Life with a Toddler

It's so many things. It's:

  • Loud. All the time. SO LOUD. The singing, the chattering, the yelling, the screeching. 
  • Dramatic. The world is ending on an hourly basis in our household. Fed her the wrong breakfast cereal? Put the wrong socks on her? Asked her to wait five seconds for something? OH MY GOD NO. She's mastered the art of throwing herself face down on the nearest surface and wailing.
  • Snuggly. I didn't think the snuggles could beat those early years, but toddler hugs? They're a beautiful thing. When she willingly chooses to wrap her little arms around your neck and cling on, or climbs into your nap to nuzzle in for a cuddle - those are the moments I never thought I'd experience as a mum, and make me so happy.
  • All about the food! My kid has a bottomless pit in lieu of a stomach right now - seriously, she puts away more food in a day than me. Two breakfasts, snacks throughout the day, a thoroughly hearty lunch and dinner - she is a machine. Must be all the running around all day long.
  • Messy! If it's not related to the aforementioned food, it's boogers, or mud, or craft stuff. Or heck, even while in the BATH, we make a mess. Life is short... it's fun to get messy.
  • Time outdoors. Even though it's the middle of winter down under, outside is where her heart lies - so that means rugging up & playing in the sunshine. Spencer loves it! I'm so glad that we have a backyard that's perfect for exploring and playing.
  • Mine, MINE MINE MINE. Everything is hers. Sharing is something we're working on - but so far failing miserably. I wish that I could help her to understand; for now, we'll keep plugging away.. with plenty of apologies to her little friends when she snatches and grabs and runs away with all of her 'stuff'. 
  • The best. This kid is my whole world and I love her guts. :)

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Emilie said...

This was the sweetest post! I've loved watching her grow up <3

Fiona said...

So wonderful how healthy and gorgeous she is!

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