One Month

Georgia is one month old. One month! I can't believe that only 28 days ago, I gave birth to this tiny, squirming little person - it feels like it happened just yesterday and a million years ago, all at the same time.

Since she was technically premature, we're always going to be in limbo with her birth age vs her adjusted age. She's one month old in terms of her birth, but her adjusted age is actually only 5 days - so while this doesn't show up as anything drastic now, it just means that as she grows, she may hit her 'milestones' at a slightly different pace to other children at her birth age. But really, she was right on the borderline of that magical 37 week age, so I'm not too concerned yet. We'll deal with those things as we come to them.
This month Georgia has:
  • Spent a week in the Special Care Nursery before coming home, for good.
  • Met her grandparents {on both sides}, her great-grandparents & her very special great-grandmother. She's also met her Uncle and Aunty, and had lots of lovely visitors here at home. She's a loved little lady.
  • Had licks from her two kitties & supervised visits with Spencer through the back door.
  • Went for her first walk in the pram. :)
  • Officially discovered her lungs. Our sweet and quiet newborn is being replaced by a rather feisty wee thing.
  • Suffered through her first cold & GP visit - she's still snuffly and congested now, which is hard to listen to.
  • Figured out how to breastfeed {with a shield} and is doing well on an all breast milk diet.
  • Bypassed her birth weight, and is hopefully continuing to pile on the pounds.
  • Continued wearing 0000/newborn clothing - so tiny.
  • Been working on her tummy time and is working on her fitness - she has crazy strong neck muscles!
We are so very much in love with her & are learning new things about her every day. She is just the cutest thing.
You can see all of Georgia's week by week pictures by clicking here.

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Mrs Green Grass said...

So cute! She's skinny like Dylan. Hopefully they'll both be chubs soon! :)

Jade said...

Such a beautiful girl!

Sarah said...

a month! ALREADY! oh em gee.
cant wait to hear all her progresses! shes so lovely!

Court said...

Can I just reach through the computer screen and give her a big kiss! She's so beautiful and I don't think you'll have to worry too much about milestones. She's perfect in every way, Aly!

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