Because I am So Not a Photographer.

The last few weeks have been flying by. I haven't been doing anything spectacular, but for some reason the days are all blurring into one another. Here's what I've been doing over the last few days.

  • Sleep, lots of sleep. I'm on the verge of coming down with something and my head has felt like twice it's usual size for the past few nights. It's not fun.

  • Daydreaming about things to see and do in America. Baseball? Hot dogs? Yeah!

  • By the way, I fly out in less than EIGHT WEEKS.

  • Finally admitting I'm the last person alive who hasn't read Twilight yet, recieving a parcel from Kirby-face, and thoroughly getting into the whole vampire thing.

  • Whinging, because all of a sudden, kitters loves Jason more than he loves me. My lap? I don't think so. Jason's lap? Much better. Dude, he didn't even want a cat. I'm the one that feeds you, buddy. I feel so betrayed!

  • Did I mention I've been sleeping? [snore]

Moving right along, I have all the respect in the world for people who can photograph well. I'm a point and click kind of girl myself, but never fully realised how tricky it is to capture fast-moving-objects on film until recently. Suffice it to say, that I've ended up with some hilarious shots of Oscar that make my day - enjoy the outtakes.


Strike a pose. [Vogues]

I wonder which side of your face I should eat first? [Evil laughter.]

That's it! NO MORE PAPPARAZZI! [Flails]

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rye said...

Haha, cats are tricky to photograph. I'm always like, GAH! JUST SIT STILL!! I like the outtakes, though - so cute :)

Kristabella said...

OMG Yes! You have to go to a baseball game!

Let me know what city you're thinking of going to, as I have friends who work for baseball teams that can get you tix!

Jess said...

You ARE a photographer. All of your photos are amazing... even the outtakes! I'm very impressed.

Feel better soon! And have a great weekend.

Deutlich said...


betcha Oscar & Henry would get along super well

The Lisa Show said...

Are you kidding? Those are great shots. I particularly love the first one.

You're killing me here. Can I have him? :D Pretty please?

girlinterrupted1218 said...

Oscar has got to be the cutest kitty of them all!

L.C.T. said...

Oh oh but I LOVE that first pic! Absolutely adorable! And bring on the USofA :)

Allie said...

Oh how cute!

My cat loves my husband more than me. And she was my cat -- we were a team for 5 years before the hubs came along! I know the feeling.

Maybe catnip perfume?

Kelley said...

cats are like kids. Show them affection and they are all 'serve me woman!' be aloof and they are all over you.

Missy said...

I want to go to a baseball game too! I wish we were going to be there at the same time, but I leave in exactly a month.(PANIC!)

And don't worry, you were only the second to last person not to have read it. I should get on that hey.

Operation Pink Herring said...

"Photographer" or not, I love the oscar pics!

grungedandy said...

Those are the best kinda photos I love the real ones some of my favs are the one you don’t expect the joy of digital is you can keep shooting. Keep going these photos are great! Also don’t know if you know this and I will now put my cat nerd hat on but in cat language looking directly at them is a challenge so eye to eye contact is a challenge, where as looking away is a welcome so when some one who is allergic to cats looks away from a cat as they approach it is actually giving the cat permission to come up on my lap signal! Just making a guess that maybe your looking directly at Oscar and Jason isn’t so he is going to Jason as in cat language Jason’s saying come on up and your saying go away I know this is going to sound strange but try cutting your eyes, closing them in a long blink and looking away! It might not be that but no one will know! And if you really want to go the whole crazy cat lady thing try a purr greeting sounds a little like an old style phone I promise not to tell if you don’t LoL
Seeya hugya *G*

Julie said...

I am a point and shoot girl too, but only bc I cannot afford a fancy camera...yet.

Cant wait for you to come to the States!

velocibadgergirl said...

He is SO. Freaking. CUTE! <3

Peter said...

OK that is one cute kitty.

Laurel said...

I am crying that I will be gone from NYC before you visit! What rotten luck!

Although, in the USA, baseball and hot dogs are a MUST.

ashley said...

For some reason, animals always choose the male over the female in the house. It's a little sad..

I hope you have fun over here in America. Where all are thinking you visiting?

elise said...

SOOOOO looking forward to our little rendezvous in Dallas! Also - never fear, for I am a MUCH worse photographer than you could ever be! I love these shots of the kitteh!

katelin said...

man hope you're getting some sleep for me, i am seriously lacking these days.

and oscar is seriously so cute, love it.

ashley said...

You did a WONDERFUL job photographing him!!

:) Verrry cute.

The US! Wooohooo! Can't wait to read about your experiences here!!!

imfb said...

I loved twilight!

mum of critters said...

that's all
awww ;-)

Marriage-101 said...

I love the "POW POW POW!"

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