Redsbaby Skip Stroller: a review

Having a baby with hip dysplasia has had its challenges - especially as our journey hasn't been a short one. Finding baby products that are hip-harness friendly has been a huge learning curve for us. Amelia has always worn a Rhino Brace, which keeps her hips abducted by splaying them widely in the correct position - which means that she doesn't necessarily fit into the things the way a regular baby of her age does.

That rang true for her bassinet (which she could not fit comfortably in with the harness on) as well as most regular sleeping bags, and even certain high chairs and prams. 

We were recently sent a Redsbaby Skip Stroller to test drive, especially for those times when Amelia is out and about in her harness. Her current regime is to wear it for all sleeps, including day naps. If we are headed out for the day, it's important that she can still wear it while she is sleeping, to ensure she has the maximum amount of harnessed time as she can. The great news? She fits SO well in this little stroller!

The stroller itself is pretty nifty. It folds and unfolds so easily, and it can literally be carried over your shoulder - it's compact, lightweight and user friendly. This is the perfect travel companion, great for when you don't want your full-sized pram taking up loads of space. And when I say lightweight, I mean lightweight: it only weighs 6.5kg! 

All of the little details are fantastic - beautiful embossed handlebars, stunning fabric on the hood and seat liner, plus a carry handle for when you fold it up and pop it over your shoulder. The hood is extendable with a zipper, and the basket is easy to access and holds up to 5kg weight.

So now you've seen it up close... how about seeing it in action? Amelia and I went for a walk to our local duck pond and gave it a good whirl! She is quite flexible while wearing her harness, so while her legs stay splayed outwards, she is also able to bend them at the knees - so the test was going to be how well she fit into the Skip Stroller while braced.
It worked SO well! She has fallen asleep in this pram on a few occasions now and if you know Amelia... you'll know that sleep is a miracle! Sign that she's comfy, I'd say. :) 

I adjusted the footrest to be up and flat, so her lower limbs were better supported. The seat was reclined to a position that she was comfortable with - something that was as easy as squeezing and pulling. Did I mention that the Skip Stroller has a flat recline option? Perfect for babies of all ages and stages.

If you're after a lightweight option, or a second pram, I highly recommend the Skip. It ticked all of our boxes, and it's the perfect throw-in-the-boot option for all new parents!

EXCITING NEWS: Redsbaby are having a MASSIVE sale on prams and selected items as part of the Spring Frenzy, with 20% off until the 12th November. Grab a bargain while you can! 

Check out their website: Redsbaby

Breathe Gently was provided with a complimentary Skip Stroller from Redsbaby for review - all reviews are my own. If you are interested in a product review appearing on Breathe Gently, please email me. #gifted 

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Anonymous said...

What size harness is she in though?

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