Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

The epic saga continues...

4. Las Vegas

I've been to Sin City once before when I was younger; but even still was still mindboggled by it. The drive into Vegas, with the billboards popping up, and the casino signs everywhere - and then the strip basically popping up out of nowhere; there's nothing else quite like it. We stayed in a dodgy, dodgy hotel here with giant cockroaches and a weird shower, but on the plus side, it had air conditioning that worked. Thank goodness for that, because phew, it was hot. I went on the Manhattan rollercoaster in New York, New York, and I think I actually burned off the top layer of skin on my face just climbing the first rise. HOT.

5. Arizona - Grand Canyon

We stayed in the little town of Williams, on Route 66, a small drive from the Canyon. Before we got to experience the canyon itself, we were driven first to the Imax theatre to watch a film about it, and second to a small air field not far away. Here, I panicked slightly (!) while we were all weighed in and distributed between helicopters for our scenic flight. Luckily I was able to fly with some friends, and we had the most amazing ride - I've never been in anything quite like it. The canyon is quite honestly mindblowing; I would have loved to walk around on the inside and just look UP. Wow. I took about 150 pictures of it, alone.

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kirby said...

I love your sunset photos.

I miss our travelling. I've grown tired of being stationary. I want to be moving around again.

cady said...

i've been to the grand canyon twice now, and it still blows my mind. it's awesome. and vegas is so much fun. i want to go there with joe sometime.

grungedandy said...

hehe did you feed the squiggle any nuts LoL nice photos seeya hugya *G*

Julie said...

Can I just tell you how awesome this trip recap is??
I feel like I was taking this trip with you... because I have never been to the grand canyon or to vegas!!!

oh btw 26 days until I hit LONDON!!

~Mum~ said...

more updates please

katelin said...

i love all your pictures! they're so fun. what a great trip recap.

Julz said... got WEIGHED IN!?! O_o oh my...nobody, especially a girl, should be publicly weighed. EVER!!

Kristabella said...

AWESOME! I lived in AZ for four years and never went to the Grand Canyon. I need to go!

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