so that is understandable. Congratulations to my momma, who is featured on the front page this week!

Thirteen Things about *Aly's Bedroom*

1. When I was younger, I went through a flowery phase. That was closely followed by a cow print phase. (yes, everything was cow print!) When we moved into our new home, I decided I wanted something a bit more simple. My room is decked out in blue and yellow.

2. Since I started working, there is absolutely not enough space in my room for all my teaching gear and books. My room isn't exactly small, either.

3. There is not a single thing hanging on the wall in here. I have pictureframes that have been waiting to go up for years, but still haven't gone up. Can you say procrastination?

4. I have so many books on my bookshelf that the shelf itself is starting to bend in the middle.

5. Alright. I'll admit it. I still have some stuffed toys in here that I can't bear to throw away. Yes, I'm 22.

6. Jason's photograph can be found at least 7 times inside this one room.

7. I'm in love with my quilt cover and never ever want to replace it with anything. It's beautiful! It's stripey, and blue, yellow, green and brown. Hard to describe it's loveliness.

8. My room faces the west; it gets super hot in the afternoons. When I close my yellow curtains, my room changes colour.

9. If I look out my bedroom window, I get an almost perfect view of the Blue Mountains when the day is clear. It's the reason I chose this room when we moved in to this house; even though I later found out that my brother's room is actually bigger.

10. I feel most comfortable in this bedroom than in any other room in the house.

11. No matter how many times I clean this room, it still looks messy. I think this has something to do with #2.

12. Since getting my television set in this room a couple of years ago, I have watched countless hours of DVDs in here. So many hours in fact, I don't even want to try and figure out the total.

13. You should probably stay out of my cupboard. Yep. That's all.

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday.  Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged!

New Zealand: The Adventure (Part 2)

Alrighty, onwards I go in my quest to enlighten you about the wonders of my forthcoming New Zealand trip. Of course, if you are too lazy to scroll down to read Part 1, here's a handy dandy link. Sometimes I'm so thoughtful.

I left off at Day 8 - where we were just arriving at Wellington.

Day 9: Wellington
Highlights include getting a whole day to do whatever we please. There is apparently a huge amount of cultural stuff here, with even more Lord of the Rings film locations. We might do a Hop on, Hop off bus tour, like the one we did in London. Ahh. Brings back memories.

Day 10: Wellington to Taupo
Highlights are a a visit to volcanoes, which I have always been a science nerd about. We get to go through beautiful scenery and national parks, and our resort that night is next to New Zealand's largest lake. Beautiful! Optionals include a cool adventure "ropes" confidence course, or a fishing cruise.

Day 11: Taupo to Rotorua
Highlights include learning about Maori history and culture, swimming in the naturally heated hot springs and having a Maori Hangi and cultural concert! We're also going to do the Zorb (ever see that huge plastic ball that you get inside and then get rolled down a hill? Oh yeah!) and possibly a rainforest walk, so I can snap me a picture of a kiwi!

Day 12: Rotorua to Waitomo
Highlights include some more cultural tours and going black water rafting! This is the one with the glow worms, you're underground in the caves system, rafting, hiking and being amazed. I can't wait for this one, it's one of my favourite optionals.

Day 13: Waitomo to Bay of Islands
Highlights include.. Hello? Bay of Islands? Tropical beautiful beaches! Woo! We drive through Auckland and head further north to get to the bay, lots of scenery and national parks to visit.

Day 14: Bay of Islands
Another day all to ourselves, with plenty of optional extras to keep us busy. If I remember correctly, Jason and I spend a whole day on a Catamaran, sailing. It goes island hopping, there are opportunities to snorkel and swim (never snorkelled before, yikes!) and is a barbeque lunch on board. I think this sounds like a nice way to relax and spend our last day.

Day 15: Bay of Islands to Auckland
Basically, this tour doesn't cover Auckland - it just drops us off there and says "See ya later, now about our tip.." That's on the 22nd. Jason and I booked that night and the next as well, to stay in Auckland and potter around doing our own thing. Probably some more tours, but I'm not sure. Apparently Auckland is very much like Sydney anyway, so should find out. We leave Auckland in the early evening of the 24th, and get back to Australia on the same day.

Just to brag to Desiree (you know I love you!) the plane tickets I hold in my hot little hand tells me this:

Sydney to Christchurch = 2 hours, 55 minute flight.
Auckland to Sydney = 3 hours, 25 minute flight.

Not too shabby! This will be the shortest plane flight I've ever been on; all of my trips have been gigantic, to Los Angeles or to London (oh, that one was a killer.)

So there we have it. Le Contiki is coming up. It's strange, since I've been the excited one about going on this tour since Day 1, Jason hasn't really been all that hyped about it. I thought he was, basically, an idiot, because HOLIDAY! Woo! But yeah, he still isn't excited. And I think his lack of hyperness is starting to effect me, because I don't feel quite as excited as I was at the beginning. Bah humbug.

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to be bouncing off the walls when the trip is under a week away. But for now? I don't know what got into me. Hrm. It might have been seeing that butt-ugly police mug shot of me staring out from my new passport. Yep. That could've done it.

Did you know that Colorado made thongs? I know! Thongs! And I'm completely refusing to call them flip flops because it sounds way too American. Take a look at the picture. Does it LOOK like I'm wearing your kind of thongs on my feet? No? Alrighty then. Just another pair of the world's most cushy thongs.

Dudes. Colorado should totally be paying me (in shoes, of course) for all the endorsements I'm giving their company. Cough. Just sayin'.

New Zealand: The Adventure (Part 1)

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now and I think if I leave it any longer, it will already BE the New Year.  For all of you guys who did my nifty little quiz (shame on you pikers!!) you might know that I fly out to New Zealand on the 7th of January.

Which is not actually that far away.

Which is sort of scary.

These are the plans. We fly out of Sydney and into Christchurch airport on the 7th of January, giving us the afternoon to wander around and find our hotel for the night. There is the usual "night before" Contiki information session that night, which we may or may not go to - depends on what else there is to see and do. Being a semi-paranoid freak that I am, I'm pretty sure we'll be attending. Yep.

The next day, our Contiki begins. We start on the South Island (obviously, if you know where Christchurch is) and the tour goes a little something like this.

**This is a super condensed version that doesn't mention everything but DOES mention the possible optional death-defying things Jason and I plan to do while we're in each city. Oh crap.**

**Oh yeah. This will only be the first half because I am lazy and can't be bothered to type it all up in one day.**

Day 1: Christchurch to Lake Ohau
Highlights are a glacial lake, Mt Cook and a dinner at the lodge on Lake Ohau.

Day 2: Lake Ohau to Milford Sound
Highlights are more scenery and an overnight cruise around Milford Sound. (I don't get to room with Jason here, boo!)

Day 3: Milford Sound to Queenstown
Highlights are the BUNGY JUMPING bits, which is an optional I'm going to do - provided that the bungy rope can hold my weight that is. I'm fairly sure I'm going to do it; and then watch lots of other people do it. Hee.

Day 4 and Day 5: Queenstown
Highlights are that this is the real adventure section of the tour. There are so many optionals that it is impossible to fit them all into two days OR be able to afford them all, they're not cheap. We went through the optionals list and narrowed it down to White Water Rafting & a Shotover Jet Boat ride, Bungy Jumping, Horse Riding (Yeah, I chose that one) and a Lord of the Rings trail hike. Who knows what we'll end up doing though, it all depends on the tour, the weather, what's available.. suffice it to say there is a crapload of stuff to see and do.

Day 6: Queenstown to Fox Glacier
Highlights are more scenery and an optional extra that we're keen to do; a four hour glacier hike across Fox Glacier! Wow! It's supposed to be absolutely stunning.

Day 7: Fox Glacier to Christchurch
Highlights are being back at the beginning and actually being able to sightsee this time around. We get to go through the Alps on this part of the tour, which should be just amazing.

Day 8: Christchurch to Wellington
Highlights are driving along the cost, and catching a ferry from the South Island to the North Island. Optionals are a Quad Bike ride (very expensive) or a Nature 4WDing experience. We're leaning towards the Nature one, cheaper and a longer tour. Should be great!

The second half of the tour comes tomorrow - so stay tuned!

Now for some more Colorados, and possibly the most awkward picture of my feet that I have taken in all of December.

Once again, my shoddy photography doesn't show the nice low heel. These are my other pair of "teaching" shoes, since they're comfy but still look sort of dressy with a skirt.

For lack of a better post.

Sometimes I take myself WAY too literally.

I have nothing to write about today besides the fact that I love watching Home Alone now as I did when I was a ten year old. Classic cheesy Christmas cheer. Could I have any more "c" words in that sentence? I thinketh noteth.

Anyway, I ventured downstairs to take a peek inside the afore mentioned fridge, because I absolutely have NOT run out of things to talk about. Mmhmm. Besides, I figure most people are busy enjoying their vacations and aren't really reading their usual blogs; so perhaps this one can sneak under the crap posts radar just this once.

Let's do a general walk-through of this picture, since my brain is too far gone into "holiday mode" to try and paint in some text numbers into the image. Hee.

This is the shelf which is good for kind of .. shoving .. things. Here you'll find an assortment of goodies and Christmas leftovers. The dips are a must, as are the salad dressings and Philly cheese. Here there is also some packaged ham and chicken, left over bbq chicken and prawns (bleh), corn, pineapple, custard, sour cream and a biscuit tin with something other than biscuits in it. (Seriously, I have no idea what's in that tin and I'm a trifle scared to look.) Also, please don't forget to observe the spray chocolate mousse (you can see the lid at the back/middle of the picture. Apparently this is very, very yummy, but I've been good and haven't touched it yet.

The door of the fridge; a ridiculous invention since it never EVER fits in the amount of beverages that we go through. Thank goodness for dad's mini fridges.

This door changes every couple of days. Milk is ALWAYS there, light for mum and me, whole for dad and Ajay. Those two 80's looking drink containers down the bottom are holding a punch we made over Christmas that was bloody yum. I think that's more custard down the bottom there. Apparently, you can never have enough custard. Some left-over lemonade in the Lido bottle; nearly finished due to the punch and also me mixing it with Midori. Where is the Midori now? Who drank all the Midori? I'm sure I'll get to the bottom of it (or perhaps I already did, hee) one day. And lastly, my favourite drink - Any plain ol' juice. I'm actually surprised there is no Diet Coke in here; mum drinks that like crazy.

We have so much crap on that middle shelf that is is actually bending. BENDING! Scary stuff.

Aha! Now I see the Diet Coke. As well as more Lemonde, some Cola and some water bottles. Unlike my Gilmore Girl friends, we actually keep vegetables in our fridge - usually stashed on these shelves, but squished wherever we could find room over Christmas. There are heaps of cheese varieties left over as well, and I'm sorry to say that I have renewed my love affair with one Mr Cam Embere over the holiday season. Whatever will Jason say? Leftovers on that shelf include turkey, pork, chicken, pineapple, grapes and cherries, and salads. I have absolutely no idea right now what is in the bottom container to the left - something kind of red and orange to the naked eye. Perhaps that will require an extra trip downstairs. Hrm. Let's see.


Okay, on further inspection I have uncovered that it is actually something not meant for human consumption - it's the dog food, pre cut up into bite sized pieces for my fussy chihuahuas. I hope no-one mistakes that for real food, although in the same breath, that'd be kind of funny.

So there you have it. And you haven't even SEEN the pictures of the shed fridge and two Waeco portable fridges that we have chock full of other bits that don't fit into the main fridge. I'm surviving on a diet of ham, salad, cheese and crackers until New Years. Or maybe even until January 7th, when I leave for New Zealand. A post to come about that tomorrow, methinks.
These are yet another pair of Colorados. I've had about three pairs of these over the years - they are my "school shoes". They look best with a tartan print skirt (aka my high school days) but also look nice under jeans and pants now. These babies came with me to Europe and trekked up a mountain in Scotland (no-one told me it was going to be a three hour hike in the snow!) and I don't think I'll ever get rid of them.

Kind of daggy? Yes. Kind of comfy? Oh heck yes.

Andddd.. now we're done.

Call me crazy, but I swear Christmas flies by faster every year.

I was spoiled; some really dainty earrings from Jason, new white gold studs from my parents, DVDs, book vouchers, stationary - what more could a girl ask for? (Apart from a new phone, but that's a whole different story altogether.) Here's hoping Santa was good to you!

I'm going to spend the rest of today (and possibly tomorrow) watching DVDs and eating leftovers, meaning that unless I happen to discover something really amazing in the fridge, my blogging ideas are well and truly on hiatus.

Perhaps I'll have more positive experiences to write after I con my family into playing Cranium with me? (Don't even get me started on the big Cranium sulk-fest of Christmas Eve 06. There were casualties, and quite a few tears.)

Because it has been unseasonably mild the last couple of days, here is another dodgy shot of some more pretty boots. These ones are only mid-calf, but have really cute studs going up the top. I can also walk in them which is a nice bonus, for a change. (You realise now I mentioned how beautiful the weather is, we'll get hit by a huge heatwave. Great work, Aly.)

I stomp on Christmas drama with my boots. Stomp, stomp.

Ho Ho Ho

My teddy and new pair of earrings (x2!) would like to wish ALL of you guys a really beautiful Christmas.

Pictures of my Ho-Hat will come shortly. I know you can't wait!

Lots and lots of love,

Your already-celebrating-Christmas-friend-in-Australia,


Just some perfect Christmas party shoes.

Merry Christmas, Ya'll.

Brave things I've done today;

Ventured out to three separate shopping centres.
Grocery shopped at Christmas time.
Survived getting home in the heaviest rain I've seen all year.
Parked in squishy spaces and had no accidents.
Reversed up my driveway.

Go me! I am quite proud of myself, hee. Oh, I also snapped a shot of my hair, except as was predicted I have been unable to get it all flippy and choppy like the hairdresser did the day she cut it. Evil, evil woman. Anyway. This is not for the faint hearted.

So... you can't really see the haircut well, my hair looks brown, and I probably should stay away from the Clinique lipstick that I sent away for, but there we go. Hair.

Since we are having (one of) our big dinner tonight, I won't spend long here today. Instead, I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas since Australia-lan is miles (or should I say kilometres?) ahead of my international stalking buddies.

Be safe, have fun and have some jelly shots. I know I will be.

Baby, it's cold outside. Time for some Mary Janes. LA LA LA.

A Little Bit of Fun

Since I'm in a bored kind of mood this afternoon on the eve of Christmas Eve (hee), it's your turn to cheer me up. Lurker, Reader or Professional Stalker; whatever your profession, take the damn quiz. There may even be cookies at the end.

(And feel free to comment me after. You know, to say hi.) (Besides, I want to know which questions you got wrong, because for some reason I don't think I can view that.)

Create your own friendquiz here

So.. how'd you do?

Christmas Traditions

Since I'm in a bit of denial that it is Christmas Eve tomorrow (!), it seemed appropriate that I talked about something Christmassy in today's blog. Most of our traditions stay the same here; even the little things. And I must say, I kind of like it that way.

Christmas Eve is spent here. Jason joins us after he is back from church, and my nanna is always here too. It's the best night, not only because mum cooks (hee) but because she cooks YUMMY Christmas stuff. We always have a hot dinner (despite the temperatures outside being super hot - we're not big ham people on Christmas night) and my favourite part of it is this yummy roast pork with peach stuffing, it's just killer!

We even use the same place cards - they're ones made on cardboard that me and my brother made when we were kids. When Jase came into the picture, I even made him his own special one, so he'd match us, hee. Sadly though, this tradition is stopping this year, since mum bought some new place card holders. Le Sigh. The 7 year old in me is crying right now.

After dinner, we have dessert and the bon-bon pulling stuff as per usual. Then my brother and I get to open our joint present. Usually it's a game of some sort, which we then all play together. The best game prize I remember is Cranium. I really, really kick arse in that game. If we get that new spiffy helmet version of Cranium (aka Sarah's game!) I'll be super excited.

Jason heads off home, we sleep, Santa comes. Hee. Christmas morning we all head off downstairs, pass the presents around so we've all got our little bundles in front of us - then we take turns opening one at a time around the circle. Good times!

Soon enough, I head off to Jason's place to have Christmas lunch with his family. After much more yummy food, we hang around and play pool and chat for the afternoon.

Christmas dinner is always spent with two of my aunties and uncles and their families. It swaps houses each year; we either stay here and have visitors, or travel to the city or up the north coast to their places. This year is our turn to host, meaning that after lunch, Jase and I are popping back here to spend some MORE time eating and hanging out with my relatives. Good times. Good times. I love Christmas.

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that were too big for you, but you just couldn't resist? Um. I have. These babies are the next size up and I kind of slide down in them when I walk, but I love how simple they are. Pretty shoes. Good for Christmas, perhaps?


Allow me to take you on a trip down memory lane. Flash back to about five years ago, if you would. The setting? A university classroom; hot, humid and filled with strangers. It was a hot day and I was feeling particularly terrified; this was my first ever psychology tutorial.

The lectures were not so scary. They were so huge and full with the lights dimmed down that it was easy enough to fade into the crowd; especially when you were a moderately shy chook that didn't know a single person in the room. The tutorials though, were another matter altogether. They actually involved (gasp!) talking. And more talking. And talking in groups. With people. All talking.

I was lost that day in a sea of buildings and classes, but I eventually made it to the right room. Psychology 1A. There was not a single seat left in the room, meaning I had to walk in, stutter something about getting lost, and walk out again to find a seat. It also meant I had to walk BACK in with chair in hand, and find a hole to dig myself into space to park myself.

I ended up in a row next to a beautiful girl with the most gorgeous curly hair I've ever seen. She seemed nice enough and we ended up having a chat; from then on, I would always be on the lookout for her in lectures. She never did tell me to bugger off, and we became friends. We talked about what we wanted to do at the end of our courses - she wanted to do primary school teaching and so did I. We took similar classes, bitched about the uni and tried to get into the same tutorials.

Her name was Elissa.

I was her friend when she first met her boyfriend(now husband); I was her friend when there were the cute phone calls, nights out and the rest of it. I was her friend when the panic set in, when he was almost asked to leave the country (he's Tanzanian-born). I was her friend when the two of them got married, in a beautifully simple and elegant garden a couple of years ago.

Likewise, she was my friend through my first year of university - when I was single for the first time in years after a difficult break-up. She was my friend when I first met Jason; she was right there with me the very first time I inititated our first movie date, in the middle of a boring as batshit philosophy tutorial. She was my friend through countless insecure spots and boring classes.

We're sort of like chalk and cheese. She's married, I'm not. She's moved out, I haven't. She's skinny, I'm er, not. She's vegetarian, I love my meat. But also? We are pretty similar, as well. We are both cynical, we both love animals, we have the same sense of humour, we're addicted to movies and Grey's Anatomy, and we are both quiet people by nature. Oh, and we're both completely slack about getting together and organising things. Hee.

Halfway through our Psychology degree, Elissa had a change of heart and decided to leave that degree. I was heartbroken, since she was such a big part of my life at university. She had always had a job in caring for people, home care, nursing care, it was just a part of who she was. After taking part of the year off, she enrolled for a Nursing degree not long after.

For a long time, I rarely saw her. We don't live close (about an hour apart) and we were both so busy in our hectic university schedules. We would squeeze each other in when we could, double dates with Jase and Cuz, chats on the phone. It would never matter how much time apart we would spend, or how long it would be between phone calls, when we saw each other things were always the same.

After a bloody long time, I finally caught up with my lovely Elissa today. And as always, it was as though we had never missed each other - chatting away for hours, vegging out eating Thai food (tofu for her, chicken & cashews for me), watching (and picking to pieces) a couple of DVDs. We both bought each other our favourite chocolates for Christmas, which was sort of amusing.

No matter how slack we are, or what life throws at us, she's always going to be one of those people who will always be around. And vice versa for me, of course. Have you got a person that you know like that? I think it's fantastic. I would take one or two REAL friends, over a whole room full of people who don't really know me anyday. Perhaps that's why I'm usually quite a loner?

First year? I think not.

I did it!

I am officially NOT a first year teacher anymore. Starting at the end of January 2007, I will be a second year teacher. Small fry, no sir. I signed my yearly contract today, so it's done! I made it! I'm alive! Apart from a mammoth headache, that is. But alive! And still whinging!

The morning started by cleaning out the classroom. Sounds pretty simple, yes? But by cleaning out, I mean dragging every single piece of furniture out of the room and stored into a tiny little painting area outside - shared between two classrooms. Gah! Heavy lifting at 9am is not the correct way to start the day, with or without coffee.

I was rewarded for my efforts by being knocked out with a shocking headache, so I popped on "Finding Nemo" for the kidlets and tried to sink into the chair and not move much for an hour or so. Of course, that was the time the Year 6 kidlets decided to come around wanting autographs and what-not for their yearbooks! I have to say, even though I don't teach the older classes, I take most of them for sport and it's sad to see a lot of really gorgeous kids moving on to high school.

(Randomness here, but I swear if I hear one more song from High School Musical, I'm going to gouge my eyeballs out with a coat hanger. Jeepers.)

I was spoiled again with more pressies. Observe and discuss.

That is a big giant box of Lindt chocolates on the bottom, if you can't see. Hmm. I wonder if I gave that kid an A?

I also got a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday from my Julie-kins! Thankyou chook, you made my day!

As for dedicating who is who in the picture? I am the big fluffy rabbit who is on the outside and kind of towering over everybody, Julie is the teeny little cute squirrely thing (it's the shortness, dear!), Jen is the squishy kitty (duh - kittens, nuff said) and Kirby is the puppy (duh - puppies, nuff said).

(Cough.) I was totally not checking out Neopets in the background there. No way. I think you're seeing things.

I'm dedicating today's shoes to Imelda. "I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty." Hey - at least she's honest. And as for me being honest? I'm getting to the dregs of my shoes here, folks. That would place me lower than Imelda's housekeepers, or something.

I wore very workplace safe shoes for moving furniture. I am so smart. I am so smart. S-M-R-T!

You will not see a picture of me from the head-up (unless there is a paper bag involved, that is) for the next couple of months because that ponytail picture? Is the best one I got. You do NOT want to see the front right now. Gag.

Haidressers = Death

I went into the hairdresser today with high hopes and a few simple words. "Just a tiny trim off the length - I'm trying to grow it, oh and just trim my fringe too, please."

I thought that meant "Just a tiny trim off the length - I'm trying to grow it, oh and just trim my fringe too, please."

Apparently what it actually meant was "Hack at my hair in large chunks, giving me Rachel-style bangs around my face and chopping at least 2 inches of length off the back and 5 inches around my face. And then beat me with a stick."

My hair is the one part of me that I generally like. I am getting much better at NOT tying it back everyday and actually enjoying having it long again. I like to hide behind it, should the need arise. And I like being able to do different things with it, since it was all nice and long. Geez. Getting a fringe cut in was the biggest decision I've made to it in years.

And now? I have short hair. No, it's not up to my ears or anything and it's not cut like a muppet, but it's SHORT. Shorter than it was. Styled. I now have layers going all around my face that I DO. NOT. WANT. (or have time to style because I? Am lazy. And liked it that way.)

I may possibly have cried when I left the salon and really looked at it. I may be sitting here now wondering how many months (or years?) it will take these short front layers to grow back into my normal hair length. And as for the "growing it out" part? Well, I'm back at around 2004, right now. And pretty unhappy.

My short and ugly and did I mention short hair would like to strangle a certain hairdresser right about now. Wahhhh.

So yes, I'm back to my whinging and cynical self apparently - but
surely having my pretty hair slaughtered means I can get away with that?

Let's all just look at some shoes and take deep breaths.

On the Subject of Me

Have you ever wondered some days what sort of impression you're giving about yourself to other people? Not just the average "Oh, her ass looks huge in those jeans today" or "Hmm, didn't she wear that skirt yesterday?" but real, deep thoughts.

Several times today, people offered me some positive things they noticed about me. They were very different; someone commented on my smiling face in the classroom, someone commented about how I've opened up a bit more at school across the year, someone commented that I was the kind of person that they would like to be friends with if they had a choice. Some nice, high on the smush-factor comments that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I also had a parent tell me this afternoon, that I was the kind of teacher she wanted her son to have again. I asked why and what she meant; she told me that he always came home with kind things to say and that even when the days hadn't been smooth at all, he was always ready to begin the next day with a clean slate. Plus, she said, I'm the first teacher he's ever wanted to buy a Christmas gift for, so could I PLEASE come to school on Thursday so he could give it to me? (Cough - heck yes, I'll be there!) It's one of those moments that make teaching pretty amazing.

I know I'm not sunshine and roses all of the time. In fact, I tend to be more the opposite; I wouldn't say negative all the time, but I can be one giant cynic when I want to be. But hearing some of these random snippets of honesty all about ME? Have really made me think this evening. And I think it's time for me to stop letting stupid things get me down. I like people thinking nice things about me. I like not being known as that scowling girl.

Damnit. I just want to be everybody's friend. So sue me.

(And in case you were wondering, my ass looks huge in any outfit. That's all you need to know.)

And now the shoes, of course.

El Casual's today just because I can. Guess what brand they are?


The kidlets must have been lurking my blog yesterday when I was getting all nostalgic about the year that has past; I recieved a nice little bounty of goodies this morning when I arrived at school.

Ferrero Rochers! In the shape of a bell! Ring a ding ding!

I was also brave today and presented awards for the school presentation day - a whole batch of Newcombeball awards as well as my class ones. I'm such a loon; I don't actually mind public speaking and once I'm up there I am fine at it, but geez, you'd think I would learn to stop panicking so much beforehand. Where do the stupid nerves come from?

I think they like me. These will be gorgeous when the liiles (my favourite flower too!) open up. Aww.

We had a Christmas barbeque last night with friends.

What do you get when you mix good food, good conversation and good alcohol with a seemingly innocent back step?

A sprained ankle, of course. (No, it's not mine!) And Mum would like the toe suckers out there to stay away from her, please. No offense or anything.

It's one week to Christmas! (insert happy little jig here.) It's not really feeling Christmassy to me right now. Don't ask me why, since I have possessed reindeer and snowmen staring at me from every direction, I'm just not feeling it yet.

Tomorrow is the staff luncheon at work, Wednesday night is a Year 6 Farewell Dinner and then Thursday? THURSDAY IS IT FOR SCHOOL. (insert even happier little jig here.)

And some dancing is always a perfect introduction for the shoe post of the day, isn't it?

So I wouldn't exactly call these dancing shoes, but they are one of my new pairs of Colorados. I took this shot badly, you can't actually see the pretty woven heels. They're perfect teacher shoes and so, so soft.


Dude! My el cheap-o camera can also take video shots!

And I only just realised this!

Be ready for lots and lots of video from now on!

That means I can use YouTube now! Hooray!


So I can only film for about 20 seconds before the memory space is eaten up. And it isn't super fabulous quality or anything.

BUT I didnt know it can also record sounds! I didn't even know it had a microphone! This entry uses way too many exclamation marks! But is so cool!

Am going now!

Just Keep Swimming

There are four more days of school left for the year.


It seems like only a short while back that I was enjoying my last summer holidays; finished with uni, finding out about a six month teaching position that was available while Belinda was off on maternity leave. I remember spending that summer break in panic mode because what on Earth had I agreed to do? Yes, I have a teaching degree now that says my name on it, but I don't know how to teach! What the hell am I doing?

I remember going in on the staff development day having fears that nobody would know who I was or why I was there. I remember asking my poor supervisor fifty thousand questions about anything and everything. I remember not sleeping very well. Not at all.

Then I met the kids - a bunch of super cute little Year 1's. They were very gorgeous, but it all got changed around the next week when the school numbers jumped up and down. I ended up losing half of my class and gaining a batch of Year 2's, who were lovely. My class? 1/2S. Hee. (I still love that I was able to have the class lettered for me, that made it real!)

It hasn't been an easy year, but it has been an interesting one. Not only did I manage to TEACH the kids things (go figure), but I also had fun doing it. I've seen tantrums, bloody noses, vomit, pee on the classroom floor, dummy spits and lots of tears. But, I've also seen laughter and silliness and all the things that kids find fun in.

I've learnt a lot.  About teaching, about kids and about me.

Apparently I still have the humour of a kid - misspelt spelling words (particularly can't, hee) still make me laugh.

I can officially keep a straight face when a kid is spinning around in a tantrum on the floor in front of me (doing a move I've now deemed the Helicopter) with shoes flinging off in all directions.

I have perfected "the look". If you have to ask what "the look" is, it's not worth explaining. In fact, I'll just give you "the look" right now.

Seeing kids fall over makes me giggle. I'm an evil, evil teacher.

And who would have thought I would have the patience for this job, anyway?

So, this will be the end of my first year as a teacher. How crazy is that? We all came out relatively unscathed. At least, so far. There are four more days to test that theory.

I'm dedicating today's post to Belinda and Max. They're the reason I managed to scoop up this position, and how I managed to be offered a job for next year as well! (That's a story for another time.)

This is one baby with a cute face and impeccable shoe taste.

BABY DUNLOP VOLLEYS! I am in love. The boy has taste! (As does his Momma.) My next mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find him some Baby Chuck Taylors...


Yes, I know I am a grouchy bitch who takes things way too seriously, but stupidity really does irritate me. From companies, and from.. well.. mothers.

Mum orders furniture for my brother. She and I happen to be the only ones home. Cheap store sends one courier to lift said furniture out of delivery truck. That person requires help to get the furniture inside the house. As in, lifting help. I get nominated to help. I'm not a delicate flower, no. But I'm also not a guy who lifts furniture over his head for exercise every morning, am I?

Is it MY problem that your cheap little furniture delivery company can't afford to send two couriers out to help lift furniture?

Is it MY problem that you can't lift the furniture by yourself?

Do I LOOK like I'm getting paid to lift heavy furniture?

So yes, I get pissed off when I am offered to help lift the damn furniture. And yes, I get pissed off when I cut my hand lifting the damn furniture. And yes, I get pissed off when a certain ungrateful woman acts like an idiot about it, simply because I ask for the company details to email them and tell them I am not impressed with the whole scenario.

In summary? Keep stupid people away from me today please.

Or they may find themselves being stomped on RATHER HEAVILY by me and my boots. Whores.

Beautiful Red Toes to Suck

So before you freak out and think you've gone to the wrong blog, bear with me for a moment.

I've had some unusual hits revolving around shoes in the last couple of weeks. Funnily enough, I've also had hits about socks, feet and toes as well. Today's one though? Fabulous. (Ahem, see title if you have no clue what I'm talking about.)

You may think this strange coming from someone who is taking photos of her feet for a whole month, but I actually have a weird paranoia about feet. In fact, I generally can't stand other people's feet. I think feet are kind of gross, really. I mean - GERMS! And cracked heels, and icky toenails and just, blech in general. So when I spied this hit lurking in amongst my other stats, I visibly shuddered.

I'm not one to disappoint my readers though, so without further ado I present to you a red toenail-ed picture of me wearing impossibly uncomfortable shoes. To the anonymous toe sucker lurkers out there, consider this a gift from me to you.

Did I mention these shoes were uncomfortable? Because MAN. They are uncomfortable. Don't even ask me why I bought them.

Oh wait! I know! Because they're SHOES. And I love shoes!

Thursday Thirteen #1

I am absolutely loving this idea, which I am shamelessly stealing from my beautiful momma. Since my prior to 6am post this morning was short and sweet, consider this a little extra. Happy Thursday!

Thirteen Things about *ALY*

1. I am a Primary School Teacher (for those who didn't know.)

2. I teach a Year 1/2 composite class, so the kids are on average 6-7-8 years old. And funny.

3. I have exactly one week to go for the year, and then we are off on our summer holidays until January.

4. Oh yes. I live in Australia, so it is SUMMER here. No white Christmas for us.
Just lots of air conditioning and bushfires.

5. I'm currently in the middle of an insanely time consuming beginning teachers accreditation process.

6. I have almost finished my written evaluations for said beginning teachers accreditation.

7. I cannot believe I have almost finished my written evaulations for said beginning teachers accreditation.

8. My class kidlets and I are off to the movies for an end of year treat tomorrow. With popcorn! Hoorah!

9. Kindergarten to Year 2 get to see "Open Season."

10. Year 3 to Year 6 get to see "Charlotte's Web."

11. I have seriously considered sneaking out of the "Open Season" and into "Charlotte's Web."  In all seriousness.

12. It won't happen, but you know..
*wiggles eyebrows*

13. I hope I meet lots of lovely bloggers through Thursday Thirteen. And I promise to come and check out some of yours, too.

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday.  Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged!


I had yesterday off work, because I didn't feel well the night before. By lunchtime? I felt fine. No stomach cramps. Nothing. Zilch. Zippo.

So what wakes me up at midnight last night?

Only the mother of all stomach pains. Typical.

Since I have nothing that I can actually write here about today as well as lots I'm plain just not interested in writing about, I'm going to be naughty and post a picture of some damn shoes already, to shut myself up.

It's my Chucks of Love! Yes, this picture wasn't taken today, but I'm still using it because I AM A SLACKER TODAY ALRIGHT? The only problem I have with my prettty plaid shoes, is that they tend to eat my socks. Why do they do this?

You've Got Mail

I think I really need to join some kind of swap group or something.

Because I've been working this year, I started doing my Christmas shopping early, and ordering a fair bit online. Noone is ususally at home here during the day, so I use mum's PO Box so that the parcels don't end up sitting outside or taken back to the Post Office - and plus, she checks it nearly every day for work, so that's a bonus!

Since I've had these Christmas presents arriving (not gifts for me, just gifts ready for people that I'm sending them too!), as well as random presents (LIKE SHOES, OMG, THANKYOU LALA!) I have realised just how much I adore getting mail. Fwee!

Want to make me excited? Send me a parcel with fluff in it. I guarantee it will amuse me for a few hours.

Speaking of mail, I need to get my ass into gear and get these Christmas cards finished, because it's the 13th of December. Man, where did that time go? So, consider this my first and only offer for Christmas cards:

Email me your address (including your full name, unless you'd like me to address it to your blog name, and that's just weird) - and I'll add you to the never-ending list of cards to send!

(Oh yes. If you're not in Australia, I have no guarantees about when you'll recieve your card, but as long as it's before NEXT Christmas? Then we're good.)

So these are the shoes that I recieved in the posty post from the gorgeous JulaBerry, which I have now been wearing around the house like a loon because SHOES! I love shoes! Especially shoes that come in the mail! SHOES! Yes, I will take your lonely size 9 shoes from you and give them a very special home. Trust me on that one.

I think I'm going to ask Santa for some Dove "Summer Glow" for Christmas this year. See Jen? I like to call my shade of pale "Blindingly White".

Frightening Crafts

I must say, I'm enjoying teaching in the last two weeks of school. Enjoying a GREAT deal.

Mainly because holidays are all of 7 working days away, but also? My teaching programme finished up last week, so from here on in, my class is taking it easy. That means LOTS of craft and Christmas music! Lots of Christmas music!

As a bonus, the holiday season makes it totally okay for us to spend the day doing craft! Hoooooray! It was always my favourite time of the year as a kid, now it's my favourite time of the year as a teacher.

Today saw us making a cute snowman picture. The kids were given a sheet with all different snowman "bits" on it, including a top hat, his mittens, a scarf, some eyes and a button nose, just the main bits - but they were NOT given his head, or his body, or anything like that.

Their job was to cut it all out, stick it down on craft paper and fill in the gaps wherever they could. Sounds simple, no?

Oh man, the results were hilarious!

I had one Frosty without a head.
I had one Frosty with mittens stuck on his head like ears.
I had one Frosty with his scarf wrapped around his nose, looking alarmingly like some sort of assassin.

But the classic Frosty?

He had eyes that were GLOWING. Mmhmm. This clever kidlet decided to cut some red cellophane paper out and stick it behind his eyes. It was one of those drawings whose eyes followed you wherever you went. Scary, Frosty. Not only do I have possessed vanishing reindeer to hide from, now it's demonic snowmen. Christmas is supposed to be JOYFUL. I need to find a happy place. Find a happy place.

Oh yes - I wanted to post a picture of my headband, because Janet has one just like it on her wishlist. For some reason when I took this picture, my hair comes out very dark. Perhaps next time I ought to put the flash on properly?

Never mind the fact that my hair is eating the headband for breakfast, it IS cute and very pretty. (And absolutely perfect for hiding messy hairs.)

Shoesies for the day are thanks to Colorado, also known as "That place where I spend way too much money I should be saving."

I only got these ones last week, and they were nearly half price and SO comfortable. Perfect teacher shoes. AND they match the headband! A match made in heaven.

Living in the Sticks

I'm absolutely over the city now, thanks so much.

Having visited there several times in the last few times by car AND by train, I've decided how much I actually like living away from it. It's too busy, the public transport sucks, people can't drive, trains suck, the people are generally weirder (hee, Lala) and yeah. I am a big paranoid freak who enjoys being out of crowds.

And since when does a train ticket cost $10.40 for one day?!?

I had to travel to North Sydney for a school professional development day conference about classroom management. It was very useful, I found out I'm doing a lot of "right" things with my classroom kidlets which is always nice to hear. I also managed to doodle over about fifteen notebook pages, consume way too much orange juice and giggle like a schoolgirl because there was a chapter in the manual about teaching kids to sharpen pencils.

End of story? I left home at 6.20am, and got home at 5.30pm. And am officially buggered, smell like weird trains and have stomach cramps. But on the plus side, I did get a day off school, and had fun chatting to one of my supervisors at school for the most part of the day. We also survived a harrowing experience at a petrol station/taxi cab breeding ground where there were lots of close calls and beeping horns - another reminder why I'll probably never live in the city.

So let's all just pretend that it's actually Winter here right now, because there are some of the boots I would be wearing if it were. Sadly, it's hot, humid and SUMMER. Groan. But back to the boots; they're calf boots! And they do up! Around my calves! Hoorah!

I bet these would be TOTALLY out of fashion if I lived in the city. But you know what? They're great, out here.

The Keyboard that Asploded!

I think I forgot to mention that I had a minor (ha!) altercation with my computer the other night, that had me on the verge of a ginormous sook before Jason's Christmas party.

I was checking my lack of email, when all of a sudden the keyboard froze up. Nothing worked. I banged it a couple of times, hissed and sighed at it, tried sweet talking it but nada. Keyboard go boom.

So, thinking I was being smart I shut down the computer and wiggled the keyboard connection at the back. Turned it back on again and nada. The computer would not turn on. It got stuck on the data pages before Windows loads. Complete freeze-age. Computer go boom.

I restarted a couple of times and still couldn't get past the freeze page. Then came the panicked phone call to Jason - "The computer's dead! It's just dead! I didn't do anything! It just died! Is dead!"

Ever so calmly, he instructed me to find a spare keyboard - "WHERE THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET A SPARE KEYBOARD? Have I mentioned it's time to go, and I have to leave now? But I can't leave with it dead! What am I going to dooooo?" Anywho, I finally found a spare one, plugged it in, said a few prayers, stroked the computer tower lovingly and Ta-dah! Guess who's back?

The moral to the story? Sweet talking computers will get you nowhere. They are evil, evil machines that enjoy watching you suffer. Beware.

Perfect for a lazy Sunday. Did I mention the time I was asked to wear these to a wedding - where I was a bridesmaid?? The bride didn't want us to be taller than her, so we got stuck in formal dresses and ballet shoes. Not a good look, if you ask me.

How Odd

You can tell I don't get out much; Jason and I were both wilting at the party by about 10pm. I took along some Midori girly-drinks (read: lolly water) instead of wine, because I had a feeling I'd be snoring in my chair if I drank that.

Suffice it to say, we left the party, got home, and went to bed. The end. We're very boring.

I have seen some really bizarre things in the last 24 hours, though.

There was the group of 7 year old boys singing the words to "Smack That" by Eminem on my floor, complete with heads bobbing and fingers clicking.

Then there was the kindergarten kid in the playground who had turned his cap sideways and was doing fabulous rapping moves with his hands.

Not to mention the staff member last night who was walking around the restaurant with whipped cream spray-cans pushed up against her boobs. I love her!

Oh, and the three teenagers in the car stopped in front of me at traffic lights on my way home this morning, who were either having an arm wrestling match, a nice group hug OR a mock punch-up. It was pretty heated actually, the whole car was shaking. Intrigued, I was.

Lucky me now gets to spend the rest of the weekend doing my Teacher's Accreditation analysis, so I'll leave you with the shoes I wore last night. Pretty shoes.

And Again..

Heading to Christmas party number 2.

Very, very, tired.

Insanely tired.

Perhaps drinking tonight.
Perhaps photos tonight with work friends.
Perhaps no pictures posted on the blog this time?

Have a lovely friday, folks.

No cleavage shots to be seen. Now scram. I'm napping.

Big City Life

I was rather brave tonight.

For those who have read for a while, you'll know I'm a Sydney gal - but I don't live in the city. I live about fourty minutes from inner Sydney, which is perfect for me because frankly? The city kind of scares me, unless I have people looking after me. I'm actually twelve, didn't you know?

Anywho. Jason had his work Christmas party tonight. In Drummoyne. Which is a fair hike from me, heading towards the city. I'm a nervous driver when it comes to driving to places for the first time, I panic about all sorts of things - whether I'll miss turn offs, what will happen if I end up in Canberra, that car that is driving too close to my lane, OMG I wonder if there will be parking, what do I do if there is no parking! omg! - so you get the point.

Me + Driving new places = (Usually) Unnecessary stress.

After realising that I needed to drive myself to this occasion, I promptly went to my favourite directions site and printed them off. Hmm. Didn't look too bad; Only a 37 minute journey. Ha. My computer then exploded, adding to the stress levels, and then it was time to go.

Holy crap.

As to be expected when you have me driving on my own on unfamiliar roads (with no freaking street signs, bloody hell people, how hard is it to erect a damn sign? I got completely lost. I ended up heading towards inner Sydney, so promptly panicked and turned left into the first street I could find.

I ended up in Balmain. Which is not Drummoyne. So I turned back and drove around some more. Then I ended up in Leichardt. Which is not Drummoyne. Then I parked on the side of a road somewhere in the middle of Balmain & Leichardt & Drummoyne, called Jason and put on some Sarah McLachlan to de-stress.

Did I forget to mention that I had left my street directory at home, and was depending entirely on one damn print out sheet with a squiggly arrow from my home to Drummoyne as a guide? Fuck! (That was actually the extent of the text message I sent to one of my friends while I was waiting.)

Turns out I was about two seconds from the damn restaurant, AND I managed to find the last parking spot too, so thank goodness for small favours. And now I know where Norton Street is, because I've been meaning to go there for a while now. Ha! I can drive there now! I am woman! Roar!

Gorgeous restaurant, on the water overlooking the city skyline. It was a beautiful night, a nice breeze and just really, really nice. Huge plates with tiny, completely weird meals on them. Poor Jason got stuck with no options again, since I don't eat seafood, but he didn't complain. The dessert was this passionfruit mousse served with coconut icecream - YUM.

So basically? It's nearly time for me to wake up, I'm tired, I'm slightly grumpy and still have stress levels on alert. And did I mention I have MY work Christmas party tomorrow night? I have a feeling I'll be BYO-ing tomorrow and letting Jason be the chaueffer, since I had the job tonight. I'll need it!

Why is it that when I think I look nice, I can't take a decent picture of myself to save my life? Anywho; Me and my dirty bathroom mirror would like to give you a big cheesy grin.

Speaking of shoes, here are the ones I teamed up with my (gasp) dress tonight. I even brought out a toe ring, got all dolled up and then changed the shoes in a mad panic, not wearing them after all. Damn. Nearly 1am! Yipes!

My Conspiracy Theory (yes, it involves reindeer)

I think I've figured out the whole possessed reindeer thing.

(Oh, and I've had several google hits on my blog for people searching for possessed reindeer, how's THAT? They must be breeding. Lock your doors!)

It seems that the reindeer are placed out in prime "viewing" time and then are locked away in a stable garage for the remainder of the day. Maybe they need some time away from the paparazzi. I do not know. All I do know is that they are back.. with a vengeance.

It has also been quite suspicious around here lately. The neighbours who are responsible for the possessed reindeer breeding ground have been outside on their front lawn every bloody time I wanted to take a photograph. Perhaps they are making sure that the reindeer are not stealing and eating people's babies as they walk past, admiring the decorations.

This photo I managed to snap whilst peering out my window, hence the blur. My $99 digital camera has no zoom so you should know that whilst it is perfect for snapping footsie photos, it is not so good for stalking demonic reindeer.

Be thankful that I had to minimise this photograph; you've been spared the other two members of the herd who reside over near the candy cane.

Just like most scary things, they don't look so scary in the morning; but when night comes? That's when the heads begin rotating and split pea soup comes flying out of their mouths. Okay, that hasn't happened YET, but I am holding my breath.

The kidlets concert was fabulous last night! My feet hurt, I was hot and grouchy and tired, but it was a good time. I'll blur some faces and share some pictures tomorrow, since I'm too lazy to do it now.

And in shoe news, I recieved my Colorado purchases in the mail today. Two new pairs, one black, one brown, and a silver watch. I am in heaven. If my feet still weren't so sore from standing up in my damn heeled sandals all day, I would be wearing them right now.

Instead, these are the shoes which caused the afore mentioned sore feet.

Once again, I managed to take a photo of my feet looking like squished sausages, and sadly you can't really see the funky cork wedge. Suffice it to say they cost me $10 at Big W, I have lived in them at school this year and after standing in them for twelve hours yesterday? I've decided that my ugly but comfy shoes are MUCH better choices for long school days.

Concerts and Quizzes

It is an important day in teacher land. A one off, live event is happening. It involves costumes, stage fright and good old fashioned country music. And it is happening TONIGHT.

My class (and the rest of the school too but WE are more important so nyer!) are performing in the School Spectacular concert!

The kidlets are excited. And their teacher is excited. Actually, it's kind of hard to pick who is more excited. It's my very first time creating a concert item all by myself, teaching them a dance, the words, the movements, how to keep their mouths shut coming on and off the stage; it's all so EXCITING. I think I shall deem that as the word of the day. (Effing stressful would be my second choice, in less polite terms.)

So because I am a bundle of nervous energy at the thought of the kiddies performing tonight, and having them all dressed properly and not falling off the stage and keeping their cowboy hats glued to their little heads, I'm taking up Janet's taggage. (Absolutely a word.)

Keep in mind I've already done the "And You Thought You Knew Me" meme in the spirit of running out of things to say in NaBloPoMo - so cripes, if these sound repetitive that's why. Deal with it, suckers.

Without further ado, I present to you the "Six Weird Things" meme.

1. I share this particular weird trait with my momma; we are able to begin weeping at rather strange times, particularly when a television set is involved. Movies, TV series, commercials, advertisements: You name it, we cry. My worst moment of shame? This dairy ad, showing this gorgeous little girl with red hair growing up nice and healthy (because of the DAIRY, you see?) and then she gets older and has her own little beautiful red haired daughter and she's healthy too (because of the DAIRY, you see?) and OMG. Tears. And I can't even blame PMS for it, since the tears can appear at any time.

2. I am in contention as being the world's most terrible procrastinator, yet I really can't be late for things. I would rather leave for an event an hour early and sit in my car waiting, than turn up on time or (gasp) late. In fact, I don't think I've ever been late to anything that I can remember? I'm always the dork that arrives before everyone else; I used to carry a book around with me for that very reason. It's the same with paperwork and study; I procrastinate like you wouldn't believe, yet I have never handed a single thing in late. Not once.

3. I'm semi-stealing Janet's one here; I think doctors are a waste of time. I generally don't go to them unless I need a prescription filled OR need a medical certificate OR feel as though I am dying, yet every single time I get told the same thing; "Get some rest and take a Panadol." No shit. You don't say? Rest? What is that? And Panadol? Who'da Thunkit? Besides, the internet is my very own doctor; it's a shame it doesn't write medical certificates. The wonderful internet told me I probably have second degree burns from my sunburn and guess what I had? Second degree burns. I heart you, internet. Oh, and I also got told to take a Panadol until the sunburn eases up. Go figure.

4. I sleep in summer pyjamas practically every night, no matter what the season is. Except when I happen to be sleeping not-at-home, since I don't think many people are interested in me frolicking around in summer nighties. It's not that weird in summer but in winter, I sleep with the window open and the fan on, as long as I am snuggled under my doona. I hate getting hot in my sleep; I have kicked off pants, socks and jumpers in my sleep before.

5. I've never been a clucky person, but in the last six months something happened that changed my mind. I'm definitely wanting my own kids sometime in the future. I have absolutely no idea how this happened; I've never been set on having them anytime soon. And the funny thing is? I'm still not exactly sure what to DO with babies. Give 'em to me when they're 4 and onwards and I'm fine, but babies? Not sure about that one. Perhaps I need my own kids to um, appear, before I get more confident with them. Where did this weird urge to have kids come from? Help!

6. I have one second toe that is longer than my big toe, and one that is shorter than my big toe. And you might even be able to see that if you peer closely at my December shoe pictures; not that I recommend staring at my pudgy feet for long amounts of time, it may cause damage to your retinas.

Hrm. If you've done this before or are not interested, you can do ten star-jumps instead. But I think I'll tag Aimee, Lala, Ngaire, Tasmiya and Lara. And of course, any other lovely who is interested. Jump right in, folks.

Aside from making my feet looked extremely tanned, the sandals you see below also make my
feet look like squished sausages. But they are my newest shoe
purchases (apart from the Colorados that are flying through the post
right now; home shopping is fabulous!) and are actually really cute.

These ones I am dedicating to Jen. Because despite appearances (and a huge still-red sunburn area complete with a key chain mark around my neck) I am still actually, the world's palest individual. My legs and stomach can probably reflect laser beams.


I take it all back.

When I went to sleep last night, there were no possessed reindeer to be seen by the naked eye. When I woke up this morning? As if by magic, there they are! I told you they're possessed.

(And yes I shall absolutely take pictures of them now that they are up.) (But not now.) (Because I haven't worked up the courage to look at them out the window for more than three second intervals yet.) (I'll get there.)


Oh, Oh, and news! I won a contest! A real prize! And it wasn't from NaBloPoMo! Hee. Hey, my chances of being 35/2000 or something were pretty slim, so I didn't really have expectations to win anything from there, you know?

BUT one of the blogs I discovered from the Randomiser was having a contest of her own; anyone who commented on her blog in November was placed in the draw for a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. And my name got picked out! Mine! I won something! Excuse me while I frolic around my room a little.

Shameless Plug: Thankyou to Jenny from Jennyology.net for a lovely surprise when I got home from work. Now, what to spend it on? I'm absolutely playing with my wishlist now.

Now, onto the shoesies.

Someone asked what size shoe I wear, I think it was Desiree. Sadly, while I wish I had smaller feet, my stompers are a hefty size 9. They are also kind of pudgy, and I have one "second" toe that is longer than my big toe, and one "second" toe that is shorter than my big toe. Basically, I am a freak.

Oh, and because Aimee was tired of seeing comfy yet ugly shoe specimens, I dug out a NICER pair today. Are you happy now, pretty lady?

Do these babies look familiar? If anyone remembers back before Halloween, these are THE shoes from Amazon, that the wonderful Beth shipped over here for me. Sadly, I am yet to wear them out because they make me look like a bloody giant however I WILL remedy this over Christmas. I will, I will, I will. Broken ankles are NOT included.

Janet has tagged me for a little question thingy-majingy, but I shall do that tomorrow because the magical appearing and disappearing possessed golden reindeer story I just HAD to share with you all.

Oh No!

I bring you sad news.

The neighborhood competition for tacky Christmas lights has begun.

Yes, I know. A minute's silence would be a great idea right about now.

(Once again, I am not a scrooge, I am just not a fan of people driving past our house, walking on our lawn and blocking our driveway all hours of the night leading up to Christmas, just to make comments like "Oooh! Aaaah!")

There are still many moons before Christmas arrives, too.

(Oh, and I'm all for viewing Christmas lights because in spite of all my whinging, I actually ENJOY looking at Christmas lights. That is, only when I am the person driving past houses, walking on lawns and blocking driveways. Comprehend?)

I'm devastated though, that an integral part of the Christmas tradition is missing from the house across the street. It's really, really upsetting. It's like having a nativity scene that is missing the baby Jesus. You just don't DO that!

The evil, possessed, head-turning mechanical reindeer are missing.

I know! It's just tragic. I feel a bit lost for words right now. I just don't know how I'll cope going to sleep without those evil eyes that never stop watching you peaceful eyes wishing me goodnight. And what exactly is the mooning Santa cutout we bought for this year going to flash it's butt at?

I'm disappointed, neighbours. You have exactly 21 days, three weeks, to remedy this blatant disrespect of Christmas, or else.

These are what I'll be wearing to school today. They are Colorado, my most favourite shoe brand in the whole wide world, and I've had them for about five years. (I spent a rather hefty sum on these shoes, but they have lasted, restoring my faith in shoes.) And so, I bought another pair, but that's a story for another day. I wish I had bought more, because when these shoes die? I will consider just walking around barefoot, because there is NO match for them.

Idiot Drivers (Part 2)

This weather is messing with my head. And sinus. First it is over fourty degrees and humid, and the very next day it is under twenty. Completely insane. But the weather is also irritating me because it brings with it a plague. A plague of complete morons who should not be behind the wheel of an automobile because they simply. cannot. drive.

I'll try not to go too far with this, as most of you already know how I stand with idiot drivers.

It just always amazes me how people forget how to drive their car when it's raining, especially when it hasn't rained in a while. Isn't it logical to slow the heck down? Isn't it logical to turn your headlights on so other drivers can actually see you? Isn't it logical to follow the freaking road rules?

I find it terrifying when people can't drive safely .. on freeways. It's not dangerous enough that we're already doing pretty high speeds; Would it hurt the driver of the ginormous truck to slow down to less than 120km/h when the roads are slick and oily? And for the P-Plate driver who likes to tailgate other cars when there are two completely empty overtaking lanes at his disposal? I flip fingers in your general direction.

Is it really that hard to put your indicator on when you're changing lanes AND IT'S RAINING? Or are we all supposed to be mind readers and predict where you will veer your pretty little car to next?

Sadly, it's no wonder road fatalities are so high. People just have absolutely no idea.

If you're not thinking about saving your own pathetic arse, think about all the innocent people you are endangering just by being behind a wheel. Bah humbug.

Even though it's raining, I think it's still time for summer shoes. Just imagine throwing these at the heads of idiot drivers everywhere. It made me feel better.

These are $10 cork scuffs that I bought from K-Mart about a thousand years ago. I think I lived in these going to uni, as you'll be able to tell by the wear marks on the inside. Not so pretty, but damn comfy.

They may just be made from cork, but those buckles are killer if you aim for the eyeballs. Trust me on that one.

I Beg Your Pardon?

You may recall that yesterday's post was left off with the mention of a monster headache, yes?

Jason came over after work and got to put up with me whinging about it, as usual. I wanted Thai for dinner, he'd already had stir fry for lunch. He wanted Subway for dinner, and I wasn't in the mood. We settled on going into the supermarket and finding something which he said he'd cook for me. I agreed, so long as it didn't involve tomato, broccoli, seafood, and the bajillion other things I don't eat. (Fussy.)

We settled on making yummy apricot chicken and rice. It was, well, yummy. And my dear boy didn't cut himself while cooking the food this time, therefore no passing out on the kitchen floor. Bonus!

He definitely scored points for that.

He lost points, however, after referring to me as Rumpelstiltskin this morning. Apparently that was the first thing that came into his head after waking up this morning and seeing me with a red, pillow-marked face.


I still don't quite get it.

Do I look like someone who can spin straw into gold? (Sweet!)
Or perhaps I just look like a rather ugly goblin first thing in the morning?
Must clarify this.


I bet Rumpelstiltskin doesn't have sexy shoes like this.

These shoes I always imagined owning when I was growing up, because to me they look like "office" shoes. You know, the ones that successful business women wear to work and strut around in?

Sadly I never did get an office job, and there is no way in hell I could stand up in these shoes all day teaching. (They look really hot under jeans though, which is nice!) I actually ended up using a friend's 80's costume party an excuse to actually buy myself a pair.

They look fabulous teamed up with red and white spotty socks.


Happy Summer!

(Or Winter, depending on where about you are residing in this big, ol' world.)

Today's weather sure did mark the occassion here. It was very, very, ickily hot. Hot as in over 40o yet again. I hate Summer. Please, can someone in the USA send me some cold weather? And snow? Please? Great. Thanks.

[My sunburn: YEAH. DOWN WITH SUMMER. Blister, Blister, Peel, Peel.]

I spent my day hiding inside my classroom with all of the lights turned off. I was banned from doing sport or standing in the sun because of the burns-from-hell, so took the opportunity to finish my kids report cards for the end of the year.

And I am done! Finito! I had my supervisor look over them three times, and each time she found a magical spelling mistake that I SWEAR I had fixed the first time. My work computer is possessed, and likes to mess with my head. Anyway. It's now on the principal's desk, so they're his problem now and not mine. I must say I like it much better that way.

Sadly the heat also blessed me with the mother of all migraines. It started at recess time while I was eating my two gigantic watermelon slices from the canteen and was having fun flicking the seeds across my table (Yes. I'm weird.) and got bigger and bigger all day. Of course, today was deemed "Let's all practice for next week's musical as loud as we can!" day, with my class included.

Did I mention my class are dancing for the performance night?
We're line dancing.
To country music.
To LOUD, hyper country music.
To LOUD, hyper country music with neighing and YEE-HAWS involved.
My head.
It hurts.

Kari posted the other day about missing the SHOE Blogging month, and I was the same - too busy with NaBloPoMo to worry about shoes. Well, I'm not in the mood for the Holidailies posting right now, so I'm going to dedicate December to shoes. Lots of shoes. Shoes of young and old. Shoes of brown and black. Shoes of all shapes, sizes and smells.

It's going to be great fun.

Let's start with some stilettos. Stilettos that absolutely make your ankles look like fat lumps of crap when you're taking a picture of your own foot while sitting down, bending over and randomly aiming the camera towards the floor. Say it with me now - CANKLES.

(Seriously though, these  shoes I eyed for months in Payless. I would walk past them in the window on the way to work and dream of where I would wear them too. The top is beautiful flowers and they are just simply, PRETTY. I finally caved and bought them, and have worn them a grand total of two times. But aren't they PRETTY?)

See? Observe the prettiness up close and on a pillow. I swear, they look much better when I actually stand up straight.

So. Rate the shoe. And be kind to the cankles.

A Historic Moment (Part 2)

Guess what, everyone?

Right now, in the wee hours of the morning, my blog has just completed the NaBloPoMo challenge. All thirty days, with absolutely NO forgetting or YouTube videos.

Did you read that?


I'm so excited, I may pee. Watch your shoes there.


Alright, I'm done being a twit and copying yesterday's format.

But I really did make it!! And I'm psyched that my 1000 (and add another 20!) comments got in before November was over. It's been fun. And I hope the randomizer still works after everyone gets done with NaBloPoMo because I want to keep on stalking random people. Thanks Mrs K. for all your work in organising this month.

If only one of the prizes were an "I finished NaBloPoMo 06 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." I'd be buying that in a heartbeat. Congratulations to all the rest of the bloggers out there who finished. Group hugs!

(Oh yes? The sunburn? One shoulder is actually a full blown BURN. As in, nearly a week later it is still catastrophically tomato red and hurts to touch or sleep on. I went to the doctor yesterday who scolded me like I was twelve years old for letting my pale ass go in the sun and WHY OH WHY wasn't I wearing a collared shirt and what about the children? Were they using this dodgy sunscreen too? WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN? Scary doctor. But funny. Very funny.)

(I'm now banned from standing in the sun for longer than oh, 2 seconds at a time. And I'm not allowed to take my sports team out on Friday. Bummer. I can't just do something half-heartedly now, can I?)

(You should see the grossness of the skin blisters. Lucky I spared you the picture of me in my bra. Although it WAS a sexy bra. That's all, folks.)

30 days down - WE MADE IT!

A Historic Moment

Guess what, everyone?

In the wee hours of last night when not a creature was stirring (not even a mouse!) my blog recieved its 1000th comment.

Did you read that?

I'm so excited, I may pee. Watch your shoes there.

Starting this blog was one of the best things I've done. It gave me a fresh outlet to write out my ramblings, and it led me to some really amazing people - people whose lives I read about and experience just through words. It's pretty darned exciting.

I think NaBloPoMo is to blame for the 1000 comments, because of all the wonderful readers and randomizer lurkers out there. Even after 1000 of them (and yes, obviously I am hyper about this since I have mentioned that number at least, oh, 1000 times?) I still bounce with joy when I see my Typepad comment emails in my inbox before work. I'm so lame!

Thanks everyone for making my day, and right before December too. Perfect timing. Here's to commenting, to blog love, to you guys reading, and to 1000 more. Cheers!

(And yes, LALA, it was you! Hoorah!)

Sunshine, Fools.

Take me back to the sweet times,
The hot nights.
Everything is gonna be alright,
In the summertime.. Yeah, in the summertime!
Summertime - Thirsty Merc

In the summertime when the weather is high,
You can stretch right up and touch the sky.
Oh when the weather's fine,
You got women, you got women on your mind!
Summertime - Mungo Jerry

And it's you and me in the summertime,
We'll be hand in hand down in the park.
With a squeeze and a sigh and that twinkle in your eye,
And all the sunshine banishes the dark!
Summertime - The Sundays

What lovely songs. Very summery. Full of ahem, good times. And sunshine. Yeah, we get it.

Seriously? Good to sing along to, but SO unrealistic.

You're in for a treat folks. I decided to write my very own summer anthem. Now if someone is interested in recorded it as a song and giving me half the profits, please contact me. Right on.

Oh, Oh, it's summertime!
Refereeing sports games in the heat.
And although you put on lots of suncream,
Your shoulders are lumps of cooked meat.

Oh, Oh, it's summertime!
Your kids win but your skin - it does not.
After three hours of sport you are thinking,
Get me inside, it's too fucking hot.

Oh, Oh, it's summertime!
You get home and feel quite worse for wear.
Your skin is all red and you know who to blame,
Damn UV rays floating through the air.

Oh, Oh, it's summertime!
Since the sports match you have felt like shit.
The moisturiser bottle is empty,
Your skin starting to itch quite a bit.

Oh, Oh, it's summertime!
Five days on and the skin is still hurting.
Tomorrow it's off to the doctor for you,
EVIL BLISTERS! I am totally not working.

Summertime - Aly

Seriously. If I took a picture of the blisters that erupted today, you would be turned off your food for several days. Totally disgusting. Effing sunburn!

(Just a couple more comments until my big 1-0-0-0! Holy cow!)

28 days down; 2 to go.

Burnin' Up!

Ever since the scorching of the bosom and chest and neck area, I think my body temperature has gone up a couple of degrees.

(If you're sitting here wondering what scorching I'm talking about, just scroll down a couple of entries. I'm too lazy to post the link because that would require effort.)

There we go.

(And I am absolutely not nekkid, by the way. I was wearing a skirt shoved around my boobs like a dress because it hurt too much to wear anything with straps. Oh, and for the obligatory blog shot too, of course.)

Back to the sunburn.

My skin is hot to the touch.
It hurts to sleep, especially on the left side.
I winced last night everytime Jase accidently brushed past it.
My key chain banged against it whenever I moved today.
I break into a sweat everytime I move.
I literally sweated through my shirt at gym today.

Is it possible that this evil sunburn has actually fucked with my body temperature? Because today was lovely weather, under 30o celcius. And tomorrow? Is predicted to be over 40o celcius.

Perhaps I should attach a bucket to my forehead or something.

Diagnose me, people. Is a day off work in the cards?

P.S. Am totally okay. Thanks for the love and support in the last post, there was a bit of an incident with Jason and myself, but we have sorted it out. Here's hoping the future works itself out, because I do love that boy very, very much.

P.P.S. Bridget Jones is my idol.

27 days down; 3 to go!

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