Brain = Mush

There are 19 days until the wedding. We're in the TEENS, people. Hold me.

After battling the gastro/colitis bug o'doom, I've now got a cold. I feel like ass, I look like ass, and I am more than a little bit whingy because of it all. Any other illnesses that the universe would like to throw at me? If yes, please do so now. I will be gutted if I'm sick for the wedding.

I have 25 report cards to write. Considering there are six Key Learning Areas, plus a General Comment for each child, that equals 175 unique blurbs that I need to write, based on achievements, outcomes, indicators and assessment and observation tasks. I know I don't drink coffee, but I think I'm going to need to start. Now.

People are actually asking me for timelines for the wedding day. As in, for what's actually supposed to be happening on the wedding day. And to that, I am getting a bit twitchy because um, I have no idea yet. And then I look around for someone else to ask but... there is no-one else. I'm supposed to know these things. Bride fail.

We received our first wedding present, and to fit all clich├ęs? It was a toaster. Luckily, it was an awesome toaster that was on our gift registry, so that makes us very happy. I've now started stalking our Myer registry to see if anyone else has bought us anything, which is really naughty and very addicting. Must stop doing this.

I have so much to do. I have to organise programs. I have to get final numbers to our venue in the next week. I need to arrange tables and music and escort cards/place settings. I need to pay our final amounts to our vendors and make sure everyone is happy and has what they need.

It's Jason's birthday on Thursday and I've not bought him a present yet.

Please distract me with some randomness of your own before I self destruct, won't you? (It might be messy.)

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LaLa said...

Nooooooooo! Get off your registry! Don't you want to be surprised when you open you gifts?

Naughty bride.

Now.. use that registry stalking time for good, not evil!

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Green tea. The answer to everything. Invest in a few tea bags. immune system... stress... glowing skin. Avoid the evil coffee!

Take a photo every day to document the last 19 days.

Mrs. Higrens said...

For unwellness, my assvice is Vitamin C in large doses. And lots of water to purge the system.

It turned out I had a sinus infection leading up to our wedding and through our honeymoon; so do as I say, not as I did. And try to keep the stress down, since it can lower your immune system. :)

heidikins said...

I have no helpful hints but to sleep a lot and drink a lot of water.

But hey, at least the sickness may help you drop a few pounds? Silver lining? No? Okay then.


Megan said...

Oh, gosh. I didn't have a schedule until just a few days before the wedding. Even then, it was tentative because I knew everything wouldn't go exactly by a schedule. I just knew I needed to be walking down the aisle by 5:00 p.m., and that's all that I really cared about! ;)

Please try to get plenty of rest! I know you're busy right now, and the cold could just be a reminder for your body because it needs some relaxation. I hope you're able to get some soon!

Also, for colds, I use apple cider vinegar, if you have any over that way. It has a "recipe" on the back... Water + apple cider vineger + honey (optional) and it kills the bacteria. It always rids me of my colds within 24-48 hours!

audrey said...

Deep breaths, Aly. It'll all come together, and even if you don't make timelines, at the end of the day you'll still be married and I bet you'll look back and think it was the most perfect wedding ever. Hell, I made timelines for my wedding day for everyone in the wedding party, and I'm pretty sure everyone just threw them away and thought I was a crazy, high-strung, schedule-obsessed bride.

steph anne said...

So excited for you!!! :) I did the same thing with my registry- lol. It was addicting and fun! Even though I knew what we was still fun and exciting to see who it was from.

steph c said...

So exciting that you're getting so close!!

I'm a big lover of vitamin C and tea. Lots of tea. Maybe throw some yoga in there to relax and stay calm a bit. It'll all work out :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that your wedding is almost here!

I hope you feel better soon!

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