It's nearly April?

I had a dream last night that I was organising the last few favours from our wedding and it was just around the corner. Ironic really, since we don't even have a date set - so that 'corner' is going to be unknown for a little while longer yet! But it made me think about what I do have going on so far... lots of little bits and pieces that will hopefully come together over the next few months.

Mostly I've been focusing on what I want in terms of inspiraton. Since our engagement last August, I've prowled the internet and bookmarked a whole stack of ideas that I love, and kept a notebook of my own little additions. Unfortunately thanks to the great laptop crash of 2010, I lost my bookmarks - so I'm starting from scratch in that respect. But! I do have quite a lot planned during the next few weeks.

Remember I said I was going back to Sydney? Well, somehow the months have flown past (yay!) and it's nearly Easter... meaning I'm heading back home in just under three weeks exactly! It's only for a 2-week vacation and I've quite literally had to make myself an itinerary just to make sure I fit everything in. The purpose of the visit (aside from catching up with friends & family, of course!) is WEDDING.

I'm on a mission. I want a venue that WOWS me (and preferably has fairy lights) and I want a church that is beautiful and classic and old-fashioned. I want a photographer who is awesome and amazing and can make me into something gorgeous. (I think I've already found him... but just need to meet him first and make sure he doesn't think I'm insane.) I want a DATE. Those are my big things.

So! I have squished in loads of visits to reception venues, all over Sydney. Some in the city, though not many because GOOD LORD it's expensive to get married in the city... and some out of the city. Some in hotels, some in homesteads, some in golf courses - quite literally, a taste of everything. I want to be able to have the options, so that when I walk into the one, I'll know, and the search will be over.

I am so excited, I can't even begin to express it. Squee! Wedding! Organising! Yay! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and share the planning with you guys along the way...

And speaking of weddings, sending happy wedding day wishes to the lovely Lacey!

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TeacherA said...

Don't forget that fairy lights can be purchased, so you can safely picture the sites with them if they don't happen to own any.

Britt said...

Ooh so exciting! I can't wait to hear about all the places you've found. Bring a camera!!

~Mum~ said...

I can't wait till you are home and we can do this ... so darned exciting I feel like saying "SQUEE" too !!!

love you much

kirby said...

yay, wedding!

Lacey Bean said...

Yay thanks! It's so surreal to be married!! And you'll find the perfect place - can't wait to see what you find!

Jess said...

Oh, that sucks about your bookmarks! This time maybe use a bookmarking site, or at least email yourself the links? I always email everything to myself and then just do a gmail search to find it later. It makes me feel better knowing the info is stored on Google's server and not just my hard drive.

terra said...

Fairy lights! I love them! They can sometimes MAKE the mood.

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