A Feeding Update

It's been a while since I talked about how things are going on the feeding front. In fact, the last update was when Georgia was three weeks old! Before you start reading this post, yes, this will talk about boobs. Here's a random baby picture to make it worth your while, if you choose to stop reading here. :)

Georgia is 16 weeks old now. She'll be 4 months old next week. And, I'm happy to say, we are still exclusively breastfeeding! It's been a long, hard stretch, but I am so pleased that we managed to get this far. 
I still enjoy feeding her this way. It's convenient, and it's comforting. She's starting to become more efficient too, which makes for a much quicker feeding session. I must say, I like this a LOT. In the early days we went from falling asleep at the boob, then switched to marathon 30-40 minute sessions. We're currently at 10 minutes a side, sometimes less, and feeds are around every 3.5 hours. {As a side note, she's also becoming more curious and cheeky while she feeds. I can't count the amount of times that she pulls away and just gives me the biggest grin. Love this child so much!}
My supply is holding up, for now. I don't have a lot leftover at the end of the day, and I'm down to one pumping session just before bed. I usually only get around 40-60ml. Certainly not a power pumper! But the good news is, I have a nice little freezer stash - and I'm only topping up with expressed milk ONCE a day. That 40-60ml I get from the previous night, is what I feed Georgia before bed the following night. It's probably not a necessary top up, but it makes me feel better. Our bedtime routine is usually bath, bottle of expressed milk, boob {mostly for comfort} & bed. We'll be introducing a bedtime book to our routine soon.
The next few months are going to be interesting. The solid food guidelines have gone from 6 months to 4 months to 6 months again, and we're aiming to start her closer to 6 months. She's not showing any interest in food yet, though is watching us more closely at dinner time now. And since she did come that little bit early, feeding her solid foods later rather than sooner seems to make more sense to us.  
As for breastfeeding, it would be pretty bloody awesome to keep it up until she's done needing it/me - but I'm not getting too far ahead of myself. If I can continue solely breastfeeding until we start solids, that would be the dream. And if I can keep it up while we're mix feeding solids, I'll be thrilled. One week at a time, though. :)

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Ashley // Our Little Apartment said...

YAY BOOBS! I'm so thrilled that you've managed to make it work despite her being early and all the struggles - you have worked SO hard and should be proud of yourself!

Lots of love.

heidikins said...

This is one of the healthiest-sounding posts on breastfeeding I've read in a long time. The "I'm taking it one day/week at a time and not expecting 2 years of solid boob milk only!" kind of post. Love it.

Also? You and J make one ADORABLE kid. Just sayin'


Mrs. Higrens said...

You're doing awesome! Little Miss Georgia is too!

On the solids front, no need to rush them - so much more of a pain than a quick boob - but be aware that if you give Georgia mashed fresh bananas (which, why not, it's about the easiest thing to do of all home made foods) there are fibers in them which will come out in her poop all black & looking like worms. So don't be alarmed.

Sarah said...

i feel like such a noob for not understanding the expressed milk/top it off lingo. :(( mom to be fail.

i love her weekly picture! and can not believe how fast time has gone! hugs to her!

K said...

D'aw look at those crazy eyes! She's too cute.
Congrats on being able to feed her the way you had planned; hopefully it continues.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on persevering and reaching such success with breastfeeding. I wonder how much your very balanced outlook is helping to achieve that. She is gorgeous by the way.

One and Done? said...

Georgia is absolutely adorable! I remember coming to your blog for ICLW before you were pregnant and I am just so happy to see where you are now!

Anonymous said...

Yeah no need to rush foods at ALL. If your M is holding back her hunger and she is not yet showing interest hold her off. Even when they do show interest it is all learning and mimicking you. That is when you can put her in the highchair at the dinner table and give her a toy to play with. People these days rush it all. M is 11 months old now and still not being fed a meal daily, let alone 3 times a day. And that is OK! She has a life time to eat. Let her build up a nice strong tummy on Mummy's milk :)

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear that your supply is still holding up.

Cristy said...

Here from ICLW. What a cutie! Congratulations on hitting 4 months!

Glad to hear breastfeeding is working out. It's always amazing what an adjustment it is, so glad to hear you're making it work.

Unknown said...

Bring on solids I say....not that bub is ready for them but i can't wait. The boob thing is hard to know they are getting enough. Hardcore boob ppl do more damage to the cause then benefit.

Lyn said...


Slightly off-topic, have you heard of baby sign? Might be great for when you bump up the reading etc. She could communicate her ideas and wants way before she can speak!

St Elsewhere said...

I am glad breastfeeding is working out for you.

Georgia is beautiful.


Jen said...

Happy that breastfeeding is working!! I ended up pumping for a year...no fun! Love your attitude!

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