Homeward Bound.

Somehow, and I'm still not entirely sure how it all happened so fast, it has turned into the end of January - and a lot has gone on in 2009 so far. There have been a few drunken nights out, friends coming and going, new faces at work, celebrations, butterflies, confusion and moments of pure, unadulterated rage and stomping, but hey, one month down, eleven to go. This year will be a doozy.

I'm flying home tomorrow morning, thus beginning the 8-12 week snoozefest that is submitting and processing my new working Visa to come back to London again. I do hope there won't be nail biting involved, because I've been growing them for the past four weeks and they're looking pretty damn good right now. It'll be great to get home, see family and friends, soak up some sunshine (though not too much - ick), play with the puppies and maybe lose a couple of kilo's in the process, but the VISA issue will be weighing on my mind the whole time. I'm so nervous, but there's nothing I can do about that.

I'm officially unemployed, as I finished up at work yesterday - going out fairly spectacularly with a cider & shot filled evening at a local establishment, it's traditional after all. The guys at work spoiled me with a cute pack of champagne and truffles, and my 'temporary' replacement is a real sweetie who I absolutely adore. (I'm secretly sad that I'm going just as she is starting, she is just that good.)

The evening was a success, despite the dodgy dancing and sweaty, sweaty hair - although as usual, I tend to talk too much when I have er, indulged. Operation Wimp = failure. Dismal, dismal failure. Details? Nope! I would rather not.

So for now, I'm farewelling my boys and leaving them to their own devices - no doubt I'll come back and the two will be inseperable. I feel like I've hardly seen J in the past year, despite us finally living together and sorting our stuff up, with my holiday, his Visa, and his working outside of London, it's been a strange one. And Oscar.. I'm going to miss that cat like crazy. I'm going to miss my work colleagues like crazy. I can't wait to get back to London, and I haven't even left yet.

I'll update again soon, from the land down under. Happy (almost) Australia Day!

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Nathan Pralle said...

Good speed to you on your way! Here's hoping your flights are well-stocked with friendly folk and good food and you sleep through most of it so you don't notice. :) I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous that you were headed to The Island, because I'd happily be there right now vs. the -35F temps here. *shiver*

Dayna said...

Good luck with the visa! I know it can be a frustrating process, but just stay positive :)

Ree said...

Aw. But I know your mum misses you dreadfully so go let her pamper you for a bit. :-)

Kelly said...

She's coming home!

Depending on how bad you want to lose a couple of kilos, may I suggest coming up to Brisbane for a visit? If it gets any hotter, your body fat will MELT off. Well, I'm hoping anyway... You only have to blink to work up a sweat at the moment!

Eris said...

I'm really happy and proud when you say that you'll miss London. It means that you did a good job of creating a home away from home and not many people are as adept at letting themselves be free enough to build a new life in a new land. I don't know much about the visa thing, or really, anything at all, but my fingers are crossed that it will happen much sooner rather than later. Enjoy the warm weather in Australia! I'm sure London will miss you too :)

kirby said...


and you won't even realise that I've posted this until like.... last thing Monday night or tuesday morning.
I'm excited. And I hope you don't get feral kids next to you like I did.

The Casual Perfectionist said...

Yay! Good luck with everything!!

Emilie said...

Have fun and enjoy your time off! Give Kirby a big hug from me, and enjoy time with your family. I would love to be in warm weather...so jealous!

belinda said...

can you email me

cant find your email here??!!!!


Robyn said...

Welcome back to Australia! Hopefully Kirby will speak to you about the possibility of a meet up? Excitement!

heidikins said...

Hope your travels went well! Love ya girly!


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