Utah and Colorado.

So, either you all think my Grand Canyon pictures are awful - OR my feed reader is apparently broken and nobody has actually seen this post the good old-fashioned blog visiting way. I'm going to tame my shattered ego and hope for the latter; because my Bloglines has an awful [!] next to loads of my favourite blogs right now, and apparently hates them all.

Anyway . . .

Onwards to the pictures we go!

6. Monument Valley, Utah.

I'd read about this part of the trip from day one, but I really didn't expect it to be as amazing as it was. From the Grand Canyon, the roads stayed really flat - and then we crossed over on to Navajo land, and the landscape changed completely. The rock formations literally came up out of nowhere, and looked amazing from a distance, but even more unbelievable up close. The soil was so, so red. When we got into Monument Valley, we took a tour in an old converted school bus, and got up close and personal to the formations. These are some of my favourite photos from the entire trip.

7. Durango, Colorado.

Again, with the landscape. We left Monument Valley and drove all afternoon to the bottom of Colorado. We stayed in Cortez overnight (hello, giant Walmart!) and then made our way to Durango - which was quite possibly the coolest little town of the trip. At lunch, I had a hoagie (hee hee), and also had a taste of the most amazing homemade chicken pot pie, which I talked about for the entire rest of the trip. WHY DIDN'T I ORDER THE PIE? Yes, one pie was just that good.

Anywho, here we had the option to choose what we did for the day; white water rafting or jeeping through the mountains. I'd already done rafting in New Zealand, so opted for the off road jeeping. We got the coolest driver and a really cute blue Jeep Wrangler, and spent the day in the sun. I heart Colorado. Unfortunately, some of the infamous Monument Valley red dust had smeared my camera lens, which I didn't notice until I got back, so most of my Colorado shots are blurry. Sad.

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enny said...

Those first photos look exactly like the roadrunner cartoons!!

kirby said...

oh my god the pie. I was only thinking about that the other day... wondering if you were still obsessing about it. Colorado was gorgeous. I loved our little lunch stop. nomnomnom.

I'ma come at you like a spidermonkey.

~Mum~ said...

how awesome is it the way the landscapes change there from state to state ...

love the photo of you and ms K ... you both look so cute and really enjoying yourself

and no updates from you on my bloglines - not for ages - both the last two visits i just went because i saw the [!]

Julz said...

your pics make me jealous, it's soooo beautiful over there! and pictures don't even do it justice so that makes me more jealous >_<

keep em coming! ;)

Viviane said...

Beautiful pics!!! I want to do a tour like this one day. Ahhh! There are so many places yet to see in the States.

Megan said...

Let me add my voice to those who think your photos are awesome.

Kristabella said...

I driven through a lot of those Western states and it is so amazing how after crossing a state line the scenery changes completely!

Those photos are great!

Lacey Bean said...

I especially like that picture with the really long road.

And I gave you an award! Check it out! http://perksofbeingajap.blogspot.com/2008/10/and-bloggy-award-goes-to.html

Leslie said...

I love Durango!! Isn't it great?! My sister-in-law lived there and we used to go every year. I miss it so. Great pics!

heidikins said...

That's my state, representin'.

I love love LOVE the red-dirt pics, pretty much that's how 60% of my state looks...with 30% being granite snow-capped peaks, and the rest being ginormous tracks of solid, white, sparkly salt.

Go Utes.


terra said...

I have got to escape the East Coast and visit places like this. Utah looks amazing and I've never heard anything bad about Colorado. Beautiful pictures by the way!

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