Breathe Gently.

I have the world's tiniest little cut on the tip of my tongue.

I bit it the other day, and it's been hurting ever since.

Now that I've noticed it, I keep running my tongue against my teeth and wow, it hurts.

It's really, really irritating me.

Did I mention that it hurts?


... and that's about all I've got to say about that.

In other news, our internet connection is on the fritz, meaning that a post this long is about all it can handle right now. I promise to never take the interwebs for granted again, when our new router gets installed, that is. Sad face.

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Britt said...

Good thing is tongues heal quickly! Stay away from citrus!

Jess said...

Oh, that sucks. Every now and then I bite my tongue and it swells a little and gets in near my teeth and then I inadvertently bite down on it again and it becomes a vicious, painful cycle. I feel your pain!

kirby said...

Any pain inside your mouth is the WORST. I got an ulcer a few weeks ago and it made me cry.
Yeah. I'm tough like that.

One of the girls I work with actually got an infection INSIDE her mouth somehow.. she came to work with her cheeks and lips and gums all swollen. She could barely talk, poor thing.

Julie said...

get some salt and rub it into where you've bitten yourself. OR get some vegemite :) apparently vegemite does wonders with ulcers....i want vegemite now.

terra said...

I bit the inside of my cheek a few weeks ago and then kept biting it over and over and over again on accident. I hate mouth injuries.

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