The End of an Era

 It’s the end of an era. There will be no more babies in this household. 

I’ve thrown out the expired ovulation kits, the clunky old fertility monitor, the countless pee cups and even the stash of IVF medications living in my back fridge that I was too superstitious to discard until now.

This week marks the official end of our journey to parenthood. Now, it’s all about the journey THROUGH parenthood.

To those still struggling, hoping, grieving or worrying, you are strong. I’ll never forget this phase of our lives - where it taught us to be bigger, stronger, wiser, kinder on a path that nobody should have to face.

To those who supported me over the years, the excitement, the frustration, the jealousy. Through the darkest days of my life. Through the most joyous days of my life. To the ones who sobbed with me after we lost our babies. To the ones who cheered on a positive ovulation stick, who picked me up after yet another failed cycle. To the ones who celebrated our pregnancies even while going through their own journeys. You are the strong ones.

I will hug my girls tight every single day, and know that I’m going to raise them into their own strong warrior women, who will know how much we fought for them, and how much we love them.

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