Dreaming of Revelry.

I've been back home for a week, which feels like it has both flown by and dragged out, depending on my frame of mind. Being in Sydney again is strange; now when people ask, it's London that I call 'home'. I've discovered that I'm possibly the palest person in this fair city; I love the sunshine but am not a fan of the heat, so you'll find me sticking to shady areas rather than soaking up the rays - I think it's safe to say that any notion of returning to the UK a little browner is pure wishful thinking.

I've embraced my paleness. Let's move on, shall we?

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to get back into a running routine again. I was doing so well before I buggered up my shins; I'll go a little easier on myself this time around. I think it'll keep me motivated to keep moving, and I will have a good eight weeks to work at it. I'm bringing sweatpants back. (Yeah!) Be afraid, be very afraid...

I've spent my first week catching up with family and friends, indulging in nanna naps to get over my combination of jetlag & flu, and watching a whole heck of TV re-runs; I'm looking at you, ER. We ventured to the beach which was a very windswept effort, we caught the monorail in the city while rushing to submit my Visa application, we ogled pretty boys in Twilight & I've updated my iPod music with some new favourites. This week will be a busy one too, hanging out with Kirby, getting my hair cut (ideas?), another movie date, perhaps a trip up the North Coast & a catch up with Tim.

Speaking of the Visa, I'm feeling strangely relaxed about it at the moment. I've done everything I could possibly do, I've included all of the evidence I could possibly include - and the final decision comes down to the fine folks at the British High Commission in Canberra. As confident as I am about being awarded the points needed for it, the fact that the Tier 1 is still a relatively new Visa, as well as hearing reports that individual case workers judge each application at their own discretion, does leave me with some concerns. The hard part is done; now comes the waiting.

It's just a shame I'm the least patient person you could find.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Lara said...

my fingers are most definitely crossed for you. :)

Jewls said...

Mine as well! :)

Miss Em said...

Arrgh I hate it when the decision is out of my hands. You're being more patient than I could be! Best of luck! x

Emilie said...

Have fun with Kirby! And send me some warm weather :(

Robyn said...

I am also one of the palest people in sydney. When I went to the beach I was blinded by my luminescence. Apart from my arms.

I will be crossing fingers for you too, although since the UK let so many useless people, they should definitely let someone with something positive to add to the country in!

imfb said...

Hey! So my google reader login was stuck on the old laptop and I haven't been able to get back in until today! So glad to hear about your adventures. How is Australia?

Brie said...

Still have my fingers crossed on your visa. Hope you're enjoying your time with your family and not working!

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