Rain King.

I woke up in a really average mood today.

It was dark, it was rainy, and it felt like I'd just gone to bed a few hours before - even though I'd actually had more than enough sleep. I grumbled about having to get up. I grumbled when I couldn't find my favourite pair of jeans. I grumbled about having to go out. I grumbled about the tube lines being closed. I grumbled when my substitute jeans ended up sopping wet from the puddles of rainwater on the ground.

In short, I was a real catch to hang around with this morning.

We were headed for brunch in a gastropub near Tower Bridge, where I splurged on the most amazing breakfast of french toast & banana with maple syrup. This was followed by a walk in the rain to the nearby Borough Market, with mulled wine & amazing food - not the best place to come with a full stomach because everything smells so fresh and amazing, all you want to do is eat. Again.

Soon after that, we found ourselves in an old school bowling alley, where I was reminded of my less than stellar ability to throw a ball down a lane. Jason thrashed my score, as per usual, though I held it together with none of my trademark stomping or sulking; I must be outgrowing it. Well, either that, or I didn't want to frighten the other patrons. Lots of chatting and a few pitchers of beer later, I decided that Jason and I would make a whole day of it, so we headed out to Nando's for grilled chicken in Notting Hill.

It was still raining on the way home, but this time around there was no grumbling.

Sometimes, dragging yourself out for brunch in the rain can make all the difference to an otherwise miserable morning.

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Nathan Pralle said...

A) I love that song & band.
B) It's funny how things turn up oddly like that. You get into a funk where you almost dare the world to make you smile and then it ends up doing so.

kirby said...

I've eaten at that Nandos. I'm having a love affair with their caesar salad.
I haven't tried Nando's in Syndey yet. Mostly I'd look weird going alone.

downhomegirl said...

Heh, I've eaten at that Nandos too :)

I'm ashamed to say I didn't drag myself out of the house on Saturday, despite being by the sea in Portsmouth. You make it sound like I should have though! I love bowling, but I'm rather rubbish at it. I imagine there'd be sulking on my part if it was just Jay and I... good job holding it together.

P.S. Want to meet for a coffee or drinks sometime in the next few weeks? I'm moving from Hatton Garden to Waterloo on the 1st!

Siany said...

Sounds perfect :)

Kerri Anne said...

It's so amazing how getting out can do you a world of good.

Robyn said...

British motto = mustn't grumble

Jess said...

My day turned out somewhat like that. Although, I was at work all day and surprisingly, my job cheered me up. Possibly because it involves food and friends. Jobs like that are always good... P.S Nandos in London sucked. Aussie Nandos all the way!

Jacinta said...

There is something about french toast and maple syrup that makes any gloomy day look better. Sounds like it was a good day afterall.

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