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Married life is lovely. 

In some ways it's exactly the same. There have been no drastic changes, no big moves or life changing events - things are going along ever the same as before. But then, in some ways things are entirely different. It's a feeling, you know? It's just.. awesome. And suddenly, I'm a Mrs. And I have a husband. How this all happened so quickly, I have no idea.
But now that it's all over, I'm having major wedding withdrawals. Planning something for eighteen months and then having it over in the blink of an eye.. well, I guess it takes some time to get used to. I spent this past weekend making and writing out our thank you cards, because I was just so happy to do another wedding project. It's crazy, I know. I could never have picked that I'd miss the planning as much as I am - even the stressful parts.
I've watched our wedding video over and over again. I've been checking out guest pictures as they come in. I'm itching to see our professional pictures and gearing up to blog the whole experience, ready to put up on Weddingbee. But... what do I do now?
Did anyone else have any post-wedding sadness once it was all over? 
And now... one more wedding picture for good measure. It's blurry, it's rushed.. just like the day was!

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Nathan Pralle said...

I can't say that we really had any post-wedding blues; for the most part, it was such a horrific headache and anxious time trying to see if we could afford it all, get everyone there, make everything work, nobody would screw up, everything would be smooth, etc...that once it was done, we were eternally grateful. I didn't enjoy the day one iota until about the middle of the dance because, by then, nothing else could be screwed up. :)

But I get the feeling -- I used to do theatre productions and you'd work for 3 months for 3 performances and after have this huge hole in you because you didn't have to agonize over it anymore. I think the wedding just pushed us past the edge of sanity and worry so much that we enjoyed having it done.

Kate said...

We had quite a wait for pics, which prolonged the come down. We also moved cities, and trained for a half ironman!

When will your house be done? Could you start some decorating plans? Or other crafting projects?

Mrs. Higrens said...

I think this is why so many people have babies in the first 2 years of marriage.

NOT that I'm suggesting that as a project option, just saying that it's one answer to the "now what do I do with my time" question.

Personally I started a quilt which is still unfinished some 9+ (ahem)years later because I did eventually find other things to occupy my time.

Becky said...

I felt that way a little bit too - it was weird not looking at wedding websites and shows right after we got married. Give yourself some time to relax and breathe - and taking on another project (even if it's just to paint the cabinets in the kitchen or organize the living room), can be helpful.

Fuzzy Cert said...

I totally took that photo. It's probably blurry because I was an ice-pole by that stage.

Emilie said...

Yes and no! I have had our home-reception to plan so that has kept me busy. There are definitely days where I wake up and I cannot believe the wedding itself is over. All the anticipation, planning, all goes by SO fast. Sometimes I feel like the day was so busy that I missed so I am really excited for our video when it's ready. I'm with you on the whole being married thing, though. It's so NOT different, but at the same time it is different. I still don't recognize my new name, or forget to refer to John as my husband. And I am getting a million questions about babies! When will we have them, how many do we want, etc. I'd like to be married for a couple months, thank you! :-)

Jade @ Earth to Jade said...

Ahh, I know how you feel. I felt the same too, so I chose to focus on our move to the UK. I think you've got some more exciting things on the horizon, Mrs D!

Angela Noelle said...

I felt that way a little bit too, but then we settled in and started focusing a lot more on being married and less on the event. I'm sure you'll get there in time, but for now enjoy the afterglow :)

Katelin said...

i most definitely had some post-wedding boredness/sadness all of the above. i was sad it was over and let's be honest, i still am almost a year later, haha. but thank yous definitely are a wedding task that takes time and watching the video and looking at pics is a totally legitimate activity too :)

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