Six Months Old

My wee girl is now six months old - and growing into the sweetest little person.

Claire was Christened last weekend, and we combined that with Georgia's birthday party, which was a crazy and busy day - but full of loved ones and happy faces. I still can't believe we have two little girls to celebrate now... how did we get so lucky?

She's learning to sit up now, which is awesome. We've started solid foods, and while I'm wearing more of them than she's actually eating, we're getting there. She was diagnosed with hypermobility and has been on the waiting list for Occupation Therapy, which our initial assessment in a few weeks will hopefully get the ball rolling.

When she sees her sister, her eyes light up. When she's happy, she smiles all the way down to her curly toes. When she laughs, it bubbles up from deep inside. This girl is a delight! ♥

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Feisty Harriet said...

Basically, she is perfect in every way.


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