Another Mother's Day

Last Mother's Day, I was learning the ropes with a happy 6-week old Georgia. We finger painted, we got VERY messy, and we had a lovely day together, and with my Mum/her Nanna.

Twelve months on, and I still can't believe that this girl is mine - 13 month old gorgeous girl. How quickly this past year has gone. How much she, and I, have grown! I'm still learning the ropes, I think I always will be - but I'm a lot more confident that we can get through it together, now.

And if you were wondering, we still finger painted. And TOE painted! ;) When is this mama ever going to learn? Nothing like getting a little messy - all in the name of handmade gifts.Thank goodness for the bath!

I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day, whether you are a mum, want to be a mum, are a mum of a bub in your heart, have a mum with you, or in your memory. I know how tough it can be, and am sending loads of hugs. 

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jess said...

beautiful last paragraph and so true

Janet Off Kilter said...

Fingers Crossed!!

Katelin said...


Megan said...

Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day too - it looks like you did! Having none of my own yet, I always was jealous of the lucky ones on that day, but this year there were so many infertility survivors who posted cheering on those who were still in the trenches and it was pretty awesome. So thank you for your cheer. :)

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