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Firstly, thank you to all of you superlovelyfabulous people who left me some love on my previous post - I've never felt so emotionally drained as I did this past week, and I think I'll carry that doubt inside for the most part. I'm learning to let go of the things I cannot change. Seeing Mrs. X continue to avoid me by physically hiding after school, well, that just cements my gut instinct that she's feeling guilty about what happened. And so she should.

Anywho, on to bigger and brighter things. The house! It continues to plug along. Next week will see the tilers get busy fixing up the wet area {bathrooms/laundry} floor and wall tiles, as well as the carpenters visiting to install the cabinets and skirting boards. We're due for a visit to inspect the house pre-painting, so I don't have anything fun to show you right now - especially since we now have garage doors and a front door. The house is in lock up mode!

{Can I get a HUZZAH?}

They've been going at a cracking pace lately, which is nice. Unfortunately the external walls of the house still need to be rendered & painted, but with the miserable wet weather that's set in lately, I doubt it'll happen before Christmas, when everything shuts up shop.

Since there isn't much we can really do in the home department right now, I'm focusing on the more important things; namely, hunting down breeders for our first dog. I am so frigging excited to become a puppy mum once again, and as soon as we move into the house & get the backyard all turfed up, IT'S HAPPENING. We were debating between one pup or two, but since Jase hasn't owned a dog before, I figured we'd start small and see how he copes. I'm planning on researching my brains out since we have the time to do it right; if anyone in Sydney can recommend any sensible breeders for Golden Retrievers, let me know.


And that is about that. I'll spare you the horrific stomach flu I'm suffering from today {my poor Twittererererererers have already seen enough whingy tweets to last a lifetime} & focus on the good. So, good it is.

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Elley @ Up Above The World So High said...

Huzzah!!!! And holy jealousy batman about you becoming a dog mommy!!! I kind of was letting up on it for awhile because of being so focused on TTC but lately I've been moving back towards the I want a puppy phase. You've inspired me to keep pushing for it ;)

Britt said...

How bout rescuing a puppy?


There is generally every breed listed (at least on petfinder.ca which is the north american equivalent)

audrey said...

Awww, I love Goldens! They are SUCH sweet dogs! yay for puppies!!

Katie said...

I second Britt's suggestion of rescuing a puppy! Especially if you wait until just after Christmas, the pounds and rescue centers really fill up with unwanted Christmas pets.

Mrs Green Grass said...

We are planning on getting a dog soon too!!! Retrievers are my absolute favorite. I had my dog for 12 years and she was the best! I want a rescue dog but Mr. GG wants a French Bulldog. We're still haggling.

terra said...

I'll third on trying to rescue a puppy! All my critters have come from the shelter or other rescue situations and I couldn't be happier with them. Plus, I've got the benefit of knowing I've saved a life.

heidikins said...

We had a golden lab/irish setter while I grew up and I absolutely loved him. Love it!


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