The Old Fashioned Way

I'm not entirely sure why those four little words sting so much; that's all they are, really; words.

Maybe it's because I'll never have a baby that way.
Maybe it's because it implies that the 'newer, medical way' is a bad thing.
Maybe it's because I'm on the pill & it turns me into a hypersensitive freak.
Maybe it's because I'd not-so-secretly love for that to happen for us.

They're only words, yes.. but they hurt.

Written as part of Microblog Mondays @ Stirrup Queens

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thesaurus rex said...

one of the few positives of not doing it the "old fashioned way," is that your children (i use the plural because i know you will have another!) will always know how much they were wanted.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Whenever someone says that, I think of two elderly people having sex. Like an old man sitting down on the edge of the bed and sighing while he gently takes off his sweater vest.

Does that change the way you think of the saying :-)

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