Week by Week v.2

The last time I showed you a week by week post, I stopped at Week 7 - but we've done LOTS more growing since then around these parts. Here's my gorgeous girl from Week 8-15. Here's the first few weeks for comparison:

And now... behold! She grows!
She still has the same crazy brown hair & big blue eyes. I can't wait to see if these stick around as she grows.
You can see the entire batch of weekly shots by clicking here. :)

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Sarah said...

i love her more every week!

Anonymous said...

I love the faces she makes, she's so animated, it's gorgeous :)

Unknown said...

So gorgeous!

Alie said...

omg love that hair! too cute!

K said...

I wanted to say how awesome it is to find another younger person (let alone some one from Aus!), makes me feel less like an imposter.

I also wanted to say, squeeeeeeeee, she's too cute!

Christa said...

She is so adorable! Oh, how I wish our daughter had that much hair!!!

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