'I do it myself, Mama!'

‘I do it myself, mama!’

The phrase that makes all parents, even seasoned ones who have been around the block a few times, cringe and beam at the same time. You celebrate the fact that your little one is growing up and learning new skills.. but you feel your already stretched patience bursting at the seams.
‘I do it myself, mama!’ We are going be late. You’ve already had breakfast, we don’t need more food. It’s winter hun, you can’t wear shorts outside. Please wait a moment, I’m helping your sister. One step at a time, so you don’t fall…
‘I do it myself, mama!’ Here, let me help you, I can do it a little faster. Let me show you an easier way. How about we do this together? Maybe your big sister can give you a hand.

‘I do it myself, mama!’ Meltdown. Meltdown. Meltdown. Baths at 7am. Cuddles and disaster naps on the couch at 9am. ‘I do it myself, mama!’ And one day, they really do just do it themselves - and you’re so proud you could burst, but you’re also sporting just a few more grey hairs from the process. Let’s normalise that parenting (especially parenting toddlers!) isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and that you can be both proud and incredibly frazzled at the same time. We’re only human after all, and so are they - just tinier versions. Now… someone please pass the coffee and chocolate.

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