What are you Watching?

I've become more than a little addicted to teevee lately; it's perfect for background distractions while I'm doing boring things like report writing and what-not. Here's what I've been busy watching:

  • Ringer - I love me some Sarah Michelle Gellar, even if the twin scenes are particularly bad. I love looking at her outfits each week & I love how the story is going. I'm hooked!
  • American Horror Story - This is a guilty pleasure of mine. I watched the first episode and freaked out, and I've been coming back for more since then. Also, I sort of want Connie Britton's hair.
  • Glee - I have to admit, my patience for this show is on its last legs. I'm still watching.. but barely.
  • Grey's Anatomy - I'll always have a soft spot for Grey's. It's one of my favourite series, though it's not as great as it used to be. I'm hanging out for the last part of this season, hate waiting around to find out what happens next.
  • Sister Wives - Is anyone else as fascinated by this show as I am? I started watching during our travels this time last year and I've been catching up online ever since. The final episode {with the birth of baby Solomon} is happening soon, and I can't wait. They're such an interesting family!
  • Grimm - A fairly recent addition to my teevee list, but I like what they've done with it. The gory bits mixed with the cheesy lines are fabulous. I like it a lot.
  • Once Upon A Time - I'll admit, I watched all four episodes today, I enjoyed it that much. I wonder how long they can drag this storyline out for? Thoroughly enjoying it. :)
What are you watching lately - have you got any other suggestions for me?

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audrey said...

I've been watching Grimm and Once Upon a Time, too. They're just cheesy enough to be thoroughly entertaining.

Lara said...

Regarding Glee: I couldn't have put it better. That's exactly how I feel too.

You should watch Castle - I LOVE that show. Also New Girl - that's my favorite new show of this season. :)

Miss Blossom said...

Game of Thrones
Pan Am
Pretty Little Liars

I'm loving Ringer, I've only seen one episode of Once Upon A Time but thoroughly into it.

Slightly off topic, I'm so excited for The Hunger Games to come out at the cinemas. Just finished the book and loved it!!!!

Unknown said...

I must admit I haven't heard of half of these! Are you downloading them online? Though several people have recommended American Horror Story to me already.
I watched my first ep of Sister Wives this week. It's fascinating, I can see the appeal!
The only new show I'm watching lately that I can recommend is Terra Nova. It's unpretantious sci-fi/fantasy fun with dinosaurs. If you don't ask too much, it delivers :)

Nathan Pralle said...

I don't watch much TV, but I found a website that has the episodes of Game of Thrones and have been GLUED to that so far.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I enjoy Ringer- I completely agree that the scenes with both SMGs are cheesy and silly.

I have also been watching American Horror Story which is good, but I hope that they start to explain things soon. There is so much going on (I'm two shows behind) that I feel like they need to explain something/anything!

Another good one is Revenge. And I second Miss Blossom's pick of Game of Thrones. It took me a few episodes to get into it and remember people's names but it kicks butt.

Finally, if you aren't watching Mad Men or Breaking Bad, those shows are awesome.

The So-Called Wife said...

Grey's Anatomy is totally my guilty pleasure show. But I live on Community and Parks & Recreation. The Mr. has been watching Grimm, and I checked out an episode with him, but I'm such a scaredy cat!

Katelin said...

i am seriously loving Once Upon a Time, it's so clever and cute and cheesy and just love it. also, Big Bang Theory, the absolute best.

Anonymous said...

I've only seen the first two episodes of Once Upon a Time. But I'm really enjoying it.

Oh no about Glee! I'm a season behind, so I don't know what's going on now.

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