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Today's guest is another Aussie blogger, Carly from Everyone Wants This. She's a talented writer, hosts multiple blogs and is a soon-to-be Early Childhood teacher extraordinaire. You should definitely pay her a visit sometime. 

If you aren't attempting to lose weight, losing weight or thinking about losing weight, then you are one of about 5% of the female population of the world. Universe even. I know it is something that I think about. Often too. Just the other day I was thinking, "Crap I shouldn't have eaten that" or "I really need to start exercising again". Why?

Well you see, at 170cm tall I currently weigh at least 90 kilos {maybe a little less if I am lucky - that's what it was two weekends ago}. I haven't weighed myself since. I was incredibly disappointed in myself. You see, that is what I weighed in JANUARY! And on the 23rd of July, a mere seven days before my birthday, I weighed my lowest since January. I weighed in at 84.3kgs. I was proud. I was nearly at the 70 kilo mark. Okay, I was a long way off, but it was closer than it is now. But the problem is that 70kgs is not my goal. 65kgs is. I will probably assess when I get to 70kgs though. I am not one for loving the stick-figure look and will probably be healthy at a size 10.

Most people comment "Oh, you couldn't be 90kgs" or "You carry it well" and yes, I do. I have the height to my advantage. Not only that but when I have put on those six-ish kilos, I don't think they went back to my tummy. I think that they ended up on my boobs. Which I dislike enough as it is.

I cannot wear those lowcut tops without showing off my massive cleavage. Which I will not lie is not always a bad thing. I do love them. But sometimes, when I am in a changeroom , attempting to pull a size 14 {and up} or large/extra large top on and they don't fit because of my boobs, I feel a little disheartened.

I think back to the days when I didn't have to worry about them. You know, back before puberty hit. You see, my boobs didn't arrive until I was 18. I did get my period though at 14, so go figure. And I loved them when I was 18. and 19. and 20. and 21. and 22. and 23. Okay, so I do still love them I did point that out. We just have a love/hate relationship.

This isn't what I came here to talk about though. It seems that everyone is wanting to lose weight for someone else or to conform to society. And I really hope that you aren't. I know someone quite close that has had a major operation for a boy. A boy! It upsets me a little, because she is truly gorgeous at times and really, what is a little extra weight.

For me, my mum and children at school can and have been extremely mean. Not only do I have red hair but I also had extra flab. A little too much at times. I was still a happy kid but boy, it has impacted on my view of what is pretty. I have never considered myself pretty. Ever

Then this day happened. And it made me realise that I don't need to lose weight to be pretty. I want to lose weight for me and only me. So, when anyone asks me why I want to lose weight, it is simple: It is so that I am healthy, can run and play with the children without being out of breath, and can feel pretty in my own skin. 

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terra said...

I've always had a love/hate relationship with my boobs too. I prayed for them when I was a kid and then, at 16 they showed up. In a big, boob-acious way. I always have to go up a size because of them and there are so many things I can't wear because of them.

But I love them. I do. Usually.

Emily Jane said...

"It seems that everyone is wanting to lose weight for someone else or to conform to society" - so true. Society is a scary power, and though I recognise by wanting to conform I contribute to feeding it power - but I can't seem to stop.

Great post - thanks for raising awareness on this issue.

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