14 weeks + 6 days

I'm so excited to see the days keep flying by. Some days it feels like its going at a snail's pace, some days they're over before they begin - but each week, I'm looking forward to Saturday, so that I can officially enter the next exciting installment.

A lot of expectant mums that are due around the same time have already reported feeling movement, but things are pretty much non existent over here. I didn't feel anything when I was pregnant with Georgia until around Week 18, from memory - but everyone seemed to swear they felt those flutters earlier with subsequent babies. I don't think having the anterior placenta is going to help matters {especially combined with my pre-existing belly!} but man, I'm itching for some kind of sign that baby is in there and growing well.
Stretching out time between OB appointments is refreshingly normal, but it's also excruciating. How am I supposed to wait another two whole weeks before finding out if she is growing, if she's ok? 
Part of me still can't believe this is still happening. The other part is relishing in every minute. :) 

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Kato Potato said...

Almost 15 weeks!! Too bad about the anterior placenta, but I'm positive baby is fine! :) Hope you can feel her soon enough.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I had an anterior placenta with Izzy and didn't start to feel her until about 19 weeks. This time around I have a posterior placenta but didn't feel baby boy until 18 weeks or so?? I was hoping to feel him earlier but I do think that the extra fat around my belly didn't help. Hopefully you will start to feel her soon!

Jess said...

Waiting for movement is so frustrating. With both kids, I remember thinking that once I could feel the baby kick I would relax, but then the kicks were so inconsistent that it almost made it worse... like I'd feel a kick and then nothing for three days and worry that meant something was wrong... you can't win.

Feisty Harriet said...

I LOVE these update posts, my dear. Love, love, love.


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