Thirteen Months

I am so, so glad that I decided to take monthly onesie photos of Georgia. I love how they turned out, I love watching her grow and seeing how she changed from month to month. Even though I always figured I'd stop by the time she turned one, I saw that the stickers continued in her theme up until 24 months, and, well, I couldn't resist!

We're doing this AGAIN, mum? :)
This month Georgia has:
  • Been on all solids & cows milk - nice and simple, but oy, so much food!
  • Started slowly gaining again. At last count, she weighed around 9.4kg. 
  • Kept right on zombie crawling. She'll occasionally do the hands & knees thing, but ends up belly flopping and shimmying her way across the room. She's also mighty fast at roly polying.
  • Pulled up onto her knees non-stop! She'll stand for short periods if you hold her up or place her against something, but she's not a fan of it at all - she definitely prefers seeing the world at knee high for now. We'll have a late walker with this one, I can tell.
  • Been saying a whole lot of new words lately; in her vocabulary at the moment are Dad, Mum, Cat, Ta, Bub, Pa & on the odd occasion we're sure we've heard Wa-Ta {water} and Os-Ca {Oscar}.
  • Discovered her new favourite toy; the Fisher Price play house that we bought her second hand for Christmas. She'll crawl over to it, push the doorbell, open the door & throw balls all over the place.
  • Moved up a size into 'Toddler' nappies, even though she's far from toddling! ;)
  • Been spending time outside with Spencer every day, much to his delight. She loves ripping grass up in her hands & being kissed on the feet by the dog. As for Spencer, he loves the company!
  • Been back to sleeping through the night, and taking two naps a day. They may be short, but they're mostly consistent.
  • Learned to blow kisses, wiggle-dance & clap her hands together. She also starts making actions to 'Incy Wincy Spider' when she hears the song/me singing. Can't wait to introduce her to more musical actions!
  • Blown my mind, every day. From watching her feed herself yoghurt with a spoon, albeit messily, to mimic us reading her books, to placing blocks into a basket; she's like a sponge, learning so much.
You can see all of Georgia's monthly pictures by clicking here.

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

I love that you are continuing this past a year! What a cutie.

Sarah said...

i love that you found more! i love watching her grow!

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