On Hating the Car

Some days I think I'm doing okay with the whole 'keeping two small children alive' thing - and some days, I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water.

Throw in two medical procedures in three weeks, and it's been pretty tiring. First Claire's tongue tie, then Georgia's tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy, and we're all still in the recovery phase. It's been full on.
Both girls have come out the other side and are on the mend - which makes all the stress worthwhile. But I'll admit, it's left me feeling a little a whole lot frazzled. This mama needs a drink, a massage & a night out on her own.. stat!
The big kid is a 50/50 mixture of sweetness and attitude, serious attitude. When she's good, she's very very good, but when she's bad... oy. Brace yourself. She can be hard work - and requires a lot of patience.

The little kid is a ball of smooshy squishness and is absolutely adorable. I still can't believe she's here. She's turning out a lot like her sister; in that when she's happy, she's delightful. But when she's not happy? We ALL hear about it. In fact, half the street probably hears about it. Girl's got lungs.
The hardest thing about life with the two girls right now is going anywhere. Not because I can't cope with the two, or that they're hard when they're out - that's going ok for the most part, and getting out of the house is good for everyone. No, it's the way we get there.
You see, Claire hates the car.
Not just dislikes, not just fussy; I'm talking hates it with the intensity of a thousand white-hot suns. Our car rides are filled with ear piercing yells and screams, crying that builds up to fever pitch, that cannot be soothed until she's out of that hell on wheels.
Unfortunately for us, we're in the car a fair bit, especially on the hour round trip to Georgia's daycare. I literally have to brace myself at every traffic light.
I've tried nearly everything I can think of: with additional head support, with the head support removed from the car seat, car shades on the window, lullaby music, white noise on repeat, a mirror for her to see me, dangly toys, no dangly toys, dummy in (doesn't last long), her vibrating elephant doll that acts as a soother, air conditioning on arctic levels to ensure she's not sweating. I've even been to the doctor to make sure she's physically okay - and she's got the all clear.
It doesn't matter if I stop the car to comfort her; nothing works until I actually remove her from the car. And if I cuddle or feed to soothe, it's all well & good... until we get her back in, and she starts all over again. 
Has anyone else had a car-hater? I'm quite prepared to try anything to help her out of this phase. 

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jess @ fushmush said...

My first was a car hater. unfortunately nothing we did fixed the problem. I just got extremely good at timing car trips with naps. She stopped screaming when we turned her forward facing when she was 12 months.

No 2 was also a car hater until he could recognise his sister sitting in the car seat next to him. Once he knew she was he stopped screaming and was happy to stare at her.

dublinerinDeutschland said...

Oh dear, that sounds stressful! I hope she will get used to the car soon. No tips to give I'm afraid.

Candace said...

Chase hated the car too. In fact, even at 17 months, he's still not a huge fan of it. Sometimes rolling down the window helped. And, if nothing else, it helps drown out the screaming.

Britt said...

Nora hates the car too. Moving her from the middle to the side helped a bit, but mostly it's just been time. Sorry mama. I hope it gets better sooner rather than later! Car screaming sucks mucho!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Wesley HATED the car for almost two months. He would SCREAM at the top of his lungs and Izzy would be confused and it would make her upset. We moved the infant insert out of his car seat which helped a little. There was nothing that I could do and it was so stressful! We tried pacifiers, singing, shushing, etc. but I don't think that it was anything that I did- just time. Maybe the reflux medicine helped because his seat was putting him in an awkward position?

So sorry that you have a car hater as well. It's torture!

Jess said...

I've not had a car hater and have no advice, but just wanted to offer sympathy! I've had friends with car haters and it is SO draining. I hope she outgrows it soon!

mary ann said...

My kid had more than one seat she HATED, and there have been ones she's liked as well (we travel/grandma/etc.). So that's all I've got, maybe see if you can borrow a friend's or rent from a vacation rental company in case it's different. My kids are both still rear facing, so the baby can see her sister (or at least the stuff she's playing with), which I think also helps.

Unknown said...

My son HATED the car. It was so awful. My coworker recommended dipping his binky in gripe water and it miraculously worked! I kept a bottle in the car and would dip it and give it to him as I put him in and then I kept it in the front with me and would redip if it fell out. It seriously worked! Maybe worth a shot!

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