Pregnancy in a Pandemic

 Hi baby girl!
Being pregnant in a lockdown isn't something I've experienced before. Amelia was a new baby when our first Covid wave hit last year, and that was hard enough. I missed my village, people missed her growing up, she missed out on having a Meet & Greet, a Christening AND a first birthday because of the constant outbreaks that popped up.
Now here we are, over a year later, and this newest outbreak is just as brutal, if not more. It's hard being pregnant with not a lot of support. Every visit alone. Every ultrasound alone. Feeling worried for the birth, for the restrictions, for the limitations. Seeing stories of new mother's birthing alone, away from their support partners. It's just brutal.
But every kick, every nudge, every wiggle... I'm so grateful for every single one. This is my last pregnancy, and I'm soaking it all up and so, so grateful to be here. Be safe and be well, friends. xx

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