Something a Little Different.

I was standing in the bedroom this morning putting away laundry and I randomly had a flashback.

I remembered an afternoon spent in Florida in the summer of 2008. My friend Carly and I were on a mission to hunt down some quarters for the washing machine. Our hotel was a regular old budget one in Orlando, and was quite a maze. It had loads of wings of rooms, that all looked the same; it was easy to get lost in it.

Carly and I were on our way to the reception desk, when a freak batch of rain came out of nowhere and quite literally had us drenched. It was humid, so humid, and I remembered Carly and I laughing hysterically as we ran around in the pouring rain trying to find our way. I remembered the front desk staff feeling sorry for us and lending us a couple of spare towels, and I remembered the dozens of frogs that appeared out of nowhere and were croaking up a storm. I remembered laughing until my belly ached.

Why did I remember this today? I have absolutely no idea. But it's funny, because it is one I should probably have written down way back when, before it disappeared from my memory.

I guess that leads into this post. I worry that before I know it, my time in London will be coming to an end and there will be dozens of everyday memories that are lost. So, I want to try something. I want to try capturing a snapshot each day, even on the most boring of days, and try to remember it all.

So let's get sharing, starting with the most recent picture I have - from last night's dinner at Ping Pong. I'm not usually big on yum cha, since I am the world's fussiest eater and hate all things seafoody and veggie, but I had a go and picked some random items off the menu.. and ended up loving it!

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~Mum~ said...

awesome idea baby ....

take a photo a day of random things that you see and do .... makes a great album of memories

love ya

kirby said...


I remember sitting in the laundry room at that same hotel... waiting for you guys to come back for what seemed like an eternity! Then seeing you both come in, absolutley sopping wet, but giggling like maniacs.
good times.

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