A Way to Brighten Up My Day

If you ever want an instant pick-me-up, have your kidlets write a description. And if you're feeling particularly interested, let them vote on their own topic of choice for said description. And if you've got yourself in that deep, you go along with it when the decided upon topic is their teacher.

Oh, yes. Here's one delightful excerpt for you:

My teacher is Mrs D. She is beautiful. She has long hair that is blonde. She's a teacher. She teaches year 1/2. She is an angel. She is a good teacher of year 1/2. She has nice earrings. She has blue green eyes. I like her hair.

She is married. She used to be Miss S. She is a nice girl. She has nice clothes. She went overseas. She is a pretty girl. She has white skin. She has nice eyes. I like her so much that I dream of her. She is funny and cool. She has really cool clothes. She wears nice shoes. She has long nails. She always has nice hair. She smells nice. Her name is different. She is always beautiful. She looks nice. She has a nice chair. She has a nice ring.

She is so cool, like a rock star. I like her so, so much. Her nails are a bit white. When she was away, I missed her. 

Okay, kiddo. You win. Gold star for you. :)

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Jane said...

This is so cute! I can imagine that would definitely brighten up any bad day. Sounds like you have some great kiddies there, Mrs D :) xxx

Megan said...

I love this! Definitely a great way to brighten your day. :D

Anonymous said...

How special!!! Love love love. Why can't the people at my work be so lovely.

PS. You're an angel.

Jade @ Earth to Jade said...

Oh my! A+ for that little star reporter!

terra said...

That is so sweet!

Angela Noelle said...

Awwww! That is the sweetest!

audrey said...

So much better than the notes Tim intercepts in his classroom about how boring he is and how his wife must be bored all the time because she married such a boring man.

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