23 weeks + 6 days

I'm finally feeling her.. really feeling her! Still not all day long, but night times, oh my. We play music and she loves it - so do I.

For so long we ached for another baby. For so long I was scared that we wouldn't get that chance again. For so long I feared that our pregnancy with Georgia, as beautiful and uneventful as it was, was to be our last, and that we would never get to experience this again.

And here we are years later, and it's happening again. I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow. Pregnant. Another baby wedged firmly in my tummy, full of hope and potential and excitement and change. I can't believe we're here.

The anxiety doesn't get better; I don't think it will ease until this little lady is here in our arms. But I don't want to forget this pregnancy, as scary as it's been... because we have been waiting for it, and it's here now.

Every wiggle, every ache and pain, every time I look down at my belly... I am savouring every minute.

Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula: Sponsored Post

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Have you ever heard of Dairy Goat Formula? If you're anything like me, the answer will be 'no'.

But what I have heard from multiple mum friends and relatives, is that if you have a child with digestive issues, it can be virtually impossible to find the right formula to supplement your baby's nutritional needs.

With another little one on the way, I keenly took the opportunity to research this new product on the market. While I was able to breastfeed my daughter successfully until she turned 12 months old {and what a battle that was!} I know that each baby is different, so seeking out alternates for infant and toddler formula is just one way that I can be prepared.

What IS this product?

Oli6 is proudly Australian made and owned, dedicated to educating people about Goat's Milk Formula.

While breast is best, it's suitable for babies from birth to toddlerhood, so if you're a new Mum - or perhaps a Mum who is interested in weaning onto formula or supplementing their diet, there's a product for every stage.
  • Oli6 Dairy Goat Infant Formula - Stage 1 – From birth to 6 months
  • Oli6 Dairy Goat Follow On Formula - Stage 2 – 6 - 12 months
  • Oli6 Dairy Goat Toddler Formula - Stage 3 – 12 - 36 months 
Where can I get it?

You can sign up and order directly from their website, or alternatively can source a local chemist supplier in your area.

Why should I try it?

There are quite a few benefits that I've found that make this product worth trialling with your little one.
  • We all hear about how breastfeeding is best when possible, but there are many situations where breastfeeding does not work out, where mixed feeding becomes essential or when your breastfeeding journey comes to an end. It can often be a challenge to find the right formula to suit your baby's tummy though, which is why Goat's Milk Formula could be the answer - the natural prebiotic oligosaccharides are structurally closer breast milk than regular cow's milk. Not only that, the protein and fat found in goat's milk are less complex and easier to break down.
  • It naturally contains a variety of vitamins & minerals: Vitamin A for vision and sight (46% more than cow’s milk), Vitamin C for development and growth (37% more than cow’s milk), Magnesium for development and growth (33% more than cow’s milk) & Calcium for teeth and bones (10% more than cow’s milk)
  • It's made and produced here in Australia, and it's great to support locally owned products. This is especially important in the current market, where formula shortages are happening often. And.. they are a sustainable company, committed to reducing their carbon footprint - with all packaging being recyclable. 
  • They are currently running a $10 cashback scheme, so now is as good a time as any to try it out! 
What did I learn?

First up, I assumed that this formula would only be suitable for little ones with allergies or tummy troubles - but it's actually suitable for all infants!

I was also surprised to read about the digestive health advantages within goat's milk, and I can really see how it would be a nice, gentle transition from breastmilk for tiny bellies. Naturally occuring vitamins and minerals and prebiotics are a real bonus. Their slogan is 'The Naturally Smarter Choice' and it really does seem that way.

I'm a huge advocate for animal welfare, and Oli6 is socially committed to the well being of their goats, allowing for free roaming in paddocks - and that makes me happy.
I've definitely broadened my horizons since researching this product, and I'd love to know whether you've tried it/would be interested in trying it too.

Baby #2 - Week 23

How far along: 23 & a half weeks!

How big is baby? A grapefruit.. that doesn't seem very big? Crazy fruits.

Image credit here

Sleep: Not good. I am coming down with cold #3 in this winter season, and not happy about it!

Symptoms: More pimples this week, and a very sore back. And the odd bit of colostrum!

Best moment of this week: We bought our pram! I'll post more about this later, but squee. :)

Miss anything: I miss good antibiotics.

Movement: Baby girl has actually been really quiet this week and freaking me out. Next week's OB appointment can't come soon enough.

Food cravings: I want a banana smoothie with icecream and honey.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Eggs.

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? Cranky and irritated because I'm sick, and because time feels like it's going so slowly.

Looking forward to: Viability in just a few more days... come on baby! And an OB visit next week too.


Baby #2 - Week 22

How far along: 22 and a bit weeks.

How big is baby? As heavy as a papaya or as long as an ear of corn, apparently!

Image credit here

Sleep: Sleep hasn't been too bad. I'm feeling tired all the time, so I'm just going with it.

Symptoms: Feeling bloated this week, and a few nasty pimples popping out. No fun!

Best moment of this week: I booked into our hospital and filled out all the paperwork, so it feels a bit more real now. We'll skip classes this time around, but we'll still get to do a tour in the coming weeks.

Miss anything: Nope - feeling very grateful.

Movement: Still thuds way down in my pelvis, which I assume are from her feet... I reckon still breech.

Food cravings: I had my craving (chicken and mushroom sauce) for our anniversary dinner, so I'm feeling super chilled out this week. Not really feeling like much of anything, actually. Maybe some fudge.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Anything with lamb. *barf*

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? Still worried that something might go wrong, but trying to be positive - this week has been a little all over the place. Excited to see the weeks go by, but wishing it would go a little faster.

Looking forward to: Counting down to viability (a few more weeks to go) as well as my next OB visit in a fortnight's time. I miss the weekly appointments, haha.

The Bump: Here is this week's offering... hrmmm. I felt about the same as last week, but maybe a small pop?

21 weeks + 5 days

The little lady is still breech, no movement at all from last fortnight. Frank breech, with her butt above my cervix.

I know there's still time for her to move, but man.. when my kids are stubborn, they're stubborn. From 20 weeks, G was head down and low low low and she didn't budge. Makes me think that this one might be the same, just the wrong way around!
It wouldn't worry me, except that because of my history of spontaneous labour slightly early (36+4) it would be too early to do the hard-core manual moving... so my OB warned me that we might have to have the c-section talk over the coming months.
Of course, that put me into a bit of a panic - I was so hoping for a do-over of the last birth & a c-section wasn't part of that plan. But that said, it's early, there's time (I hope!) and at the end of the day, getting this little girl here with us is what's important.
(Although her head seems a bit squished and smaller than usual in today's measurements - and a quick Google said that apparently being in the breech position can skew the results. Gah!)
Here she is sitting upright, with her butt firmly down and arms and legs wiggling around her face. Cheeky wee thing! 
Can you make out the tangle of limbs?
I suspect there will be a fair bit of googling in my future, for ways to encourage baby movement! :) 

Baby #2 - Week 21

How far along: 21 weeks & change.

How big is baby? Crunch, crunch. We're as big as a carrot now! :)

Image credit here

Sleep: Oh, we are back to lots of lovely sleep this week. The only negative is that I can't sleep comfortably on my stomach now, and I'm not a great side sleeper.. gotta get used to this again.

Symptoms: A few lightning bolts to the crotch this week, and a sore belly - I think it's stretching. I also am having a lot of painless Braxton Hicks already (is that early?) particularly when I flip side to side.

Best moment of this week: A few tiny pokes, which makes me smile. I've also been tackling the spare room and I can almost see its shape for a new nursery coming along. Excited to use Georgia's things again.

Miss anything: I miss being able to get up and down quickly.. I keep forgetting, and ouch!

Movement: Slowly but (hopefully) surely! I tend to feel movement mostly at night, which seems on par for babies at this stage. Still very sporadic, but it's so nice starting to feel her.

Food cravings: I want a certain meal at a certain restaurant, and that's it: grilled chicken with mushroom sauce at Rashay's. It makes my mouth water just typing that.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just meat cooking.

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? Up and down like a yo-yo! Starting to think ahead, and prepare a little more. I've also decided to dive headfirst into the baby's future room while I'm feeling good... so hopefully this makes it all feel more real.

Looking forward to: Today's OB visit (I want to see baby girl again!) and our wedding anniversary this coming Saturday. 5 years married, 14 years together, and I'm so bloody lucky to have him.

The Bump: I feel about the same as the last few weeks.

20 weeks + 5 days

While there's still a lonnnnnng way to go, I'm finding myself starting to think ahead to the coming months. I have to say, it's a nice change from living hour by hour, or even just getting through one day at a time. I still look forward to clocking the weeks off as they come, but.. it's now the second half of pregnancy, that's something to get excited about!

I'm about to dive into sorting all of Georgia's old baby clothes. I also need to make a list of items we do still need to buy for this baby. The big ticket items are a new car-seat and a new pram (as I HATED my old pram!) as well as a second baby monitor, as we are still using one in G's big girl room. We have borrowed a baby swing this time around, and I already have a Rock n Play, a little baby chair, a cradle and all nursery furniture leftover from last time. 
While having another girl is all sorts of fantastic, I do feel a little sad that 99% of her things will be hand-me-downs. Great for the thrifty side in me, but kind of sad for bebe girl #2. That said, I'm allowing myself to splurge on a few new things for her. :)
I know she's not going to know or care one way or the other, but I just want her to know how loved she is, how much we fought for her, how important she is to us. Sure, the big baby shower was all about celebrating Georgia {and how lucky we were to have her!} but ... this wee one is no less special, just because the preparations for her arrival are a little more low-key.
I was thinking of perhaps inviting a few girlfriends to a high tea or little luncheon later on in the pregnancy, to celebrate her impending arrival. As I said, it's still a while away yet, but something to think about.

I'm so excited for this new little person to join our family, all going well, and I just want to share that with the world! 

Baby #2 - Week 20

Bring on the second half of pregnancy!

How far along: 20 weeks + 3 days

How big is baby? So instead of measuring from crown to rump, baby can now be measured from head to toe - so all of a sudden, she seems a lot bigger. The size of a banana, wow!

Image credit here

Sleep: The nights have just started getting colder {finally - Autumn, where have you been?} and that means nice, snuggly nights under the blankets.

Symptoms: Not a lot this week. Things have been fairly quiet, except for the discharge. Ew.

Best moment of this week: I filled out the hospital pre-admission forms, and now wait to be called for our official check-in and orientation. Do we really get to have a baby in a hospital this year?

Miss anything: Still with the scalding hot baths.

Movement: Sadly, it's still pretty much non-existent. I did fall asleep on my stomach last night, and wake up to one, two, three little ninja jabs - maybe I was squishing her? Nothing since, though.

Food cravings: Salt and vinegar chips, please.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing this week, feeling pretty much normal!

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? I'm back to being a little bit flat. Happy to be into Week 20, hopeful that baby girl is doing ok in there, sad that my belly isn't as obvious because of my usual pudge, nervous that baby isn't moving as much as she should be.

Looking forward to: Getting through another week, since I have an OB booked in for next week.

The Bump: Not a great deal of change this week. Also... pasty.

20 weeks!

Today is 20 weeks - we've officially reached the halfway point. Now THAT is something worth celebrating.

Just look how far we've come! :)

19 weeks + 5 days

Here we are, muddling our way to the halfway point.

Since the morphology scan, I've been feeling pretty crampy and having lots of discharge. (Ah, the joys of pregnancy!) Last night the cramping really ramped up - I hardly slept, had maxed out on water and Panadol, and really struggled to stay calm through it all. Combine those symptoms with a lack of movement, and I was feeling pretty stressed out this morning.
Thankfully I have the most wonderful of Obstetricians (and his lovely staff) who are always accommodating when it comes to my anxiety - and so I popped in for an impromptu visit to check on the baby. She was fine, hanging out and fast asleep, heart racing away at 155bpm.
He is going to start me on fortnightly visits a little early, and will be keeping an eye on my cervix measurement. It's not bad at the moment, but it's worth keeping an eye on. Since the baby seems to be doing fine, I think it's probably more for my peace of mind than anything else, but I appreciate it all the same.
The newest development? Baby has flipped bum-down into the Breech position, and her butt is quite literally pressing over my cervix - which could well be the reason for the pressure and cramping. Please tell me that she has plenty of time to flip head down over the coming weeks, right? Breech was never even on my radar, I've been more worried about getting through each week as it comes! 
Now.. how about some more little pictures from last week's morphology scan?
My littlest lady, just hanging out and being cute. 
Hiding her face behind her hands. And a leg off to one side for good measure.
Practicing ' the Thinker' pose.. she was opening her mouth & sucking on her fingers.

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