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I'm breaking this post into chunks today, folks.


I'm at 43 working days. The processing time at the moment is 45 working days. I'm so close that panic mode has set in. I'm reading horror stories online of rejections. I'm pleading with everyone I know to start using the positive powers of 'The Secret'. I'm racking my brains to think of anything I forgot to include in my application, even though I know I checked it a bazillion times. I'm thinking of ways I will be unleashing my rage to HSBC in London if my application is rejected because of their refusal to sign my bank statements. I'm biting all of my nails off. I'm checking my emails so much, I fear I've got Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I'm reaching the end of my tether. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an outcome next week. A positive one, of course.

A warning to innocently curious friends and family members? If you ask me if I've heard anything about the Visa, I may explode. When I know, you'll know. Heck, both HEMISPHERES will know. The entire solar system will know. Trust me.


I managed to keep myself busy this past week, that's for sure.

Rewinding a few weeks, I found out that my cousin had won tickets to a Kings of Leon gig. I've been saying for months that I wanted to go to a KOL show after hearing rave reviews, and they have been sold out everywhere - even back in London! He was kind enough to sell me his tickets, so Kirby drove up the coast from Sydney to Newcastle with me to check out the show. The guys, they were amazing. I thoroughly recommend you check them out, if you have the chance. The sex was on fire.

A mere two days later, Julie flew up from Melbourne to see The Fray with Kirby and I. We queued for ages to get a good standing spot in front of the stage, and had an amazing view, albeit surrounded by annoying twelve year old girls trying to push through to the front row. All was well, I had my best linebacker stance down-pat, until some idiotic guys decided to create a crowd surge in the moshpit during the opening Secondhand Serenade set. After being stubborn for a good while, we eventually gave in and went and got a beverage, finding a more age-appropriate spot to watch The Fray - complete with room to breathe! The guys were as good as I remembered from the first time I saw them, and have cemented themselves as one of my all-time favourite bands.

Next week, I'm heading into the city with my Momma, to see her favourite band on the planet - Counting Crows! I'm excited to see them, as I missed out last time. It'll be fun to see her being the screaming fan for a change. Pictures to come, I'm sure.


One of my favourite bloggers, The Casual Perfectionist, has been blogging about her 30-Day Shred adventure. After doing some Googling of my own, I decided it looked like a challenge I'm interested in - especially after plateauing majorly over the last few months. My 30-Day Shred DVD hopefully arrives this week, so watch this space.


Well, there's really not much gossip. The boy is so busy working that I doubt he's noticing my absence. I've been missing Oscar loads lately, even though my precious Bailey-pup is a joy to be around. Everytime I'm in the vicinity of a cat, I miss my little man. It's this time of night that I miss his company the most - where I'm tucked up on the lounge or in bed, laptop handy, cat snuggled under my arm. Before we left, I bought an automatic cat feeder to try out for any times Jason was working late or away from home, and apparently it's a little disperse-happy. The last pictures I got sent, show Oscar with a pooch belly! He's back on the slimming cat food now, bless him.


The best part about being here at this time of year, is that I've managed to stick around for a fair few people's birthdays. Julie's birthday. Kirby's birthday. My Aunty Kim's birthday. Nanna's birthday. And as of next Monday, my Momma's birthday. If all goes well Visa-wise, I'll miss out on Ajay & Dad's birthdays, but I'm sure they'll understand - everyone around me knows how desperate I am to go back to London.

It's been so hard catching up with people while I've been here: not because I'm super busy, but because I'm car-less. People have been awesome. They've taken the time and effort to come by when they can, to shuttle me around to places, to spend time with me when they're free. It's been, by far, the best thing about this extended holiday.

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Jewls said...

Hey, good to hear from you again, and yay for you getting to see The Fray. I once saw them in Manchester when they did an opening for The Feeling, which was nice. And now their album is on rotation in my Ipod-thingy. :)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!
Try to stay positive.

Lindz said...

Hi hi hi! I havent been by in far too long. Your visa bit did a great job of stressing me out as well as it brought back memories of when I had to do the whole visa bit. You'll be fine, just keep telling yourself that. The mere fact that you are so worked up means that you'll be fine!!!

Be prepared for the Shred. I do it too. I don't usually do 30 days in a row though, I like to spread the love among running and other activities to allow myself to recover.

julie said...



Operation Pink Herring said...

Sending all my good thoughts to you and all my frustration to the red-tape slingers. AHH! So in two days you can start calling them every hour, right?

katelin said...

glad you're keeping yourself busy as you wait, i know i would be getting antsy too. but my fingers are crossed for you! good luck!

The Casual Perfectionist said...

Good luck on the visa...and the Shred!! You can do it!! :) You'll have to write about it, because, I must say...that's one thing that has kept me going. :)

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