Post Holiday Ramblings.

So in the craziness that was Christmas (as usual) I completely forgot to celebrate my London-versary. It's been over a year now since I started calling London home, and I'm well and truly settled. So settled in fact, that I'm really not looking forward to flying back to Australia next month. (I know, right?) In all seriousness though, I'd much prefer to stay in the colder climate, working, exploring and carrying on as normal - I'd take that any day over a minimum of eight weeks of summer (gasp!), unemployment and a very drawn out waiting game.

I've spent the last few days enjoying a whole lot of downtime. Movies, Wii sessions, and making a start on the 15 or so unread books I have piling up on my bookcase - it's been amazing. I'm also trying to plan for New Years Eve, because this year I'm determined to celebrate in the open air underneath the fireworks.

To finish up, here's a newly updated 'Seven Things' post courtesy of Nathan. I've done this one in the past, so I'll try and come up with different things this time.

1. I fidget a lot, and it gets worse when I'm nervous or excited. I'll play with my hair, with food, with jewellery, with utensils, with anything I can get my hands on - until it gets to the point where I feel like a dork and have to pry my hands away. (I've been known to sit on them, just to keep them still.)

2. I don't function if I don't have music around me. If I'm out, I'm with my iPod. If I'm home, I've got the laptop on. I've just bought myself a bigger iPod, and I can't wait to drag out all my dodgy music I've not been able to fit onto my old one. It could be dangerous. (As I wrote that, Thriller just came on. Cue the dance moves, people.)

3. I have a tendency to squish up my nose/face when I'm talking. You'd think it would be easy to stop doing it, but it's actually harder than it looks.

4. I'm very warm. Even in winter. If I'm outside and it's freezing, within minutes of being inside I've heated up again. It's like being my very own hot water bottle. Good in winter, bad in summer. Now do you see why I've moved to the Northern Hemisphere?

5. I don't think I match my star-sign (Leo) very well; so I'm a bit of a skeptic.

6. Opening mail & parcels makes me incredibly happy. Not bills, though.

7. My cheeks are always rosy. They get RED when I blush or when I drink. One of the downsides of being pale I suppose, the cheeks are always a dead giveaway.

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Nathan Pralle said...

Aw, thanks, Alynda. I didn't even know you read the bloody thing. Always hard to come up with new, interesting facts about myself -- you did well!

I, too, am incredibly warm-bodied and rarely get cold. So is my kid, thankfully, so even though it was frosty out yesterday as we went from shop to shop, we didn't bundle him up because he didn't get cold between. VERY much handy.

Erin said...

My cheeks get really red when I'm drinking. I always end up looking like a clown!

Robyn said...

Congrats on the London-versary!!

By the way, I'm going to stalk you and Kirby in Sydney. Holy Crap I fly tomorrow!

grungedandy said...

LoL i don't think anyone likes bills! unless perhaps if they are less than expected but that really dosn't happen in the real world just my dreams ! LoL have a good new year can't beleive you've been here a year allready! seeya hugya *G*

Lindsey said...

Hey girl! Long time no talk...totally my fault, I know! I just wanted to wish you a very happy new year!! XOXOXO

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