Going, Going . . .

Tonight's our last night in the flat - we're quite literally surrounded by boxes and cleaning products. Honestly, how we managed to accumulate so much STUFF after both arriving in London with only one 20kg suitcase to our name, is ridiculous.

Oscar has his very own box of cat things - his bed (which he doesn't use), his toys (I really need to stop buying cat toys), his scratching post (he prefers our mattress) and all of his other bits and pieces.

Tomorrow morning, we make the move across to West London (google Ladbroke Grove to see our new area) and into our spiffy new apartment. I do feel a bit sad at leaving this one behind, but it's definitely time for a change.

And the final icing on the cake? On my last journey home from work, the Docklands Light Rail (DLR of Doom) was suspended, leaving me stranded and forced to take the long way home. Goodbye, crazy driverless trains. I'll miss you ... or not.

See you all from the West side!

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Robyn said...

Good luck! Hope we'll get to see some photos of your new pad?

heidikins said...

Yaaaay! Congratulations!! This is so exciting!


kirby said...

west side... does that mean you can make gang signs with your hands and have it be appropriate?

imfb said...

Good luck with the move!!!!!!!

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