A Swiss Photo Challenge.

I'm back from our Swiss getaway, and have the Lindt choccies in the cupboard to prove it. Ah, bliss. If only every weekend were a long weekend . . .

So, as promised, I'm going to post six pictures today. If all goes well and my blog doesn't explode, I'll put a poll down the bottom, and you can cast your <extremely important> vote. In a couple of days time, I'll check out the stats, and reveal a winner! It's all very exciting, as I'm sure you can already tell.

(I'm not entirely sure if we've decided what the winner will get yet. I propose that if I am deemed the winner, I'll get unlimited hair brushing sessions for the rest of my days. I also propose that if Jason wins, he'll get the chance to provide these unlimited hair brushing sessions for the rest of my days. I'm sure he'll be pleased.)

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Picture 6:

And now, if my little polling gizmo-gadget loaded properly, cast your votes if you will!

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heidikins said...

Gaaaah! You're supposed to have a clear-cut winner! Not three that are AwesomeSauce!


katelin said...

oh i love these all. so pretty.

Katie said...

Voted! They are all so pretty but a couple of them really catch my eye. I wonder who took them? :P

LaLa said...

three and Four were equal faves but as I had to pick one I picked Four, it looks like a postcard. Is that waterfalls I can see?

Jessy said...

I really liked 2 and 4, but since I had to choose I picked numero dos! Hopefully you took that one ;).

kirby said...

If thats the prize, perhaps you took all of them ?! ;) I jest.

I voted. I used my outstanding superior smrt photography skillz too.

Julz said...

*wails* is hard to pick :( buuuut, i picked number 3 :)

Erin said...

Gorgeous! They are all amazing, but I chose #3.

Blake said...

I picked number 6. Due to the fact that it rocked my socks.

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