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Three babies in and I've FINALLY figured out my must-haves for the new baby/infant stage. Times have changed so rapidly between my girls, and products have changed too - but I'm fairly confident that after having Amelia, I've narrowed it down to my all-time favourite goodies. I'm positive I've missed some, so I may just have to add to this list in the future as Amelia grows.

Lactation Cookies & Milk Saver Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is something I've been very lucky to experience with all of my girls, but it certainly doesn't come easily for all of us. Each of my girls has had their own issues - poor latch for Georgia, tongue tie for Claire, and Amelia had to deal with my engorgement and super fast let-down in the beginning stages.

I discovered lactation cookies when I was pregnant with #2 and my amazing SIL baked me a batch in the hospital, but I didn't use them religiously. This time around, I was more prepared! I had my stash of Milky Goodness cookies ready while I was still pregnant, and I've been a fan ever since. Full of natural ingredients and milk-making galactagogues, these babies are delicious and addictive.. be warned.

To go with them, you NEED a milk saver. This thing is worth its weight in gold. It attaches to your breast through simple suction and is really easy to use - I started with it from those first early days with Amelia. While bub is nursing on one breast, just pop it on the other - it catches precious drops from each letdown, instead of it disappearing into a breast pad/your bra. Swap sides and boom - milk! I haven't used an electric pump in the last 11 weeks and I have a freezer drawer full of expressed milk. I wish I had discovered this three babies ago! :)

Aly recommends: Milky Goodness 

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Snuggle Me Organic Lounger

I researched these for months, way before we were even lucky enough to get pregnant with Amelia! They looked so comfortable for little ones to lounge around in, like they were getting a hug from all sides. There are plenty out there on the market, so finding the right one was important to me. I ultimately chose the Snuggle Me because it had excellent reviews, and didn't require any sort of assembly - plus being organic, I felt it was that little bit special against soft baby skin.

Amelia really likes it! I put her in it while we're doing shoots, but also while I'm busy with the other kids. She is currently 12 weeks old and we're also advancing to using it for tummy time too. As newborns, they fit snugly inside it, and as they get taller, their little leggies can prop over the edges - so it grows along with them. Do keep in mind, it is designed for supervised naps.

Handy hint? You can use a regular bassinet sized fitted sheet on these babies, so no need for expensive covers - just use what you already have! The one I've used in the picture here is a jersey stretch bassinet cover over the top of the Infant Lounger.

BIBS Dummies

We are pro-pacifier in this household, but Amelia wasn't having it in the early days. Once we'd established breastfeeding, I was determined to get her comfortable using it. Thankfully with some perseverance, she has taken to them like a champ!

We use BIBS dummies in the size 1, the old school round teat is great for little ones, and you can easily size up when you need them. They come in a wide variety of colours too.

I'd advise getting at least 4 of them - you never want to be without one, especially when you're out and about.

Aly recommends: Oakie Baby 

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Wraps + Swaddles

You'd think that after three babies, I would have already been well versed in using wraps... ha! I have developed a complete obsession with them this time around. We use them for everything. Swaddling, shade covers, wraps, liners for pram bassinets, breastfeeding covers, bedtime blankets, you name it, we've used it.

I'm a huge fan of the Snugglehunny Kids wraps with their gorgeous vibrant prints, but honestly, I've never met a swaddle I didn't love. Whether it's lightweight muslin wraps for the summer, or stretchy jersey wraps for the winter, you're sure to find something you love.

How many wraps is too many wraps? Asking for a friend, of course.

Aly recommends: Little Wellington Co 

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Handmade Playmats + Pram Blankets

When it comes to items that are handmade, I'm a huge supporter - but my favourite handmade clothing stores deserve a post all of their own; I could go on allllll day. What I'd love to share with you though, is a store that not only sells stunning girls' clothing, but also unique handmade playmats and bespoke pram blankets.

I had been looking for a statement piece to put in Amelia's nursery, but also wanted something that could be used around the house and on the go. This floral playmat ticked all the boxes - gorgeous, lightly padded, lightweight and reversible. Did I mention it was handmade? Because OH MY GOSH. It's divine.

This beautiful business is all about slow fashion, so you won't find huge quantities or mass produced pieces - instead, you'll find more unique styles and in limited runs, so don't wait too long if you see something you love.

Aly recommends: Nurture the Nest

Use FIRST for a discount on your first order.

See anything you love? Be sure to pop over and give these small businesses a follow - in these trying times, every little bit of love and support helps. What were YOUR baby essentials?

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