Probably Not a Very Helpful Reading

What happens when you're trying to take on too many projects at the same time? You end up stressed out, being mostly useless at all of them, and becoming slightly delirious.

You also find humour in the most bizarre of places. 
Like, for example, while perusing wedding ceremony booklets for inspiration:
I especially like their helpful comment up the top. It may or may not have cracked me right up.
{In case you were wondering, we didn't pick this particular passage for our special day.}
Life is crazy.

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Fiona said...

Hehe at least they're honest?

Unknown said...

If anyone even said the word "fornication" at my wedding I would DIE!

audrey said...

LMAO That is the last thing I would expect to hear at a wedding! Doesn't the wedding kind of give you official permission to fornicate? Too funny.

heidikins said...

Is this a real thing!? Because seriously!? Isn't this something that a churchy highschool should be distributing, and not something to be incorporated into a wedding ceremony!? Are they also opposed to having children? Because, from what I hear, fornicating is essential in that process.


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