A Long December.

I can't believe it's December - the 20th of December to be precise. The last few weeks have seen me turn into a social butterfly, with lots of things happening here and there and everywhere. I think it's easiest to go through it all in picture format.

It all started with us bringing out our gigantic (!) 3 foot Christmas tree..

Which we subsequently had to introduce to our third housemate. That went well..

.. for about five seconds. (The tree now lives in the kitchen when we're not around.)

I tried to get some cute pictures for Christmas shots. That was painful, literally..

There was a work Christmas party, at the Cafe Royal on Regent Street, near Piccadilly Circus. It was masquerade-dress, and there may have been free champagne..

.. which resulted in cheesy self-portraits and quite a bit of drunken text messaging.

This week there was some window shopping along Oxford Street..

.. followed by my first ice skating attempt at the Winter Wonderland festival in Hyde Park, which ended up being hilariously fun. I can stay upright. Score!

And lastly, there was a farewell bash for one of my newest and dearest work-friends.

All in all, I'm knackered. I have three more days of work left, then will celebrate a strangely quiet Christmas & New Year at home with the boys this year.

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Nathan Pralle said...

Wow...looks like you certainly have had a huge time of it so far; wowzers. Our Christmas has been, so far, calm, of which I am forever grateful, because I can't stomach it this year.

kirby said...

and I was not lucky enough to be the recipient of ANY drunken text messages.

Julie said...

Miss Aly you is looking much purdy! :D and that scarf you bought is gorgeous!

~Mum~ said...

love the little tree ...how cute is the pic of oscar 'testing' it out

love the post title too ;-)

Toni Marie said...

Unfortunately cats just love trees, no tips on how to stop it.
That window display is awesome.
And congrats on being able to ice-skate, i can't even stand.

Vanessa said...

December really is the busiest craziest month often with the worst weather. Great photos of kitty and tree!

grungedandy said...

looking good! got my card yet?love that cat & tree one thats why we don't have any trees any more LoL seeya hugya *G*

heidikins said...

Ooooh, I love the ice-skating idea! I'm terrible at it, but love love love it.


Operation Pink Herring said...

You are adorable. And Oscar is pretty cute, too.

Julie said...

Have a good holiday!!!

I miss London

katelin said...

aw your pictures are so fun. and i love your little tree, so cute and festive!

La Petite Chic said...

Believe it or not, your tree is bigger than our little one! :) Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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