Maybe I'll Enjoy It One Day?

I've joined a gym.

I'm always really, really cynical about joining gyms - you get sucked into paying for a yearly contract, the novelty wears off quickly, I never seem to get the results I want.. but I think that joining this time around was the right thing for me.

The gym we've chosen is a Virgin Active gym, and is a 5 minute walk from our place. There's really no excuse of it being too far away now, because I can visit on my way home. Secondly, well, the Summer is coming. I don't get school holidays now that I'm working in Recruitment, but our hours will be reduced from 9-6:30 to 9-4. It's the perfect time to get moving, since I'll have a little extra time to myself.

As for goals? Well, obviously I'm there to lose weight. I never got around to mentioning, but I got myself through all 30 days of Jillian's Shred, and while I definitely felt stronger (hello, biceps!) I didn't notice any particular drops in my weight. That being said, I had an initial weigh-in at the gym, and I am less than what I thought I was (though still drastically NOT healthy), so maybe it did jolt me into action.

I'm also there to avoid laziness. Some people are extroverts, always out socialising, out exploring, out hanging around with friends. Over here, as much as I love the city, I'm just as likely to head straight to the comfort of home, chill out with Jason, or head for the internet. Now that I have this gym membership, I can still do all those things - but just not as much. I think that's a good thing.

My biggest worry is burning myself out or losing interest, so I'm not under any false pretenses with expecting myself to work out every day. I'm aiming for every other day, but if I miss a day here and there, so be it. The gym itself is pretty nice - it's in an old, converted school building and has a really nice feel to it. When you sign up, you have an induction with a personal trainer who sets up a program for you - my trainer was lovely and made me feel much better about being there, surrounded by fit people.

(Honestly... fit people in gyms freak me out.)

So for the next five weeks, I'm going to stick with my programme a few days a week and see how I get on. We'll re-assess it then, and see if it needs changing. If only it weren't so hot... 30o in London over the last few days has meant that I'm hot and sweaty even before I start working out. I'm also planning on being brave, and going to one of the Aqua Aerobics classes on offer at the pool this weekend, if I don't chicken out about being in swimmers in front of people. We'll see how that goes...

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Jess said...

I just joined a gym this week, too, and I'm going to my first water aerobics class tomorrow morning! I'm very excited. So far I'm loving the gym... it's $30/month, no contract, and it has a fabulous pool, and it's a five-minute drive from our house. I've been there every day since I joined swimming laps and I feel stronger already. I think in a month or so I'm going to try out one of their trainers, too.

Plus, as an added bonus, even the scary fit people aren't really that scary, and there are lots of not-fit looking people there, too. It's definitely not a meat market type gym.

Julie said...

I'm rooting for you!
I'm going back to the gym myself next week.
Let's hope I can stick to it!

imfb said...

Fit people in gyms freak you out? You are a funny one!

LaLa said...

Do you know, I actually do quite enjoy it now. Sure there are some things I should probably try and enjoy more (hello.. cardio machines.. most boring things in the world!)

I've had a look at the classes yours offers (erm.. I am dork) it's go so many you lucky duck!!
I love RPM and body pump so I defo recommend you give them a burl. And don't feel guilty if you want to take a day off, just make sure you go again your next scheduled day!

Powerplate and Street Dance! Jelus!

Julz said...

I want some of your dedication to exercise. I'm far too lazy for it, and thus, am entirely unfit.

If you want to keep it interesting, maybe change it up once in a while and do a different exercise class? Or maybe go to the gym with a friend you don't see all that often, then you can use the time to socialise a tad - to keep your mind off the fact that zomg you're exercisssinnngggg and it's boooooringggg. lol

kirby said...

Thirty degrees is COMFORTABLE. You've been in London too long. :p

Jason said...

What a great blog you have here. I can't believe I haven't spotted it out before. I was wondering if we could exchange links with my humor blog. Maybe I'll enjoy it one day? lol

Let me know.


Gerdchen said...

I kow those gym disasters too. I tried so many years to lose weight but lost always interests too soon.

step by step directions said...

"My biggest worry is burning myself out or losing interest, so I’m not under any false pretenses with expecting myself to work out every day. I’m aiming for every other day, but if I miss a day here and there, so be it."

You should not work out every day because your muscles need time to recover. Every other day will be fine.

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