8 Little Embryos

We found out today that we have eight embryos that were suitable for freezing.
Today is day 4, so I'm assuming they have frozen them as morulas. Because our clinic is closed on weekends, they unfortunately weren't able to grow and freeze them to blastocysts as we'd hoped. They've assured me that they've had good success spotting good embryos between days 4-5 to freeze and eventually thaw, but it still makes me nervous.
Let's face it.. ALL frozen cycles make me nervous!
That said... this is it for us again for a while - we're back at the waiting game again.
Waiting for a bleed, post egg pick-up & no transfer. Waiting for a pill cycle, and then another bleed. Waiting to start another HRT FET, hopefully in October if all goes well. Waiting to transfer one of those 8 embryos.
IVF stim #5, over & out.

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

Yay for 8! I can't believe that your clinic doesn't work on the weekends- really? But hey, they are obviously confident in the embryos and freezing them on day 4 so i wouldn't worry too much. Bring on the bleed!

Jess said...

Eight is a great number! But I'm stunned about the weekend closure. But eight embryos getting nicely to day 4 is great--much better than the last cycle! Everything crossed for you.

Liz said...

8 is awesome!!! Good luck and hoping the time flies.

doahleigh said...

Sounds like I'm just echoing everyone else, but it seems crazy that timing can be so impacted by the fact that the clinic is not open on weekends. Especially if the timing of the freeze is so crucial. But eight is great! I'm sure it all still seems so far away, but I hope one of these little embryos turns into your baby.

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