I'm Always Right.

Well, hello there.

I survived and I'm back in Australia - sadly free of an upgrade, thanks to a full plane with about a thousand (slight exaggeration?) passengers on board. Almost 24 hours later and without even a hint of sleep, I staggered into Sydney airport, looking slightly worse for wear and then had to endure the panic of waiting at the luggage belt for almost an hour.

(I swear, my suitcase is always the VERY last one to come out on the belt. Every time. It gives me heart palpitations. I'm sure it's since I am super early on every flight, so my suitcase is at the bottom of the pile... but I get incredibly nervous waiting around for it while everyone else has theirs. All good though. The suitcase got there in the end.)

I managed to get a good eight hours of sleep last night and mum and I were off in the early hours to get started on the wedding venue search. The first place we saw was okay - but really was just okay. It had ugly carpet and pink curtains (gag) that wouldn't match any of the colours I had in mind... and was in a historic house, so had its share of interesting quirks. It wasn't the one, but it was only the first visit so not too worried about that.

We also ventured right into Sydney city to visit another venue; one I've been super excited about for weeks now, as its location is AMAZING. It's literally right under the Harbour Bridge and it's got an amazing view! We arrived early and had a walk around in the sunshine and stopped for some lunch in The Rocks, heading back to the venue just shy of our 2pm appointment time.

This is where things went pear shaped.

There was a function on inside, and so we had to ask a staff member for help - so they sent out the manager. He turned us away.


(Pause for dramatic effect.)

I told him about the appointment that was booked, and he told me that I couldn't possibly have had one, as there were functions on in both rooms and that it was impossible to go in and view them. I tried to get the email up on my iPhone while we were talking, but my lovely phone decided not to turn on, which was very helpful. Manager-guy also told me that the venue co-ordinator was away on holidays that weekend, sorry,so it must have been wrong and no, you really can't come in today.

And that was it! Talk about a let-down.

I walked away furious and may have had my first Bridezilla moment in the car on the way home - because what a waste of time, money, tolls, parking tickets! My stinking iPhone decided to turn on then and hey, GUESS WHAT THE EMAIL SAID? Let me give you a clue.

Something along the lines of 'Hi, 2pm is confirmed, I'll be away but there will be someone there to give you an inspection, just walk inside and ask any staff member. Here's our address, and see you then, kthxbye.' (It may have been slightly wordier than that. And with better grammar.)

So, blah.

It doesn't help that I had my hopes up that this was the venue. The one where you walk inside and just know that this is where you can see yourslf getting married. This is where you can picture people sitting, and this is what it'll be like. The one that can convince you to stop looking elsewhere and be happy with what you've got.

(I know, I know, high hopes for Day One, but that's kind of why I planned this visit at the very beginning.)

Not even getting a look inside the door was just plain mean. Plus, the manager guy gave me a look. Not just any look, a look. The kind of look as if to say, 'Sorry lady, you're wrong and I'm busy... please leave.' And seriously! I was right! I knew I was right! I am the world's most organised planner - so when I say I have an appointment, I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT. Geez!

Not a great start to the fortnight of wedding extravaganza, but it's early days yet - and I'm so happy being back here. How could you not be when you are visiting a city this beautiful?

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Mrs. Higrens said...

Congratulations on your safe arrival with luggage intact.

As for the second event location, I think a right sharply worded letter to the person who set up the appointment is in order. I hope this is the only appointment like this so you've gotten the drama over early.

Jess said...

Oh, that's awful! I would send a sharply worded email to both the person who set up the appointment AND the guy who sent you away, if you know his name. Because that's just bad business.

I know you'll find somewhere lovely, though!

Britt said...

How irritating! With poor organizational skills like that, you don't want to get married there anyways. The next ones will be better! :)

Becky said...

Hooray for luggage - boo for that snotty idiot manager guy! I guess that's a sign as it would not be the place seeing as how they treat people - it just means you'll be getting married somewhere twice as amazing!

Becs said...

What an ass. It's probably best to know now how he treats people instead of later when you are already committed to using the venue. Let me tell you from experience, using a venue that is disorganized and has poor customer service is a NIGHTMARE. Strike that one off your list and move on.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, terrible! Send an email back to the person, and anyone else in a managerial position who's email you can get ahold of, and describe exactly what happened AND how rude the guy was! If nothing else, it'll let coworkers know he's an ass. And maybe they'll find a way to reschedule you for the next few days? Or better yet, some other venue will be more perfect and you can just turn your back on them altogether! Probably a better option since it doesn't sound like they have much organization or communication going on between employees. Ugh. Good luck!!!

Lindz said...

Venue searching is so stressful. I think it was the worst part of planning our wedding. But, once you finally commit to one, it's a huge relief and your wedding finally starts to have an identity which is exciting! Then you just have to get over the stress associated with price tags ;) Hang in there girl, the fun is just beginning and it's all so very exciting!

K said...

I had a simiar experience when planning our engagement party.
I got out my function pack with their manager's name on it and sent a very polite but snarky email - I ended up having the manager on the phone to me offering a string of apologies and bending over backwards to organise my party... but I'd already booked somewhere else :-)
She was nice, but her staff were useless.

If I were you, I would forward the original email back to the manager as proof, and say "well, your loss... and I won't be recommending you to others."

Fuzzy Cert said...

I'm mad at them for you. That sucks. I wanted to smack that guy for you. Stupid guy. Sucks.

I'm still talking about the noodles from last night. NOMNOMNOM.

Anonymous said...

How frustrating! The venue is not worth your time or money if you aren't going to be treated the right way OR if they can't get THEIR appointments straight!

Karen said...

I've already told you how ridiculous I believe they were. I hope you will at least get an apology when you complain about it today. Ungh!
However, I'd also worry about them getting something wrong about your wedding if they cannot remember their appointments with potential customers. Unless of course it is *the* location.

Lacey Bean said...

I would write a letter of complaint. To whoever you scheduled the appointment with, or the general manager themselves. I made an appointment with the venue we wound up going with, and the guy took the day off! But the owner was right there, and was smart enough to take us on the tour and give us all the info we needed - plus free dessert goodies! Definitely helped seal the deal!

LaLa said...

Welcome home sweetpea! I didn't even realise you posted (twice) as Bloglines keeps telling me (about every 10 minutes) that you have 25 new posts (yes, 25) and then I click... and nothing. I figured it had something to do with old posts porting over but tres weird, huh?

As for the venue Manager, well... just think of the "service" that would have welcomed you on your big day if that's his sort of attitude. Some people just suck..

Love you, love you, can't wait to see you!


heidikins said...

Oh goodness, I'm so sorry! My only assvice (unsolicited advice) is that next time there is any snafu in wedding planning, just throw the "look, I'm here from ENGLAND and only have a very short time to make any decision. Is there anyway you can help me want to choose your venue/company/service for my wedding day?".


Aimee said...

That's sucky! I agree though - if that's the way they treat potential clients, it may not be worth it to have to deal with them as a venue. I hope you find something even more amazing and with awesome customer service. You're bride - you deserve it. But then, I'm totally biased. lol

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