And So It Begins... Again.

In a few short hours I'll be back at Sydney airport, boarding a plane. Minus a short-stop in Bangkok, it's London bound, and I. Cannot. Wait. In the week since I recieved my passport and visa back, I have wandered around in a state of disbelief, and all of a sudden, here it is - Sunday. Flight day.

When I left in December 07, I was full of nervous anticipation. I was moving in with Jase for the first time in a foreign country. I was leaving a job behind, a steady job that I loved. I was leaving friends and family. I was essentially uprooting my entire life.

It's a different feeling this time around.

This time, I have somewhere to go back to - a home! I have Jason, but also Oscar, who I'm overjoyed about seeing again, and slightly paranoid that he'll have become that antisocial kitty I always dreaded owning. I have a great group of work friends who I can't wait to see again. Thanks to my work having a little faith in the visa system, I am officially going back to my old job; I start on Wednesday. And I've got London.. the city that even after twelve months, I've barely scratched the surface of.

And so commences the next saga of my UK Ramblings. I hope you'll stick around, because I certainly intend on making the most of it. Talk to you all from the other side.

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Sarah said...

Congratulations, and hope the trip goes well and "going home" even better.

Britt said...

Safe travels!!

Katie said...

That's so exciting - you'll have so much fun going back and seeing J and Oscar. :)

kirby said...

give oscar a snuggle for me!!

safe trip! you so better be sending me more postcards this time round. I only have three from you. Disappointing effort, really.


Robyn said...

I think I speak for the entire population of the United Kingdom when I say it's good to have you back! Or at least it will be on Monday morning.

heidikins said...

Safe Flight darling!!!


Michelle & the City said...

so very exciting. have a safe trip!

katelin said...

have a safe flight! and can't wait to hear about even more UK adventures! :)

Michelle said...

Hope it all goes well. I wonder how different it will be compared to your expectations? Better? The same? Worse? Keep us posted.

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