Wacom Intuos: a review

Do your kids love to draw? If you've got a Creative Kid like Georgia, you need to check out the Wacom Intous - it's the perfect tool to get those imaginations running! We've been playing with it this past week, and it's been an absolute breeze to use.  

All you need to do is connect your Intuos pen tablet to your PC or Mac, get your kiddos all set up, and you're good to go! It's a great, visual way for your kiddos to create, draw and explore, and really encourages creativity. 

You can start simple with younger kids, and take it to the next levels when your children are older - the options are endless! Georgia decided to draw up her own pamphlet on looking after the ocean... completely of her own accord. It was a great conversation starter too! 

I love seeing how their minds work when they have the creative freedom, and the resources, to do what they love!

Did you know you can use your $100 Creative Kids Voucher on a Wacom Intuos of your own? 

Now's the perfect time to redeem it before the year runs out. Make sure you visit Wacom Australia and snap one up today - what will your tiny humans create on theirs?

Need some ideas on how to keep the kids entertained while at home - perhaps over the upcoming school holidays? Visit the Wacom Blog to read more!

Breathe Gently was provided with a complimentary Intuos from Wacom Australia for review - all reviews are my own. If you are interested in a product review appearing on Breathe Gently, please email me. #gifted #sponsored

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