White Wedding.

I've spent a lot of time in the past few months scouring the interwebs for wedding inspiration. I'm still yet to narrow anything down, but I have a good two months to organise that - until I go home and get planning, that is.

Church? Nope.
Reception Venue? No idea.
Colours? I think they're sorted, but really not sure.
Dress? HA!

As you can see, my searches haven't been very fruitful. I've started bookmarking anything that I'm vaguely interested in, because I figure at some point in the future I'll be more sure of what I want.

Most women are super excited to start the search for their wedding dress. I am not most women. In fact, I'm not ashamed to admit that the thought of finding a wedding dress terrifies me. I'm a big girl. I have boobs and I have curves and I have a tummy. Add that to the fact that wedding dresses run small for even average-sized girls, and well, I'm scared.

When I'm home in April, I would love to have my two bridesmaids checking out and trying on dresses that suit them - but the thought of me trying a dress on? Oh Em Gee. Shouldn't I be looking forward to this?

Here's what I don't want: a dress so tight that even the model can't stand up in it.


"No. Really. Get me up."

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kirby said...

but they're pretty dresses at least. It would be bothersome if they were just lying around in ugly dresses. WHO WANTS TO LIE AROUND IN UGLY DRESSES.

If julie and I have to do it, then you do too.
I'm shitting myself over the bridesmaid dresses too. OR! We could try them on for you and make it like a wedding singer parade?
OH.. remember the lacy one George tries on!?

Karen said...

I am SURE you will find the perfect dress, Aly. You are such a beautiful woman, and not all dresses are made for stick figures, and I think curves are a great thing. And about the size? Hey, no one is going to know which size your dress is, so who cares! As long as it fits and looks great that's all that matters. And I know it will.

Blanche said...

Despite having been married for coming up on 8 (OMG!!!) years, I've been watching Say Yes to the Dress recently - I can't imagine that you are in any way close to being a bridezilla compared to some of those women. Scary!

For better or worse (ha!) it will all come together one way or another.

Britt said...

Hahaha! I love this. You know what? I dreaded trying on dresses too. Was I going to have to be naked in front of a stranger? (No, but my butt showed a lot of the time - wear full-assed underwear!) Are they even going to fit? (No, but it honestly didn't matter much. I don't know that really anyone fits into them)
I was hot and sweaty from pulling on and off these heavy gowns. I was so tired of people telling me how it was going to be the best day of my life and I have to be the most beautiful I've ever been (gag me!) I was so happy to find something that I loved so I could stop! Bring some supportive people with you - they'll make all the difference. You can do it!

Fiona said...

*giggles* oh you're funny :)

Emilie said...

Those pictures are actually really nice - I love the neckline.

You will find something perfect. You are beautiful and you will make a ravishing bride.

I'm kind of dreading it too...it's overwhelming. I'm going for my first appointment on Saturday. I'll let you know how torturous it is...maybe it will turn out to be fun. ;)

Kelly said...

Both of those are gorgeous!
You know, you could always pick aspects that you like, and money permitting, design your own dress. One of the girls I worked with did that, and she got a unique dress made JUST FOR HER for about $3000 LESS than if she'd gone out and bought it!

~Mum~ said...

*hic* honey .. i think i've had too much champagne ... can you help me up ...

honey ....

help me UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindz said...

I was actually the same way with planning my wedding but my only inspiration was knowing that if I got things done, I could check them off of my list. The dress was by far my least favorite part and thankfully, I was somehow able to get it over with very quickly and painlessly - I definitely didn't hear bells and whistles when I put it on though.

Just focus on one thing at a time and narrow down your list!

Siany said...

I was kinda overwhelmed by the thought of trying on dresses, but I was extremely lucky and found mine on ebay (second hand... PERFECT condition) for only $130 including postage!!! I didnt have to step into any boutiques and I didnt have to worry about ruining my dress on the day (which was lucky since it poured!!!) and my dress was beautiful!
It becomes exciting once you start looking and getting more of an idea of what you want... things start falling into place - trust me! lol!

Jess said...

I was petrified of wedding dress shopping too. But you know what? It's not exactly that they run small, it's that they're sized differently, so the number you wear in a wedding dress will be different than the number you wear in street clothes. BUT a ton of wedding dress lines go up to super plus sizes (like size 30). I was much bigger than you are when I was dress shopping, and I actually found that I enjoyed it more than regular shopping. Wedding dresses seem to be the only thing where the clothes are the same from size 0-30, instead of bigger women being relegated to their own special line of ugly, more expensive, unflattering clothes.

TeacherA said...

Speaking of wedding dresses that allow for movement, I'd highly recommend staying away from the mermaid gowns. They make walking quite challenging. Classic princessy ball gowns are good for showing off boob assets while masking the hip and thigh area.

miss esther said...

lol-this is funny

wedding gifts said...

I was so tired of people telling me how it was going to be the best day of my life and I have to be the most beautiful I’ve ever been (gag me!) thanks..

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