So Much to Write, So Little Time.

Gosh, I have so much to write about. To give you a bit of warning, I do believe that there will be loads of capital letters in today's post. I can sense it already.

I do apologise for this blog turning into a cat-fest lately. No, wait . . . I do not. You have no idea how much joy one little critter has brought into our lives, it's insane. Even Jase, my-never-owned-a-pet-in-his-life-boyfriend is loving the whole pet experience, and you can bet your bottom dollar that when we move back to Sydney eventually, Oscar-face is coming along for the ride. (But you all knew that already, right?)

I must admit I've been crazily jealous over the BlogHer posts again, because seriously, this is the third one that I've read all about and wished that I was there. Even though I probably would be the nervous girl in the corner hiding behind her hair (oh wait! I cut that off! damn!) and sneakily stuffing the free stuff in all available pockets, I still really, really want to go. And you know, I'm still secretly peeved that they could not change the date of this year's conference for the 6th of August. You know, when I arrive in the USA. In two weeks. Because the world revolves around me, didn't you know?

I have exactly two weeks of work left; which breaks down into 9 working days. NINE DAYS. No doubt the next NINE DAYS are going to be the slowest NINE DAYS in the history of the world. Add the fact that I have loads to do in those NINE DAYS and then a day after that NINE DAYS, I will be in San Francisco (!??!) and you can see how my brain is scattered all over the place.

Oh, and it's my birthday next week, hoorah!

I'm fairly planned for the big USA trip. I booked this trip with a work colleague last year, and seeing as it now JULY of 2008, I am officially freaked out. I always had the whole moving to another country distraction to get through first, and all of a sudden I've been in London for seven months? When the hell did that happen?

Anyway, back to the trip organisational stuff;

  • I've organised my shuttle to Heathrow. (All by my lonesome, mind you, as the other half is away on business and not able to come with me. I don't like this whole acting like grown up nonsense. What if the shuttle doesn't arrive? What if the dreaded Terminal 5 eats my luggage? What if a giant caterpillar eats my face off while I sleep? I am full of worry. I am a worry wart. It's what I do.)

  • I've organised Oscar to be staying in a cattery while I'm away. (Did I mention that J is on a business trip and not able to mind our child? I must say, the place the kitty is going to is on a farm, huge giant pens and looks amazing, so no doubt he'll have an awesome holiday too. But still . . .  worry. What if he catches fleas? Or cries the whole time he is there? Or loves it so much that he doesn't know who I am when we pick him up? Sigh.)

  • I've googled the weather in the States right now, and am slightly - alright - extremely paranoid. It's a freaking heat wave. It's close to 50oC in Vegas right now. I am going to DIE! (Seriously, why did I plan a summer holiday? Why didn't I go in the middle of winter. Damn you, heat waves. I need to invest in some serious anti-persperent, methinks.)

  • I've sort of thought about my budget, even though it's slightly non-existant at this point, as I don't get paid again until 1st August. Shit. I'm very thrifty, so it will be bargains all the way for me. I intend on spending hours wandering around Walmart or Old Navy, because damn! Clothes! Cheap stuff! CINNAMON FLAVOURED TOOTHPASTE. Poptarts! You guys have it all.

  • I've got together my itinerary and worked out which days I will be popping through which cities. I've also emailed it out to my awesome blogging friends, in hopes that I will meet some people across the way. (Well, actually, NO, I haven't, because I AM LAZY. And also didn't realise that I am leaving this country IN A FORTNIGHT and where did the time go?) I will do that tonight.

All in all, I am super excited, not as organised as I would like to be, but really, really ready for this awesome holiday. Now all I need is to screw my head back on, get on with these emails, and try my best not to spend any $$ over the next fortnight.

(OMG, fortnight!)


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Operation Pink Herring said...

Do you Aussies really say "fortnight"? That's so adorable!

I'd better be on this email list of bloggers to meet, seeing as I've been looking forward to meeting you since you first mentioned you'd be stoppin in DC. I'd like to suggest canceling the stay at the cattery and bringing Oscar with you so I can get my kitten-fix, kthxbai.

Kristabella said...

I was going to say, I DIDN'T GET ANY EMAIL!

Dude, Vegas is HOT. But you'll not want to be outside much. And SF is COLD. Trust me. I was just there.

How long is J gone? I leave my cats for up to a week. They are fine. In fact, I'm pretty sure they enjoy it when I leave.

Teacher A said...

Don't worry about Vegas. Their air conditioners are STRONG.

Lacey Bean said...

That catepillar made me laugh. And yay USA! YAY NYC!! :)

And I loved that you're putting Oscar in a cattery. Haha.

elise said...

DALLAS! DALLLASSSS! YAYAYAYAYAY! I cannot wait, seriously. And I TOLD you, like 6 months ago, that you better only pack tank tops (what was your word for those?) and breezy skirts and shorts because holy hell, it's gonna be hot.

That picture at the end totally cracked me up.

Did I mention I can't wait?

the modern gal said...

Oh nooooo, don't go spend your time in WalMart. If you're going to do a big box store, at least go to Target.

Allie said...

Your trip sounds exciting! I bet you'll see more of the country than most of us here do!

Kirsten said...

Heat wave? The heat in Vegas is normal for this time of year. Just remember 2 things: Drink LOTS of water - you can buy bottled water relatively inexpensively at CVS and Walgreens on the Strip (near the Monte Carlo hotel). Also, wear comfortable shoes and lots of sunblock.

Let me know when exactly you will be in Vegas - I'd love to meet up with you!

Jacinta said...

Your trip sounds fantastic - oops, I meant to say FANTASTIC!
I have no doubt you will have an AWESOME time and everything will be fine (no need to worry about anything if it isn't going to happen!)
As for your first comment from Operation Pink Herring - when I was in America and I used the word fortnight, they had no idea what I was talking about. Apart from Shakespeare, they had never heard it before! Very funny...
It's such a great place to visit. You will LOVE it!

Stephanie said...

Wait, wait just a minute. Is there no cinnamon toothpaste or poptarts in your world? Craziness!

Tina Vaziri said...

I'm excited for your huuge trip! You'll love San Francisco, wear comfortable shoes.

katelin said...

yay for the trip to the us! if only blogher had waiting for you :)

maybe i'll get to meet you in la? woo.

Jessica said...

Don't forget it's fairly cold and windy this time of year in San Francisco. Like 50-60 degrees farenheit- no idea what that is in celcius. =)
But GAH you must be so excited! I know what it's like to leave a pet behind. I had leave my poor puppy at the kennels for a whole two nights (gasp!) and I almost had an anxiety attack lol.
Don't forget to bring your camera!!!! =)

Little Fish said...

Don't worry too much about the heat in Vegas. You'll end up spending most of your time inside anyway.

imfb said...

If you are outside while you're in Vegas you're doing something wrong.

Also? I giggled when you used the word "cattery."

Jen said...

I was all excited reading that, until I remembered I wasn't going anywhere. I just got swept up in the hype of it all.

8 days until your birthday and shitfuckshit I haven't mailed your card yet. I'm betting it will be waiting for you when you get back from the states.

kirby said...

DUDE! SJ Just came back from her US trip and she told me about the 50 degree thing. OhMyGod... we're screwed.

I have three weeks, and I'm still freaking out. I think I might've figured out the budget, though. I have to do some washing and pick up a few extra bits and then I'll be right! It's still come up really fast!

Miss A said...

that girl laughed at fortnight.. teehee.

Glad to see your trip plans are working well. Might catch you back in ole London town xx

Julie said...

Aly I hate to tell you but Vegas.... is always HOT.
It's the desert. :)

Can't wait for your US trip!!

Laurel said...

I hope that you will love the US! Vegas is hot, but EVERYTHING is inside and air conditioned to the max. You'll be just fine.

Jamie said...

I was telling people how you were going to be there two weeks later. I would have loved to BlogHer with you, Aly!

Robyn said...

Ahhh your excitement is infectious!! I hope you have an amazing time. Actually, I'm sure you'll have an amazing time.

The Kitty Kat is getting so big now!!

Ree said...

I so wish you were coming by my house!

Leslie said...

Exactly how long is a fortnight?
I've never heard of a cattery! Cute!
It's hot and HUMID here in VA. Any more humid and you could swim from place to place!
The caterpillar is the cutest damn thing EVER! (F.Y.I. it's a luna moth caterpillar. My daughter and I raised 64 of them a few summers ago. They get as biger than your fingers and they are so cool!)

Leslie said...

Sweet Jesus I can't type. I meant to write "they get as big as"

Jess said...

You're going to have such a good trip! Also, I got your email and I'm so sorry but you are going to be in DC the exact weekend that I will not! I am way disappointed about that. But if the dates change (even by one day), let me know!

ashley said...

I can't wait until I get to hear all the juicy details of your trip. You're going to have a blast. :)

dayna said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel :) I'm in the process of moving to NZ and I leave in a month!
...freaking out...

Hope you get everything done and enjoy your trip!! :)

p.s. love your blog!

velocibadgergirl said...

I'm ridiculously bummed that you aren't coming closer than a five-hour drive from me. If you reconsider and decide to go through Nashville at some point, drop me an email. That's only a 2.5 hour drive, and that I can handle!

Have a WONDERFUL time!!!

And I <3 you lots for posting that caterpillar. I laughed my butt off when I saw that on lolcats the other day :D

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